3 thoughts on “Weinstein Williams raided by scambusters”

  1. I have paid these people (stupid I know) over £1,300.

    Please help – how do I get my money back?

    Can I issue a Court Summons against them?

    Thank you


  2. To get your money back is easy if you have paid by debit or credit card and not received the goods, you can charge it back via your bank, give them a call.

    If you paid by cheque or bacs it a little difficult, check out the terms and conditions first that where agreed, first. ( normally these idiots don’t give you the relevant seven day cooling off period, or the invoice you unsolicited, so read the terms carefully)

    Then wright to the owners, as I think that the above company was not a ltd company so the oweness falls with them, requesting for your money back, give they seven days notice that you intend to peruse this debt though the small claims court. Give them valid reasons why you qualify for your money back (illegal terms and conditions, you did not authorize the order, mis selling by representitive etc)

    Next fill out a small claims (google small claims court form) form in the name of the owner who you wrote your letter too, this will cost you about 15-50 pounds depending on how much you intend to claim, beer in mind they still don’t have to pay you if you win and you may actually lose. But if it does go to court and you speak sense speak to a jugde they will dismiss any counter claims, and let’s not forget this company is being investigated and has been forced to shut down due to a police investigation.

    Once the court form has been filled with court they will then send your form to the owner of ww. Ww will either make an offer to pay you, part or all of what they owe, or they may try to defend it, and you will then end up in a small claims court, giving you case of why they may have deceived, you and how you trusted in there service that you thought you where getting, if the judge sees sense then you’ll be awarded your money. if you don’t win you’ve still gained a valuable experience. And the fun of confronting this establishment face to face. If awarded then you’ve got to enforce the judgement…you may have to contact bailiffs, but nobody wants a black mark next to there name, so my guess is that they’ll pay you within the thirty days so that the judgement will not stick against there name.

    Oh and you’ll probably get a convincing letter back of how you can’t go though the small claims court as you agreed to terms and conditions, and that it will be defended, and counter claims made against you. Believe me it’s a scare tactic, to try and demotivate you intended actions,

    Go for it and let me know how you get on!!

  3. Well done for exposing this scam! Weinstein Williams got money out of my company 2 years ago for an advert that we didn’t want. They are the lowest of the low in my opinion.

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