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Guest Post: one of our readers gets the police scam

policeI’ve been trying to search for where to report this scam, obviously the police have better things to do, but my argument has always been that they are trying to obtain money by deception, even though the caller ID comes up as private, I’m sure they could trace it. 

I’ve had the crime prevention/ police benevolent, etc scams, I’ve never got far enough to be sent an invoice, I like to think I’m pretty savvy in that respect.
Today the guy rang up and blatantly said he was a police office for Yorkshire police, I let him go on for a little bit, he said they were running a campaign on Drug prevention,  So I butted in:


Me: Do you run any campaigns on Scam phone calls,
Him: No Do you think we should
Me: I wish somebody would because you’d be the first one arrested,
Him: Excuse me (getting agitated)
Me: Well you’re just a crook pretending to be a policeman to steal money from people
Him: Would you like me to come and speak to you in person
Me: You come here in your police uniform and car and arrest me if I’m wrong,
After this I took charge of the conversation,
Me: tell me which force did you say you work for?
Him: Yorkshire
Me: is that East, West North or South Yorkshire police?
Him: East Yorkshire
Me: Well that would be called Humberside police then right?
Him: No it’s East Yorkshire ( he’s obviously got my address in front of him) but I cover all of Yorkshire and Lancashire
Me: As I used to work for West Yorkshire police I can guarantee you that you would not be referring to Humberside police as East Yorkshire and you wouldn’t cover all of the North of England. ( the guy was a southerner who didn’t have very good Geography

Him: you used to work for the police and now you’re a farmer, good career move
Me: I’d rather do that any day than try to steal money from people over the phone, you’re nothing but a common criminal, ( I wouldn’t let him speak now despite his attempts to barrack me), you’re no better than a mugger who hits old ladies over the head, just because you work behind a desk you should be locked up and I someone steals money from you so you know how it feels)

Him: F*** OFF you C*** BEEEEEEEEEP

I have grown sick and tired of these calls, I’ve had so many, they carry on because firstly nobody complains and secondly those that they make money from don’t realise they’ve been scammed. I dread to think what their hit rate is.

My attitude with any type of scammer is either hang up immediately and not waste breath if I’m busy or, if I have a spare 5 minutes let them get into a conversation, pick holes on their story until they identify themselves as a scammer ( by making mistakes) and then lace into them, At the very least I’ve kept them talking long enough to save someone else losing their money.

The best tricks I use are ask them the name of their Chief Inspector, then tell them they’re wrong, or ask them which station they’re at and name a friend who works there, make it up, they’ll agree with you and look stupid. If they say they’re in your area ask them what area it is, then ask them which town it’s near, if they’ve just got a postcode they’ll mess it up. Whatever you do don’t feel the need to be polite to these people, think of this as an opportunity that someone who has been mugged never had, the chance to vent your frustration verbally at them, I’m sure they’ll soon get sick of being called a thief all day at work by people they ring up.