School Books Scam

The school books scam has been around for years and seems to be making a comeback.

The scam starts when you receive a phone call from someone “thanking you” for supporting their cause and “agreeing” to advertise in a school booklet that will be distributed through local schools “of your choice”.

They claim you agreed to advertise and support them some months ago and the booklets “are now ready”.

This is of course a scam and they are lying to you, simply tell them you dont ever recall agreeing to this and that you are not interested. If they threaten legal action (very rare they normally just put the phone down) let them take you – every case we have ever heard of from visitors to this website has been thrown out of court.

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  1. We have been contacted by these companies too. The most recent one in Stevenson & Judge, the caller was very rude and aggressive. He would not let us talk and when we tried he would interupt by saying he was waiting for his other computer to load up.
    The other two who have contacted us were Cooper Donnelly and Ocean Marketing.
    Trading standards have told us to keep anything that is sent or emailed to us. Is this not a matter for the police as it is both fraud and harrasment? They have also been contacting us in personal phone numbers which are not advertised anywhere.

  2. Thanks for post i just had a call so funny…. she said its for charity I agreed in Jan for this! I was not in the country from December till first week of Feb…she did not even know our company name. i asked her for the charity number she said they are not a charity. She put the phone down. 

  3. We just had the very same phonecall as many above.
    When we asked for the name of the person or company the phone was put down at their end!
    Their number was withheld !!!

  4. I had them on yesterday, same old story as the rest of you, although I was told by the caller that I was rude (my wife agrees) and may damage the alcohol abuse campaign by withdrawing my support!! LOL hahahaha… Anyway I have just emailed watchdog with the details if we all do this then maybe they will feature it and save future businesses from these parasites.

  5. I have been having all these companies ringing me for the last year demanding monies from me about six weeks ago i joined the cold calling prevention service and now when they call or send invoices they deal with it for me you should look into them my days are left to my self again now to get on with my work.

  6. SCAM! Someone called Neil from CIB rang our business today and stated they were wanting to speak to a director and gave their specfic name, normally I screen the calls more before e.g. purpose full name and company before putting them through but I knew the director was waiting for an urgent call and assumed this was that person – I was wrong. 'Neil' Stated director had placed an advert with them in January and was wanting to know how many books we wanted to sponsor or order- complete tosh as all ligit adverts go through me anyway and we NEVER order adverts over the phone, director knew of the scam and put the phone down. Having not received these calls for well over a year I thought they had stopped obviously I was wrong, I just want to make people aware that these scammers are still operating under the Books for Schools scam, do not let your guard down! I look forward to them ringing again so I can tell them to F%*K off!

  7. Call from T I B thanking for kind support earlier in year. Books 'ordered' on 17th January now ready for distribution. Which schools did I want them sending to.
    This is complete scam. 

  8. Had a pushy woman call me this morning as a 'follow up to our conversation in January' where I apparently agreed to sponsor some educational literature about the dangers of drugs and alcohol for a local educational establishment, unspecified.  
    We support lots of charities so usually remember what we've committed too and this was way out of our normal remit.
    I was told that we'd agreed verbally to sponsor some books to go into schools at a cost of £99 and we'd been sent some literature in the post.  I have no recollection of either.
    I am disturbed about the boldness of this scam.  I was referred to a website and the woman who called me said her name was 'Amy Coppersthwaite' – such a specific name that she may not be bluffing and drawn into the whole scam herself. 

  9. Just been contacted by a young lady who apparently spoke to me back in March, informing me that the Alcohol and Drug awareness booklets were ready for distributing to our nominated schools. I could not racall having spoken to anyone about sponsoring these booklets so I requested a phone number to contact her on at a more appropriate time, the number is 01614946263 a company name of DATA Northern Ltd. I searched this number on the internet and it led me directly to this site and I have found 14 mentions of them going back to September 19th, 2010.
    So it looks like they have found a lucrative way of extracting money from people, but not from this guy, thanks to this site

  10. I recieved a call from EML media, with a anti bully campaign. Then another company targeted our business called CAP solutions with the same camaign against bullying.
    Both companies claim that the other one is a bunch of frauds.
    They should both be investigated, it stinks of a scam.

  11. We have just had a call from DATA (Northern) claiming that "the books for schools were now ready" and would I like to choose a local school for them?  No recollection of a "conversation in March", so I was suspicious from the start. A very insistent person, George Harris said he would send me a welcome pack, which I declined. BE wary of them. Their  phone no. 0161 494 6263.

  12. EML are still trying it on and for extra cheek they send you a letter warning of other companies operating the same scam.
    I have contacted my local Trading Standards Office and they advised me to send a letter by recorded delivery stating that I wanted a copy of any recordings where I agreed a verbal contract.
    EML have contacted me several times since, still trying to get money out of me. Each time I ask for a copy of my verbal contract citing the Freedom of Information Act. To which they reply that they aren't allowed to send one under the Data Protection Act! lol.
    Anyway Stacy in accounts rang today trying it on again and she eventually gave me her name, her bosses name and a normal landline number 0151 227 1231. She also agreed to send me a copy of the recording, but threatened to add another £10 administration fee. lol! Won't hold my breath on that one.
    Fortunately I haven't given them any card details, so they'll just have to take me to court. Can't wait.

  13. Received call from a northern-accent lady last week thanking me for having previously agreed to sponsor school booklets on sexual health. For many reasons I have said a strict no to all sales calls in recent months but she was adamant a verbal contract had been entered into. I asked if she has a recording of this conversation and she said no.
    She said the books have already been printed and would I like to choose a school. I don't know the schools' names in the area so asked her to suggest some and she didn't know any either. I would never have sponsored a booklet on sexual health and it would be of no benefit to my business, but her persistent emotive words made me doubt myself and because the amount was "only" £150 I said I would look into it, but fortunately I genuinely couldn't find my credit card when she put me through to a man there. I asked him to ring back to discuss but he never did. I immediately Googled, found loads of information on these kinds of scams and contacted Trading Standards immediately, who advised me to dispute the invoice in writing as it's clear a contract was not previously entered into.
    I then received an invoice and a certificate from them Teenage Information Bureau in Stockport AKA TIB (North) Ltd. I immediately sent them a letter disputing the invoice, citing all the things Trading Standards told me to. I told them not to contact me again. Two days later and a Mark Roberts tries to call, but my receptionist told him to put it in writing. I have seen lots of forum and website posts from people who say TIB manipulate recordings of the 2nd time they call i.e. the call I received last week, making it sound like the 'harmless' password they ask you to give them is confirmation of an order, and so on. So I really didn't want to speak to them and believe it should all be in writing.
    I hope I have done the right thing?

  14. I have been duped by "Cooper Donnelly" once and actually paid up for their supposed "Safety Awareness Handbook" but this time around refused to pay and have now received threatening letter of legal action.  My reply is below
    "26 June 2012
    Cooper Donnelly
    3000 Cathedral Hill
    GU2 7YB
    Dear Sirs
    Invoice no: 01/969
    Further to your letter of 25th June chasing payment for “Safety Awareness Handbook” threatening legal action, I have no intention of settling this bill as it is obviously a total scam.  I have never seen anything from you except invoices despite being promised copies of the book etc. etc. And despite you hood-winking me into paying last time around I have now “Googled” your set up and found several forums explaining your company is not acting in an ethical manner and it is not a bona fide book.
    Consequently, do not contact me again unless it is to inform me of a re-imbursement of my earlier payment for which I have not seen any evidence of your so called “Handbook”.
    Please take this letter seriously and do not threaten me anymore.
    Yours faithfully
    Tim Mills
    Managing Director & Founder
    Lanes Rentals Ltd
    Cc: Sharman Law & Milton Keynes Council – Trading Standards

  15. Just been phoned by "Paul from the police and safety services" wanting to thank me for my support in the Safety first magazine.  I interupted before he could get into full flow and said I wasn't going to advertise and I wanted my name remove from their list.   I was then told they couldn't remove me from the list because their was an outstanding invoice.  I asked from when and was told from Dec 2011.  Fraid I lost the plot and yelled that I hadn't advertised in their rip off magazine since 2002 and then slammed the phone down.
    What really makes me furious is the fact this guy indicated that he was with the police and a couple of weeks ago I had one purporting to be from the fire service.  Both times the number was witheld.

  16. Just had a phone call from TIB sounding very much like the above.
    Told them we had not agreed to anything, and they sounded very confused and told me they would look into it then hung up.

  17. Can anyone confirm that Imperial Media are scammers?  They produce the Think Safe magazine or say they do,  Have had the same problem as everyone else here and they are now threatening legal action because I cancelled.

  18. I have been scammed today as well by Educational Media Ltd. Apparently I have made verbal agreement over the telephone (which I have not), they are talking so fast and trying to make a deal asap so you won't even understand what they talking about! I cannot believe people like this havent been stopped yet! Gives such a bad name to other advertising business which are trying to make genuine business. 
    Whatch out for calls from Calum or Stacey! Of course all the calls are witheld number and i have been treatened that calls have been recored. 

  19. Educational media ltd called yesterday.

    I’m the only company out of twenty to be featured…etc
    Wallplanner and posters. £95 instead of £195
    They have a website..but was phoned withheld.

    I was doing the school run so they agreed to call back…by which point id done some research.
    I then downloaded a call recording app, and said No clearly.
    He said all this bad press is competitors.

    He was irish.

    Please don’t get caught out.

  20. TIB very convincing and very aggrssive- had to hang up she was very insistent!!!  quite unnerving!!

  21. I had a call lat month from Teenage Information Bureau – the booklets I agreed to sponsor are ready for distribution – did I want my name or the company name on the certificate? Did I want to specify a school or let them choose? When I insisted I knew nothing about it I was put through to a 'manager' who assured me I had committed in a phone call in May and the invoice for £195 would be sent with my certificate. I was told if I'd like to pay immediately with a Debit or Credit card I would get a £10 discount.
    I aslo have advised citizens advice (who work with Trading Standards) and the local police in Stockport.
    i am sitting on a certificate! and invoice.

  22. Just got a phone call myself from the "Child Safety Campaign" saying much the same thing. Told that it "had been a while back when we called and so it's not surprising you don't remember".
    Again, number unavailable and a manchester accent (should have asked for details).

  23. This is why we record all calls, had a phone call this morning asking saying that I had sponsored some books for a secondary school, asked the woman if it definately was me and she said that she had spoke to me herself, told her I couldn't remember it, so asked if she could remember when she called, she said it was sometime in March, so I asked her if she could remember the date as all calls are recorded and I can go back and listen to the call to see what I said and to make sure it was me and not one of my collegues, she was then hesitant to give me that information and said she would have to call me back, luckily enough I do record all calls, using a voip system, invaluable nowadays.

  24. The usual phone call this morning – "we're the people who help the disabled kiddies", apparently I've been a great help in the past etc. Sadly I didn't get a company name.  I basically hung up on them, and we'll see if they phone again. I'll have harsh words for them if they do.

  25. Beware a company calling themselves Safety Support, based in Stockport. I notice a few other mentions of them on this page. They called me last month claiming I'd spoken to them back in February regarding sponsoring a book "Dealing With Bullying", which I had no recollection of, and in fact at the end of last year I made a decision not to put advertising into ANY publications anymore as I wasn't seeing a return. It all seemed fishy to me.
    I let them send me the details in the post, which included an invoice for £99 yet with no VAT? They're putting the effort in though, they even sent me a reasonaly finished looking booklet on bullying. However: No company number on the invoice, no registered charity number, no anything. A little research on Companies House reveals that the company was only incorporated in JULY, so how could they have spoen to me in February?
    These people are clearly scammers, if they call I recommend you tell them to shove their booklets where the sun doesn't shine and then hang up.

  26. Yep They are still about we got caught once sadly we had our guard down, they have asked for our credit card details to pay and offered a discount for early settlement presumeably before we find out they are a stich up
    DATA Northern Stockport T,T,C campaign etc etc
    I will take the £250 we saved from reading this stuff on your useful site [BIG THANKS] and go spend it on an Indian and a few beers!!

  27. Recieved a call from a guy today saying he was confirming address and payment for an order i placed in November for chidhood bullying. Said i hadn't agreed to anything and he said that i had spoken to Aiden and that 250 books wouldn't have been printed. I said absolutely no, no, no i couldn't afford it and put the phone down. He phoned back straight away, i put the phone down again. He phoned again, i left it to go to answer machine. He phoned again and i told him i was waiting for an inportant call to find out if my Mum had breast cancer, his reply was if this isn't a convenient time when is! I put the phone down again, He phone again so I'm just letting answerphone pick up calls. So glad I googled it, the direct gov site had a piece on it too.

  28. Received a call a few days ago saying that I had agreed to this a while back and said I was getting spam calls so couldn't remember. So they have sent me out a Anti Bullying book and an invoice for £150, cheaper if i paid over the phone. They also said they would send books out to my local school. The name on this is Safety Support, Building 67, Europa Park, Bird hall lane, Cheadle Heath, Stockport, SK3 0XA, 0845 4966436. 
    Thanks to this website I saved myself some money! Thanks!! :)

  29. Just had a call from Brian @ Safety Support based in Stockport. He claimed I pledged my support to some anti-bullying magazine on 3rd November 2011, was even able to pinpoint time of call as 11:30am. Don't remember ever speaking to them, and if I did, would have said "thanks but no thanks" as been caught out by this rubbish in the past. Apparently, I was torn between £249 silver and £399 gold packages!
    Challenged him to produce recorded telephone conversation as proof, he said they have a recorded conversation but he refused to play this over the phone to me. No surprises there.
    Absolute scam artists repeatedly referred to sending invoice to me for advertising and when I rejected this, tried to make me feel guilty that I am not a "man of my word" for "withdrawing my support".

  30. September 21st, 2012 at 12.41
    I've just received a phone call exactly as described saying I had agreed in May to sponsor drug awareness in schools and the books are now ready and on the second page it says "sponsored by (my name and professional qualifications).".I said they certainly hadn't spoken to me about it and the lady said she would speak to her manager. The call number was UNAVAILABLE on call minder. Just like to thank this website for reassuring me that it is a scam.

  31. Teenage Information Bureau phoned today, claiming I agreed in June; I know I did not. I told them that their company was well documented on the Internet and that I would not fall for it.

  32. I just had one of these from a young lady – sounded like she came from the Manchester area. The script was spot-on what was described here back on 2009 – thanking me for my support, the books are finally printed (they needed 5,000 names before they could print them), a secondary school of my choice, and where dol they send the invoice for £189?
    I asked them to send me an email with details of what I had agreed, as a reminder, so we'll see what comes of that. I am determined to find out more about who these scammers are and how they operate. I don't expect them to email me though.

  33. I am 76 years old & suffer from tinitus. I had thought that I was dealing with one of the scamming companies. However I have now found ourt that I have been dealing with a whole list with very similar sounding booklets etc.. I have been scammed I have parted with close on £1000.00. & am still finding that I am being dunned for more monehy. I have contacted the Trading Standards & am waiting for their help. I have sent recorded letters to all these companies. The letters request circulation & print size data, also for verifiable evidence. They all say that they have recordings of my agreements, owing to my tinitus then it is possible. However I am not paying oput any more untill they take me to court. My letter also requires repayment.
    As ohers have noted the companies do appear to be located in the 0161 – 0121 areas. How did I realise what a fool I have been? One of these script readers said I would be taken off the data base supplied by The Trading Standards  Office. My stupidity has cost me a lot of money Ican't afford. My embrio business has no spare cash. If the courts decide that the scammers can get the money I will go bankrupt to ensure they don't get a penny

  34. Just had the exact phone call from TIB, I asked to be put through the manager who called herself Tracey who then back peddled like crazy… While she was on the phone I asked for the name of their company so that I could google them & was told that they would not appear on any google search… I told her that they did & they make for very intresting reading…
    There phone number is 0161 480 9494 lets all ring them & offer them cheap advertising in our magazine called Scam…

  35. We got a call saying we had "agreed to help with an anti-bullying campaign in our area" a few months ago. This was news to me so I asked them to send me a copy (of the booklet we had "sponsored") so I could see what I had allegedy agreed to put  my business name to. They sent a low quality piece of rubbish to me (with both my name and company name incorrectly spelt). The type set was wonky and it was clearly thrown together with no care whatsoever. They called asking for payment I told them no way, and why.  Now we have a letter saying pay up or its referred to the debt collectors. We won't be paying a single penny and if they persue the matter it will be us taking them to court for harrassment.
    Company details: Safety Support, Building 67, Europa Business Park, Bird Hall Lane, Cheadle Heath, Stockport SK3 0XA. Incorporation date: 2012.07.20
    Possibly related to this:??
    Also see how to protect yourself:

  36. Copied from above as exactly the same call routine i was given
    I've just had a call today from Teenage Information Bureau – the booklets I agreed to sponsor are ready for distribution – did I want my name or the company name on the certificate?
    Did I want to specify a school or let them choose? When I insisted I knew nothing about it I was put through to a 'manager' who assured me I had committed in a phone call in May and the invoice for £195 would be sent with my certificate. 
    I said there was no way i would have agreed to that, he said i did and that all conversations were recorded, he said he would send the invoice as we had agreed and would also call back with the voice recording of the first call. As yet he has not done so.

  37. Yep, I had a call a few days ago from 'Safety Support' – saying "The books are ready, etc, etc.."
    The invoice duly arrived, with a couple of scruffy leaflets and no sign of an ad in either of them. The website exists (copyright 2010) at
    The invoice arrived, too, for £99, discounted by 5% if I pay by 15 November.
    Of course, it's discounted by 100% if I don't pay at all.

  38. EML – Educational media limited are up to this scam.
    I have known several of these companies now. In my experience, they ALWAYS come from Liverpool or Manchester.

  39. I also advise people to be extremely careful when dealing with  I have had to battle to get money back that they took with no authorisation.

  40. Disgusted…I'm out of work and desperate for a job…saw what looked like a great opportunity for me, brilliant hours and pay not bad…I called and they asked me to go in for a "training session" tomorrow to see if I was suitable for the job etc….it was T.I.B (North) Ltd!  In prepartion for tomorrow I googled the company and found this!  Needless to say I will not be going – the best thing is, their job was advertised on the DirectGov website – I'm amazed!!

  41. 15th November,2012.  This afternoon received a call from "Child Protection Council" thanking me for agreeing to sponsor books for schools in my area.  I couldn't place what she was talking about and asked if it was anything to do with "PlayFair" which I had attended earlier in the year.  There was no response to my question but she continued and eventually said she would be sending me an invoice, (she had my address).  I asked the amount of the invoice, thinking it would jog my memory.  £189-00 was the reply and I knew I had not agreed to pay anyone that sum so I simply said "I'm not in a position to pay that so you had better forget it.  I insisted and she went!

  42. its still happening!!!
    We have had contact with Cooper Donnelly and Red Manor Associates both with passwords and after calling a few people advertising in the booklet I realised that it was a scam.
    They are really hard people to deal with, im going to contact trading standards.
    Thank you all for taking time to do this thread.

  43. Safety Support still active.  Called the other day to 'Thank me' for my support and offering me a discount if I paid over the phone. I declined and told them to send an invoice which duly arrived today – spelling mistakes, no registered charity number, emails bounce back.  Haven't wasted my time phoning….I await their chase up phone call with interest!

  44. Follow up phone call chasing money.  I asked if they'd ever looked up the company they work for.  She claimed there was 'one comment' on the internet.  I said I wouldn't be paying and was told they'd 'take it further'. We'll see how that goes shall we?

  45. Safety Support is a legitamte company, we distribute tens of thousands of booklets to schools free of charge, we have hundreds of letters from schools up and down the country thanking us for the work we do (we have had 3 letters today from schools thanking and asking us for more booklets) we get letters from schools every day. we are happy to provide documented proof of our distribution to anyone. Here at Safety Support we have a policy wherby if a customer is not happy with their order for any reason we will cancel it we only want people who want to be involved to be involved. In this country their are many scammers, rougue traders ext ext but if you need your boiler fixing or you have a leak you still call a plumber right? not all plumbers are rougue traders and not all publishers are scamers, Schools have a genuine need for the prouducts we supply (Schools directly purchase our prouducts aswell) so to dave above (we dont know who you are) instead of asking us to send you an invoice???? (why you would do this if you are not interested is beyond me) instead of tarring our good name on the internet why dont you ring up explain that you are not happy and cancel your order instead of wasting our time and resources and your own time thankyou TO ANY OF OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL OR EMAIL US WE ARE HAPPY TO DEAL WITH ANY CONCERNS YOU MAY HAVE Kind Regards Safety Support Admin

  46. Just to start the new year, I had a phone call today thanking me for my help with the "drug awareness campaign", and to ask me if I'd picked a school to send the new books to. Caller was told politely but firmly that I knew all about this scam, then I ended the call. Here we go again.

  47. Just had a call from someone (withheld number) saying that I had agreed to support an anti bullying campaign for books in schools. Did I want to nominate a school. Told them I had no idea what they were talking about. She said I had agree to this on September 3rd last year and I would be invoiced for £200. I laughed and said send me the paperwork where I agreed to this and I will pay. No paperwork as they didn't know if they would get enough support. Tough luck I said – no paperwork – no payment. She hung up!

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