School Books Scam

The school books scam has been around for years and seems to be making a comeback.

The scam starts when you receive a phone call from someone “thanking you” for supporting their cause and “agreeing” to advertise in a school booklet that will be distributed through local schools “of your choice”.

They claim you agreed to advertise and support them some months ago and the booklets “are now ready”.

This is of course a scam and they are lying to you, simply tell them you dont ever recall agreeing to this and that you are not interested. If they threaten legal action (very rare they normally just put the phone down) let them take you – every case we have ever heard of from visitors to this website has been thrown out of court.

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  1. Have just received a call from Mike Taylor asking for the clearance of an outstanding invoice for the 2010 Safety Awareness Campaign booklet, which has now been distributed all over the county! Told him I didn't know anything about it! I asked for proof of my agreement! Which all apparrently happened by telephone! (oh no it didn't!) I have a paper trail for everything my business has dealings with! He said that I must have done, as all my details are on their database! How else would they have got there! They do think you're stupid don't they? I have refused to have anything to do with them! He finished the call saying that he'd have to speak to his manager about the situation! I'm now wasting my time looking up the paperwork which was all sent to Trading Standards last year when I received a very similar call from John Taylor from Neutral Support demanding payment for the same thing but for 2009! They didn't get anywhere then, so why do they think they'll get anywhere this time! The Police & Trading Standards have enough to do already! And so do I!

  2. just had the same call from TIB-LTD trying to scam us be warned the sales person is good…BUT not good enough to catch us out.

  3. I too was contacted by DATA (Northen) LTD saying I agreed to pay them earlier this year to advertise in a booklet being sent out to schools on drug awareness. Everytime I said I don't recall the lady kept talking with no attempt to provide proof. What I do remember is that ealier in the year a company kept calling saying they were Yellow Pages and just want to confirm our latest details. This is how they do it. Copyright since 2007  but registered with Companies House  since Feb 2010 so no account need to be filed yet. Is there no way of reporting this kind of thing? This is pure EVIL plain and simple. It should not be so hard to report this kind of activity and protect ourselves and others.

  4. This website has been very helpful, TIB tried to con our Company stating that our recently deceased general manager had agreed to sponsor their sexual Health brochure.  Even if you get an invoice – DO NOT PAY, send them an email stating that you have spoken to their local police department/chamber of commerce and trading standards, with a link to this website exposing them as con artists as I did.  After a few hours you'll get a reply stating 'The invoice has been cancelled, and sorry for the confusion'  DON'T BE FOOLED!!!!!!!

  5. Had a call from Teenage Information Bureau a week ago requesting company card details to pay for our sponsorship of "booklets on promotion of sexual health and various other topics". Company director did not recall agreeing to this and declined to give details. Today received invoice for £195 and 'certificate'. Glad I found this site. Called the number given on letter heading and aggressive lady was quite dismayed that we were not paying her invoice. Put the phone down on her tirade. 

  6. hi all just reading your letters i am going down the same road ya the liverpool lot rang me about school bullying campain wall poster ect £99.00 paid by card then they rang a few months later about another campain saying i said i was going to surport it and i said no i diddent !! now they are sending me invoices for £162 he keeps phoneing me for payment on a private no . he phoned yesterday and i said i think this is a scam and he said go on to there  website and i did today and i see this site went onto it and here i am gess what my next move is !!!!!!

  7. Does anyone know if "Edu-Care" are anything to do with this scam? After reading this site I had a very familiar sounding phone call last week, and today have received an invoice for £299.00. I've no recollection of any dealings with these people, who incidentally are (allegedly) based in Bristol. Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

  8. Educare + same scam, sadly
    Same patter, Dave from Educare….we have the books you agreed to advertise in ready can we send the invoice to your address, then they read off your address?? We have two businesses in Cornwall and both have been inundated the last week or so with calls form men with Manc/scouse accents asking to speak to the owner.  When we say no they just hang up.  But out of curiousity we said yes and asked who he was from, after 3 garbled answers and replies of pardon? eventually Educare comes out.  I then hung up and phoned the "real" educare who are a ligitimate childrens charity who have been inundated with calls from people following this up, and guess what….some scammer company is using their name……… surprise there.
    They have phoned non-stop since, withheld number, scouse/manc accent.  So today I told them in no uncertain terms that we were aware of their scam and to F*** off!  Well he had no front because told me there was no need to swear before I hung up on him.  He phoned straight back and I hung up again………this was followed by 5-6 silent phonecalls from a withheld number then silence…for now.
    All my staff have been instructed to hang up as soon as they realise it's the same people (should they phone back)  If any invoice turns up it's going in the bin!  We probably get 2-3 fake invoices a year sent to us for supposed advertising that we have agreed to, always look the same, cheaply made and always in a windowed envelope with a first class stamp……..they always get filed under B for Bin!!

  9. Cancellation period in the case of contracts for the supply of goods

    11.—(1) For the purposes of regulation 10, the cancellation period in the case of contracts for the supply of goods begins with the day on which the contract is concluded and ends as provided in paragraphs (2) to (5).

    (2) Where the supplier complies with regulation 8, the cancellation period ends on the expiry of the period of seven working days beginning with the day after the day on which the consumer receives the goods.

    (3) Where a supplier who has not complied with regulation 8 provides to the consumer the information referred to in regulation 8(2), and does so in writing or in another durable medium available and accessible to the consumer, within the period of three months beginning with the day after the day on which the consumer receives the goods, the cancellation period ends on the expiry of the period of seven working days beginning with the day after the day on which the consumer receives the information.

    (4) Where neither paragraph (2) nor (3) applies, the cancellation period ends on the expiry of the period of three months and seven working days beginning with the day after the day on which the consumer receives the goods.

    (5) In the case of contracts for goods for delivery to third parties, paragraphs (2) to (4)shall apply as if the consumer had received the goods on the day on which they were received by the third party.

  10. DATA-LTD are doing this right now. Came a cropper with me when they claimed to have spoken to me two months before my gallery opened or before i even had a phoneline.
    Reported then for all it will do .

  11. I've just had a call today from Teenage Information Bureau – the booklets I agreed to sponsor are ready for distribution – did I want my name or the company name on the certificate? Did I want to specify a school or let them choose? When I insisted I knew nothing about it I was put through to a 'manager' who assured me I had committed in a phone call in May and the invoice for £195 would be sent with my certificate. I told him to call back in 24 hours, googled TIB and found the adscams site. Lets see if he calls me back… 

  12. Edu Care
    Just been called & fallen for (!) this scam – told that my verbal agreement constituted a legal contract.
    No money or card details given but what would be my rights in such a situation? Can I just refuse to pay when the invoice arrives?
    Do I pass to trading standards? Business is struggling so can't afford this at the moment.
    All assistance gratefully received

  13. feel so stupid fell for this last year "drug awareness booklet" although i did recieve 5 copies of a well produced book, had no idea it was a scam. have recently been contacted again saying i had agreed earlier this year.  I know this is untrue because as my business is struggling a little in the present climate I am being extra careful where i'm spending money. i too was passed to a manager who insisted that as the booklets were now ready I could not back out of the contract but they would reduce the price. They were so convincing I finally reluctantly agreed to pay on reciept of proof. I recieved a very poorly produced laminated certificate and an invoice  but no proof the nominated school had recieved them. I have since had another call and he said the school wont recieve them till i've paid but I can go online to read tetimonials which is what I was trying to do when I found this site. thanks for all the info I can't wait for him to ring me back now when I can tell him exactly what I think of him and his scam !!!!

  14. ive just received a phone call saying i have sponsored a local school about drugs awareness!!! WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS!
    im just going to send back a non stamped envolope with a polite message inside telling them to go F**K them selfs! and they will have to pay the postage to have the prilvage of opening my mail

  15. I've now had a statement and a telephone call from Edu Care asking for payment. Again a verbal agreement was mentioned, when I told them I wasn't paying them under any circumstances as they are scammers. They denied everyting, all their customers are happy, my artwork (which I've never seen, and doubt exists) is printed and ready to go etc.  I'm now apparently liable to a surcharge for non payment, in the hands of their "legal department", and in danger of debt collectors and the county court. Trading Standards are aware, and I'll be interested to see how far Edu Care will take it. I'm ready for court, if thats what it takes.

  16. I've had all the above from edu-care aswell and as i do not live on mainland uk he says i will have to take time off and fly over to the uk to attend the petty debts court, he has tried everything and his female accomplice to extract £250 out of me, well now i've read all these posts they can get lost. I will not waste another minute on these low lifes

  17. Educational Media Limited,
    Scam, scam, scam, scam.
     It all started when we got that call asking us about advertising with them in the Anti-Bullying Awareness Wallplanner/Poster. My dad said he would talk to me first as i deal with all advertising since being scamed before with these co called charitys. I looked on the internet and found them on the advertising protection agency website as under investigation. I have called them on a number of times to tell them that we are not paying £162. We have seen no proof to sign and i have read that they are not even in these offices in loverpool, The Plaza, 100 Old hall street.  When taliking to these fraudsters its all nice untill you question them. Do you have a company number? Where is my proof to sign? Why does the reception woman say no company is in this building with that name?  Where will it be distributed and how many copies?
    None of this gets a straight answer. They are nasty horrible good for nothing people are just out to rip people off and once your company name is assosiated with these companies its like opening a flood gate. 
    We had this about 3 years ago and paid the first few but then woke up to the fact that i hadent asked or agreed to the adds so stopped paying. You will get red letters but once they get the message they will leave you alone. Not once did we get taken to court. 

  18. Hi yes folks
    I am another victim of these faceless thugs. I have had enough now and told trading standards etc.. Ive told them im not paying get the threats etc etc…
    was DATA STAY AWAY con men

  19. Teenage Information Bureau tried it on with us today, stating that a few months ago I'd agreed to sponsor… blah, blah…
    I knew I hadn't offered to place any advertising and told them so.
    They said they'd check…
    Now I've looked 'em up, I know (although I already suspected) it was a scam.

  20. Same thing – Data Northern Limited. Alcohol and drug awareness. I asked for a date in June that we had apparently signed up for it so I could check my own phone records and she got less keen. Unbeliveably she was pretty stroppy with me at the end when it became clear I was not going to accept.  

  21. This is a scam.  If anyone from D.A.T.A or Safety 1st ever reads this, call all the people you have conned in Scotland until you find me, come to my house like you said you would where I will beat the loving shit out of you.

  22. I have just been had by the D.A.T.A Northern Ltd book scam.  They have sent me an invoice, but I haven't paid it yet. On the phone they said I had agreed to it 6 months ago and just wanted payment now.  What should I do ?  Has anyone else actually been taken to court by these people ?

  23. I am afraid i got duped by TIB North Ltd a few weeks back – they are very clever in the way they word things "you agreed to help out with the educational books some time ago" and unfortunately caught me at a bad time. Hey – ho i did get a lovely certificate of sponsorship from them – worth £180 of anyones hard earned money – not!!!!
    God help the next outfit that try this on with me – they are going to get both barrels and some more……….
    Don't know how these low life scumbags sleep at night…………!!!!!!!

  24. Hi, after reading other people's experience with the Edu-care scam I am going to ignore the constant harrassment of threatening letters and report them to trading standards.  My nerves are shot and I am anxious about what actions they might take.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to stop these people – they are making my life hell.

    They called saying I had previously agreed to make a donation for books to the local school about drug and alcohol abuse, for £158 they would put my logo in the books as the sponsor.
    If you check the website links like "Contacts" strangely lead to a 404 error page and other pages say "Coming Soon" I suspect they are not genuine.
    Graham Sivill

  26. There is another business operating the School Books Scam which they call 'Drug Awareness Booklets' this business are called Data Northern Limited, company number 07159588 registered to Ashley Thorley (date of birth 27th December 1980) who's business is based from: 36 STOCKPORT ROAD, ROMILEY, STOCKPORT, CHESHIRE, SK6 3AA. 
    Looks like a flat above a shop at:,+ROMILEY,+STOCKPORT,+CHESHIRE,+SK6+3AA&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x487bb507bc63a345:0x2d36760fec2e1f39,36+Stockport+Rd,+Romiley,+Stockport,+Cheshire+SK6+3AA&gl=uk&ei=eJSVTuS0L8il8QP-3a2VBw&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBMQ8gEwAA
    I have reported to Trading Standard and they intimate that they have quite a caee against this person.
    I have downloaded their company information from Companies house and have reported them to companies house as well in attempt to remove him a sa director.

  27. I am another victim of DATA Northern Limited, I have sent all of the details and accounts of the business to manchester and Stockport Trading Standards and hope that something will be done as they setup again so quickly. At best it is ‘miss selling’ or ‘selling by deceit’ at worst it is ‘Fraud’ and have also imformed my credit card company.

  28.  safety 1st sent me an invoice £238.80 claiming i agreed to sponser, I told them as a company we only sponser our local hospital intensive care unit for children, they won't have any of it and threaten legal action agaisnt me.
    should i be worried??

  29. I have had invoice and 2 threatening phone calls from Teenage Information Bureau – NOT NICE PEOPLE AT ALL –
    again same thing wanting £195.00 for schools book which they claim my wife athourised 3 months ago – they even have a password to verify it .  DONT GIVE THEM A PENNY – THEIR A BUNCH OF CROOKS !!!

  30. Letter received from Safety Support addressed to someone who no longer works here, with a "Proforma Invoice" for FIRE SAFETY INITIATIVE asking for £99.
    Their tel 0845 388 5765 – website – 5 Union Street, Ardwick Green, Manchester M12 4JD
    Title of our company very wrong but they have athe address and postcode correct.  They have as much chance of getting any money out of us as me getting to see Gadaffi's body in the freezer of my local Tesco.
    Beware – scammers at work

  31. We have been targetted by Dave Edwards mostly. When we finally twigged and said no way, he threatened us with solicitors and also to pass our names to all charities as a heavy giver. He said that he was getting us taken off the charities register was when I started to listen to him. He is now abusive, swearing and threatening.

  32. Hi, have had similar contact from Edu-care (website asking for payment of £129 for adverts in a child safety book going out to schools in my area, which i apparently agreed to some months earlier.. niether my father or me can recall the phone conversation . i was told that the advert and books had all been printed and were awaiting dispatch after payment had been collected. after i recieved the first invoice,i rang them back and queeried how they could produce an advert for me without any company details or logos. one month later i recieved another invoice and a proof advert artwoork which stated that if i needed to change the artwork i should let them know within seven days which undoes everything they had already said about the books having been printed and ready for dispatch.(if they are going to lie about things they should at least remember what they have already said) i have sent them several emails with no responce and also tried to contact them through their website, again with no responce. it seems only the phone is good enough for them…. consumer direct sugest a letter sent by recorded delivery asking for all the information they have such as artwork, a FULL copy of the conversation where you agreed to the advertising, a copy of the book or magazine that the advert is going in to, and a copy fo the contract (if there was one) to see who signed it.
    these people are unscrupulus and will keep pestering and rely on the good will of businesses and our inability to remember a phone conversation from two to four months earlier where an alledged conversation ended with an agreement for advertising in a safety for kids book going out in our area.
    business beware

  33. D.A.T.A. seem to be classic proponents of this scam. I contacted the school they supposedly sent the books to and they had never heard of them and suspected it was a scam. And even if books had been delivered, they had no interest in them.

  34. John Thompson, Safety ServicesNW Ltd – anyone heard of him or them? They are doing a Safety Awareness campaign to go out to schools. Had, & fell for, a similar scam just before the end of last summer term – the booklet they sent me had a very smudged stamp saying I had sponsored it (I bought a similar stamping kit from Lidl a year or so ago).  Anyway, this time the invoice (a final reminder) preceeded the thank you for agreeing to support us call – bizarrley I was away from home so hadn't yet seen the invoice. I asked him to send me an email telling me what he  was saying on the phone as I wasn't in a postion to talk & I wanted to check I hadn't previously received any invoices before I paid this one.  What disturbed me, & yet didn't register at the time, was that he knew the final four digits of my debit card number.  I'm still waiting for his email or another call because I want to ask him to send me a transcript of our original conversation which allegedly took place in August, how he knows my card number & to send a copy of the booklets that are being sent out.  Meantime, I have this final reminder along with a letter threatening  litigation (I can stop this action if I make immediate payment quoting my reference which, according to the invoice, is Last one which has to be the oddest reference ever). I've googled the company name which comes up on two directory listings, the 0844 number which just says no complaints have been made against it & the address which is in a business unit from where you can rent mailboxes. 
    I have had so many of these types of of scam calls in the past – some I have fallen for, some not. In the past I have reported them to my local trading standards, rung the charity commission about them (they used to claim they got phone numbers from them) & been to the police. 

  35. Educational Media Limited.  Highly questionable trading and payment processing practices – been investigated (and still are) by TAPA (The Advertising Protection Agency and Trading Standards.  The Daily mail also featured an article on them ––We-need-stand-poster-bullies.html#comments
    Found out yesterday that they have unlawfully and fraudulently stolen £243.00 from me via my PERSONAL debit card.  As no authorisation was provided by me I have taken this up with my bank, Trading Standards, TAPA, BIS, Companies House and also with Educational Media Ltd.  By processing this payment without authorisation they have committed fraud, obtained funds by disception, committed theft, and have violated the payment processing guidelines and regulations as set out in law.  Furthermore don't be surprised if you are harrassed constantly by EML (Eduational Media Limited)- have been subjected to up to 12 calls a day from them!

  36. I had a call today and have many of the same calls in the past. All I say is that I give them the benefit of the doubt and will do some checks when I get home. The 1st check is trading standards and the second check will be the police fraud website………… for some reason the phone goes dead.

  37. Look out for Edu-Care and Cooper Donnelly, before scams. There should be some kind of list of all the scam organisations online so that with one simple google search business owners could find out if they are potentially being scammed or not.
    Can anyone contact me if they were able to get any of the money back from these companies and if so, how?
    Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you.

  38. We have just had a call from DATA (Northern) claiming that "the books for schools were now ready" and would we like to choose a local school for them?  No recollection of a "conversation in November", so I was suspicious from the start. A very insistent girl kept trying, but gave up in the end. Unbelievable cheek – I'll be reporting it of course…

  39. Jist had a phonecall from T.I.B, based in Manchester. They said that I had agreed to advertise in a magazine promoting sexual health in schools, and that the brochures are now ready to be delivered into schools. They claimed I had agreed to pay £195.00 for 32 brochures. What a bunch of crooks. T.I.B – Be Aware.

  40. Had loads of trouble from these scum. Was naive and polite to begin with but not anymore. Question everything they say, do not give them any money, give as good as you get with verbal abuse, put invoices in the bin, and report them. Been had by the following companies (some of which do not exist at all)
    Educatonal Media Ltd
    Imperial Media
    Riverpark Media
    Police Community Clubs of Great Britain
    CAP Media
    Temple Design
    If all else fails, when they phone, tell them to eff off.

  41. Hi all,
    I recently got the call from EML (educationmedialtd) asking me to take out an anti-bullying ad. After saying if I like what I see in the post I'd consider it, Bullying is actually very relevant in our household atm. Anyways I got the proof and decided to check them out to be on the safe side, and I landed here.
    Quick question, am I now obligated to pay the £99 or can I cancel under the distance selling act, 7 day cooldown period.
    Starting to worry abit now.

  42. Support Media Intl Ltd. scammed my husband, luckily I stopped the cheque. They wouldn't return my calls until they realised this. Their employees are aggressive and snippy. I thought their calls had stopped when they were asked if they had anything to do with BCS Multimedia Ltd (well known scam, company directors of which in prison and Trading Standards shut down their company) as that's where they stole the advert from, which my husband designed, which they sent to us with an invoice. We realise now we have been scammed twice by BCS. However Support Media phoned another family member 3 times in a row today to complain we were saying "slanderous things about them" as one of their advertisers had told them this. Can you believe the cheek of them?! We didn't as slander implies the message communicated is false and in this case they are trading fraudulently. But it's OK for them to say you agreed to an advert months ago when you didn't, and it's OK never to produce the brochure, and it's OK never to distribute the brochure, and it's OK to say they will send a copy of the initial conversation you had with them and then change their mind and say they can't because of the data protection act and that you will hear it in court! Tell them to get stuffed! Or rather phone the company director, Louise Heenan on 0161 796 3119 at her home at 56 Leyton Drive, Bury, Greater Manchester, BL9 9TS and tell her in person!
    If you've been scammed once you will have been scammed before without realising, so we checked back, we wondered whether Child Protection UK Ltd. had sent the 32 magazines entitled "From The Heart 4" about drug awareness to our high school of choice. We checked with the high school, no came the reply. We complained to Child Protection UK, several phonecalls were made and eventually Alix Grant told us the half term holidays had caused a delay (of several weeks!) and they would be sent out, we left it 2 weeks and I went to the school today and to my surprise they had received them! £179.00 is steep for 32 mags but we can't try to get our money back now, even though we know they only sent them out because we'd bothered to check and double check and to phone and phone to complain and complain. They are very efficient fraudsters, plausible, convincing and even the magazines are quite nice. So nice in fact that the company director Paula Kasser has set up a new venture, Child Guidance UK Ltd. with her partner Paul Carson to produce the same mag word for word with new artwork and even appeared on the health section of Salford Radio to tell Pete Dwan all about it, even he was taken in if that makes anyone else who's been scammed feel better!
    Do not part with your hard earned cash. If you have try to get your money back, usually you can only take a ltd company to court and the directors are protected by this but there is a loophole, if the directors have been trading fraudulently you can sue them personally, both Scots Law and English Law agree on this, try writing a letter to this effect, one they have to sign for at their home address, some people have been lucky and this has worked for them. if you have the funds and don't like being made a fool of take them to court, if not, you'll be throwing good money after bad that you can't afford. A lesson learned the hard way for us. Nothing will be done about these scams as they're not affecting the public, they go after small private business owners. Trading Standards take months to make a case to shut one down but they just open a new Ltd company and start again. Please do tell Action Fraud online as we do want their lives to made difficult, they shouldn't get off scot free, but also tell all the other small business owners you know, and check your advert doesn't appear on the fraudsters websites. Hope this helps someone.

  43. Just had Data Northern on the line peddling the School Books for alcohol and drug abuse line.
    They're still active obviously.
    Not much out of though!

  44. Cooper Donnelly-has anyone else come across these scammers too?  They also claimed that I agreed to advertising a few months previously, now the invoice is due for payment £199, but they would knock off £25 due to the dispute over a verbal contract.  Phone always displays private number, but their invoice states its 08448009097, which if you call it back and they don't answer in time, it goes to voicemail of a mobile number.  The invoice says they are based at 3000 Cathedral Hill, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7YB, but the post mark says Manchester.  Safe to say they won't be receiving and cash from me.

  45. I received a call from Sarah Jones of the "Child Safety Campaign" saying that the books I had enquired about last October (I had not) were now in. On enquiry, she told me that their address was 12 Blackfriars Street, Salford, M3 4QS (Manchester) and their phone number 0161-839-4554. When I asked her what their Charity Registered number was, she said they were not a registered charity, so I expressed surprise a it sounded as if they were. She said she had not said they were a charity, and I agreed but said I thought it was sharp practise to come on the phone like that and was she happy workling for a firm  that preyed on people like this. Having found out it was in fact a limited Company, I asked for the name of a Director which she said was Jo (female) Fox, and when I asked to speak to her I got cut off – surprise, surprise! I then checked with Companies House but there is no current Company with that name, although no less than 10 companies with similar names haveb een dissolved……….

  46. We are also being contacted by TIB – really agressive – partner is business crtically ill so I told them without purchase order we will not be paying
    If this company has been around so long and reported to police and trading standards how can they still be going – need someone like Watchdog to get onto them!!

  47. I have been hassled a few times for £99 from DATA Northern Ltd recently for drug awareness books. I was going to pay it today just to get them off my back. But before I did I thought I would quickly research the company and came up with this site. Very glad I did. Have now emailed them asking for proof of contract and told them not to ring my office again. Will see what happens next.

  48. Joke!     Also had a  telephone call from TIB! Saying that TIB had rang me late last year and I'd agreed to sponsor a booklet for school and wanted £200.  By the way, TIB didn't get the £200 and were abruptly told to get on their bike!!

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