SCAM: National Crime Prevention Booklet


I had a call today from a man who said :

” Hello sir I am calling on behalf of the Police”, “We are calling just to say thank you for supporting our latest campaign which I am pleased to say has been a success”

When I asked which campaign he said “The National Crime Prevention Booklet”,  So I asked him the name of his company and he said “I am calling from The Police”, I asked his name he said “PC Dawson”, when I asked where exactly was he based he said “The Editorial Department of Cheshire Metropolitan Police”

I said that sounded odd and aksed him for his phone number and he said: 0845 556 7800

I then said If I call that number would I get through to him, he said “No you will get someone else” he then put the phone down.

I rang the number out of curiosity and its a made up number and does not exist. (23 Feb 2010)

SO BEWARE – They are now even pretending to be the police.

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  1. Received a call today from Ben Hall saying I had agreed to advertise in a Crime Prevention Magazine and they were now calling to offer me a discounted rate of £99 instead of £149.  They said I needed to answer some questions for me to be eligible for the rate.  I questioned the dates they called and I had no recollection so therefore would not be answering any questions they confirmed all telephone conversations were recorded.  I asked Ben to let me hear the calls where I had agreed to this advertising and he said he would send me all of the information through the post with the invoice, therefore we needed to answer the questions now.  When I refused to answer any questions until I heard the recordings he asked me what my problem was! Obviously I explained what my problem was and was not answering any questions today.  I asked if his supervisor was available as I thought his attitude was a joke to which he said she was, however I was then passed to someone called Curtis!  Eventually after discussing the problem I had Curtis hung up. BEWARE ALL THEY HAVE NOT GONE AWAY!!!!!!

  2. We've been receiving these calls in Chelsea for probably 6 – 7 years.  I received the 3rd call of the week only this morning.  Some years they have actually claimed to be The Police, this year they have been saying they are calling on behalf of the Police.  They are difficult to shake off and it is only the fact that I have worked here for so long that saves us from falling for their stories claiming that we have previously supported the campaign.  Recently one of them managed to get through to one of our Directors, who only took the call out of courtesy, now they are ringing with renewed vigor because they think we've fallen for their con trick!!  Every year I dread the first of these calls because I know it will lead to a couple of months of harrassment.  I am definately going to tell them that I'm recording their call and will hand it over to Trading Standards.  Hopefully that will get rid of them!! 

  3. This scam has been going on for years and has evolved from the Police, Fire and Ambulance service to what is at the moment Crime prevention, with the offer of an advert in there annual Diary, "a diary that doesn't exist".
    In a lot of businesses, managers and the like tend to move around quite a bit, the scammers know this and 5 times out of ten don't get the same person that they spoke to last year. their speel starts with "thank you for your support last year" and "Fred" who agreed last year also agreed to repeat the advert this year. So on and so on!
    A lot of people will renew accepting that this is the norm and after all you will be helping the pillars of society.
    Trouble is I have been the manager in my business for over 14 years and have heard it all before once a year every year, there is no point trying to gain information to pass on to the Police as they can't or won't trace the people involved.
    As soon as I hear the speel "I'de just like to thank you for your support" I say "is this about the diary" at which point the phone goes dead every time.
    The more people that let these maggots know, that we know what they are up to, it will make them move on to something else, scammers will never disappear just make it hard for them with a smile on your face. 

  4. My partner was contacted yesterday by a gentleman with a scouse accent phoning from an 0161 number.
    When he answered the phone he didn't ask for anyone in person he just started his conversation with: 'Hello i'm from the crime preventation booklet we would like to thank you for your support over the last few months.'
    He said: 'I am just returning your call from a couple of months ago where we discussed you having an advert placed in the magazine' My partner said I don't remember having this conversation.
    He still did not know my partners name… He goes on to say: 'Yes you did, it was agreed that you would have an advert at £199'.
    As my partner was busy he told him to forward the proof and details to our email address which he already had to hand. Today an email came from them with our proof and invoice.  I opened the invoice and looked over the company name MJP Designs. My partner came home tonight with suspicious as some of the spelling was incorrect on the invoice.
    I have since checked and there are a couple – Firstly our company name which has Memorials in it was spelt Momorials. -.-'
    On the actual invoice we had IF you have any questions about this invoice or amendments for your artworkplease contact by Telephone or Email and one of are colleges will be happy to help
    We are waiting them to ring back to ask for payment! This will be fun!

  5. I got another call from someone claiming to be from the Manchester Courts this moring, chasing me on behalf of some compay I have never heard of for advertising in a crime prevention booklet that I never agreed to. I am so sick of this. I made the mistake of agreeing to one two years ago, since then I have been conned by the same ring 3 times into payiong and the last time it was a "Debt Collector" I'm not even sure if that was true now that the calls have started again. 
    Does anyone have any advice on how I can stop these Scammers from harrasing me for good? I had stopped answering my phone and letting the answering machine pick up, but as it's been quiet I had started answering again only to be greeted with this call today. I even had with-heald numbers barred from calling my number. I'm at my wits end, any advice will be great.

  6. i have just received a call from a scouser claiming to work for the emergancy services asking if i want to advertise in the crime prevention booklet, when i said i wasn't interested he swore at me and put the phone down. his number was displayed it was 07435785607

  7. Same, got a call today from the crime protection booklet about my advert that I had booked in March 2012, and that the paper work had been sent out today and they were only want to clarify a few details so that i could get my discount.When i told him i didnt have a business anymore he said thats fine, we will put it in the booklet as a donation from a well wisher!!!!!! When I asked his name, Simon, then his number, 0121 Do one!! I asked again . Yes you heard me correctly  0121 Do one. I have contacted my local trading standards in kilmarnock

  8. We've just received one of these calls AGAIN (same as last year), so they are back doing the rounds again!

  9. Just had a call Dec 2012 from "quality care" rude girl threatening action if i didn't pay for a fictitious wall planner – using kids as a bait.  Telephone Number was barred from re call.  Total scum bags. 

  10. Just had a call from Ian Conway from Kent Police asking us to "renew" our 1/4 page advert in a Police Officer's Diary,

    We've never done this before so is in NO WAY a renewal.

    Scam, scam scam

  11. I just received a phone call from someone named Mark Walsh from Jubillee & Wilson, thanking me for the support and bla bla bla… I managed to get his mobile number 07788 182399, I did call him back to let him know that this was a scam according to the internet reports, he assured me that was not a scam and gave me a different company name and number. I jsut laugh to him and got very annoyed. May be you need to call him to questioned him. 

  12. Had a call from "Jamie Smith" calling from 01512279504 every day this week, claiming to be from police publications and trying to sell advertising space. Very persistent despite being told politely and then with increasing firmness that we are not interested. Today he denied calling before (so how did I know his name?). We will report it to the police (ironic, what?)

  13. Hi have just received a call from Crime Awarness on behalf of the Police.  I am aware of the scam and I asked to speak to a person in authority was advised that everyone was on a level pegging.  I asked for my telephone number to be removed from their database for which I was told if I don't get you this year i will call you in 2014.  I asked for an address where I could make an official complaint which I was told that I couldn't have it.  I eventually ended the call but am really keen to understand how my number can be blocked form these calls.  This happens almost every 6 months.

  14. I am so relieved that I am not the only person who has been subject to this scam. I stupidly have paid 2 invoices and it wasn’t until a female from Manchester who sounded very reminiscent of a previous calls – quite aggressive and forceful. I have really found this situation distressing I have become so paranoid about it – I genuinely do not know who is for real. I was contacted months ago regarding the adds then recently for the money. What I find interesting i receive no calls for weeks and then a flurry of calls. We are based in Leicestershire and all the companies say they are from Manchester. This has gone on for several months throughout 2013. Help

  15. I took a call from a guy named Ian Conway yesterday saying he was publishing Essex Fire Brigades desk diary, that our comppany had been supporting it with a £180 quarter page advert for the last few years and was just ringing for a quick yay or nay as to whether this would be continuing this year. 

    Not knowing whether we had done or not, I told him I couldn't approve any activity and could I call him back? He was adamant that he would rather call me back (not wanting to give out his number.) I asked if he could email any information over to us to review and he said he didn't normally do that as a rule. We left it saying I would enquire with my colleagues as to whether we'd want to run the activity again and he would call me back in the morning. 

    I couldn't actually believe it when he rang back the next morning. Of course we never run this activity, and he should have known that my colleagues would confirm that to me. But here he was again, trying it on. So after trying to confusing him a bit, he gave up, went quiet and then hung up.

    Don't fall for this loser. Ian Conway. Soft Liverpudlian accent. Says he fronts the publishing for Essex Fire Brigade (Even though that's not their correct name), and the police force. Desktop Diary 2013. Scam.   

  16. My company received this call today from 01925 423933 (Warrington) asking do I wish to support the police is crime prevention by paying £70 for a half page spread. After saying no she carried on with her sales pitch with me just sat there laughing saying no. I asked her for a copy of the magazine and she said it new and doesn’t come out until October so no you can’t see it. ha-ha I said so you want me to pay for something that 1, I’ve never seen, 2 I’ve never heard of and 3, doesn’t come out until October and 4, from someone who could be anyone over the phone, to which see said we are the police! Beware people, to me it was a good form of entertainment for 10 minutes on the phone but some people may be sucked into this scam.

  17. They are still at it. A man with a Liverpool accent just phoned me and thanked me for my support in the past (I have never supported them), and reminded me that I had promised his colleague a one eigthth page advert in the next magazine. I asked him for his telephone number and he hung up. Can BT not tell me the number of these people?


  18. It happened to me today. A man with a scouse accent called 'on behalf of Essex Police' thanking my company for supporting the campaign previously, confirming our company details and saying that we should agree to featuring again in the National Crime Prevention Magazine for £95. I quickly googled it and found this page, so realised it was a scam. I've reported it to Essex Police, but watch out as he was very convincing!


  19. This scam is still happening. The man who rang stated he was called Keith and ringing on behalf of the "Crime Prevention Magazine" He wanted check out if I had taken an advert out with them last year. I have to say I was immediatly suspicious as previously a company called Mango Media threatened to take me tpo court as they stated they had published an advert on our behalf, which we were refusing to pay for. They threatened a small claims court. They were from the Manchester area. I stated I wouls see them in court and requested that it was held in my local court which you are allowed to request and then they dropped it.

    Since then I have never given to Charity requests on the phone. We have plannned giving to charitys.

    This keith gave the phone number 0845 802 7762 and when I started to ask about the police organisation I could call he put the phone down.  Its a scam that they try As  businesses s cannot complain to Trading Standards

  20. I actually have paid several invoices from different 'publishers' and wondered what if anything I can do now about it. I work on my own and got sucked in to the 'we are calling you back about your advert' as I had placed an advert with ONE company but lots then called chasing money for adverts placed. Been thinking about this alot recently and wondered who to contact to see if I can get my money back?

  21. Just had one of these calls and also previously had calls before.  They say they are calling from the police but when you question where they are calling from they say Crime Prevention Booklet, you ask for their number and give the excuse that he is on an extension.  I challenge him that I think it is a scam and he said he will remove us from their system…..

  22. I have just received a call from a guy on a withheld number claiming to be calling from the local Crime Prevention publication, I am the manager of a Birmingham office.  He says I authorised and paid for an advert on March 22nd this year and they were now in a position to upgrade our advert to a half page from a quarter page.  They would need a password from me which could be a pet's name or my mother's maiden name and we would receive several copies of the booklet by courier over the next few days, the password would be needed to receive the parcel.  When I started to question the guy (no discernible accent) and told him that I would never have been in a position to agree an advert, it would have to be run by my MD, he hung up.

  23. Hi, have just read your website 'blog' on scam charity/advertising calls, & was most interested.

    Have recently reported a constant, vertually daily pursuance, series of mobile calls over the past few weeks. These from a company aledgedly called 'jubilee & wilson' publishers. Claiming similarly that an ad' had been placed for the end of last year & again more recently – regarding a police/charitable 'crime prevention booklet'. Monie due to be invoiced around £249, but reduced to some £125 due to any need to cancel already produce artwork costs etc. This has been formerly denied by me on subsequent occasions, albeit they stating that my order 'had been recorded' over the phone.

    Joke being they, have even offered a discount of 10% on this if payment made within a time limit.

    They have repetitively been told to check or repetatsuch a fiction to me, as I had indeed placed a 'one off' genuine charitable/police associated charitable pursuit – duly published & paid for back in July 2013 in the West Mercia Police area. So I had originally suspected a mistake rather than a now obvious scam.

    Unfortunately I had inadvertantly suggested they email me, at a fortunately semi-redundant email address – to understand what this was truly about. Even sending me ficticious + artwork data or whatever to this address last week. I naturally did not 'open' this email, though suspect associated 'worm' involvement – which has since caused problems with my 'net' computer usage.

    I would welcome any ideas, in regard to the latter computer problems?

    I have now reported this to the West Mercia Police, who have declined to pursue this but have 'put on record' & transferred me to the 'Action Fraud department' (civilian organization, driven by police awareness) – with contact details. They in turn have recorded all particulars, given me an access password & 'crime number' & I must subsequently 'update' that record 'on line' or by phone – if I choose, in order of any further continued 'annoyance' & waste of time. No further help seems evident, unless the central fraudulent/electronic crime squad in London, decides its worthy?

    It seems the UK, if not 'the world' is overwhelmed with such electronic scams & fraudulent driven stress. No means of stopping or blocking this, even after 'blunt telephone language' or police intervention suggest or applied.

    Sadly again, this continues with unwanted pursuance by phone & unwanted but hopefully short term emails. I will continue not to 'open' such emails, now I understand that leaves 'one' vunerable to a probable constant 'rush' of further 'connected' advertising etc. ….. as if they were not enough of this already.

    Again the supposed company concerned is: 'Jubilee & Wilson', DO NOT open any emails, but when they have a number to ring, they tragically seem to have an endless supply of ****** individuals to call?


  24. They are still at it. Had lots of calls from a idiot called bob have reported to police and will up date ASAP 

  25. I have had the same scam from Jubilee & Wilson. But in addition I now also recieve letters demanding outstanding payments and warning that they will instruct a debt recovery company if not paid. So be aware, they dont give up once they sniff out a possible golden egg.

  26. Just had a call from an old guy claiming to be the police thanking me for the support and the advert…

    Strange thing is as soon as I mentioned tha fact I did not have the faintest idea of what he was talking about he put the phone down on me.  Needless to say, number withehld.

    If this was the same con, it was a very odd way to scam me for money…Confused to say the least…

  27. Just to let business's know that in somerset the Scam is alive and well I have a business in Taunton. A nice lady sounding a bit like Loraine Kelly rang my home no, to say I had agreed to support the local crime prevention magazine. As we havent taken out any adverts, I luckly knew it was a scam. She rang back 3 time, what a nerve. Dont be suckered in by them.


  28. I have also had a call today from Jubilee & Wilson with the same rubbish as i've found other people have had on here, I have reported them to trading standards and would encourage others to do the same.

  29. I unfortunately have also been subjected to these scum bags and feel we are all being greatly let down by our national fraud authority as looking back through these comments jubilee and Wilson have been carrying out the same scam for at least four years. I've reported my incident to action fraud and would incourage anyone else to do the same. They need more evidence to shut them down. 

  30. I feel quite traumatised after receiving a call from them. I swear I didn't agree to this advert in November and have asked for a recording of my call. They are saying I will need to pay £349 – they would have reduced it to £199 today but i said I'm not paying anything until I have evidence. They said they would get a recording of my call (we'll see!) but I will then have to pay the full amount not the £199. I then came off the phone and googled them and found this. What on earth??! I think I'll ring the police to see if anything can be done as I feel sick to the bone that people are doing this to professional businesses.

  31. I have had two calls from someone climing to be from Jubilee & Wilson saying that last November I had booked an advert in a crime prevention booklet that was published quarterly and sent to schools etc.  They could not explain why I would book 7 months before the advert at completely the wrong time of year for my business.  If I wanted proof of the booking they would not be able to give their £50 discount so the price would be £199.  I am awaiting their proof !

  32. I had a call today from a scouse lad, saying he was from the crime prevention association, saying he'd found my details through various associations we are accredited with.  He said they are producing a A4 magazine that goes out across Hertfordshire to make people aware of rouge traders and that they were very impressed with my company and how good we were, blah blah blah and did we want to feature as the only electrical contractor in this booklet for a £600 half page spread, other options avaliable.they are clever though, didn't ask for money up front, say you only pay once the magazine has been produced.  Sounded too good to be true, £699

  33. And after checks on here, I have confirmed it is a scam.  Sounds too good to be true, it usually is.£600 for a half page spread and to be the only 'validated approved contractor' in a magazine sent all over a county would be lovely, however it ain't going to happen.

  34. I actually paid for this advert twice !! Just had a call today, and I was getting a feeling from my last contact with them that it was a scam.  Today I told them that I was not going to pay for any more adverts and they tried to set up the call so that at the end of it I had a guy called James calling me to confirm "the order" when I told them again I am not placing any orders, they hung up.!! Aggg…

  35. I recieved a call this morning from someone from the 'NCPA' (national crime prevention agency) offering me advertising in a booklet to stop homeowners ect from using cowboy builders, they were saying we would be the only construction company in the leaflet and that we would recieve substatial amount of work from the adverts. after reading this thread im confused at whether this is indeed a scam or legit. There is something wrong with the world when you dont know the difference! I am just glad i didnt cough up £250 pounds there and then!

  36. In reference to Jubilee & Wilson and 'Colin Gray'

    I was contacted by this company in late 2013 and I won't go over it again but it was the usual 'Previously booked, due us money' saga.

    I told him politely that I wasn't involved and put the phone down, but in the coming days I received a threatening letter about monies owed and potential legal action. I knew it was rubbish so again ignored it.

    Eventually 'Colin' phoned me saying I had to pay or else basically and I gave him what for. I had previously checked out their website which made it painfully obvious it was a scam.

    I told 'Colin' this and how the photos on it were clearly fake ''Every website has fake photos'' was his response – The website created the illusion that the photos were of the office building etc. 

    I also told 'Colin' that the address registered was a residential house! and that he was the biggest scammer out there and that I didn't even believe his name was 'Colin' – add to that that the number was registered to several other business' such as 'A&J Builders' and 'Khaan's Food Spot' which he strenuously denied. 

    I then noticed a couple of months later that their website had mysteriously disappeared. So it saddens me to hear of the Jan – May 2014 issues with them and it is obvious these guys have not given up!

    I've had and still do get heaps of these scammers – it amazes me how much they use the same script! PLUS lately I've had ones from 'Data Protection' – nothing more than just 'Data Protection' – saying that they are chasing these scammers – again another scam in itself to suss out targets!


  37. We have just had a call for us to advertise in the local crime prevention / drugs magazine and according to the women at the end of the phone I had spoken to her earlier.  We do not advertise in the magazines, and I certainley did not speak to her.  When I asked her what she was selling or if she wanted our firm to come round and do work for her, she called me (well definitely won't repeate what she said) – Now they are resorting to swearing at their so called customers.  What a joke!

  38. Only 30 mins ago I was contacted by a guy claiming to be a "national crime prevention officer" he said that they were organising a conference in my area to gauge local interest in advertising in their magazine. If I were interested I would be the only would be the only tree company featured in the circular of 30,000 in my postcode. Dubious of this I asked why I'd never seen a copy before, needless to say there was a ready excuse. Having looked at their hastly thrown together website and their Facebook page which is only 24 months old, with no official accreditaion I have declined their offer. They offer psuedo-officialdom to trick you into advertising into a non-existent circular it would seem…..

  39. Further to my above commet I have spoken to someone on the desk at Ruislip police station and they have confirmed that ncpa (national crime prevention agency) is a scam that is known to them and should you be contact the police fraud line on 0300 1232040. Once again the want money for advertising in a ficyional magazine. Hope this has been helpful and has stopped other people being ripped off

    Robert Harrop

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