SCAM: National Crime Prevention Booklet


I had a call today from a man who said :

” Hello sir I am calling on behalf of the Police”, “We are calling just to say thank you for supporting our latest campaign which I am pleased to say has been a success”

When I asked which campaign he said “The National Crime Prevention Booklet”,  So I asked him the name of his company and he said “I am calling from The Police”, I asked his name he said “PC Dawson”, when I asked where exactly was he based he said “The Editorial Department of Cheshire Metropolitan Police”

I said that sounded odd and aksed him for his phone number and he said: 0845 556 7800

I then said If I call that number would I get through to him, he said “No you will get someone else” he then put the phone down.

I rang the number out of curiosity and its a made up number and does not exist. (23 Feb 2010)

SO BEWARE – They are now even pretending to be the police.

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  1. Had this happen twice Re ‘Crime Prevention’
    I did take out a genuine ad 2-3 years ago and got the booklet with my ad in.
    Then I got scam calls insisting that I had agreed to take further ads on the latest editions. When I insisted that I hadn’t they said that they had the conversation taped, I said that any tape they had of me agreeing was fake and illegal and hung up. They tried it on again today, and when I got annoyed, they immediately hung up. They always call from a blocked number, so you can’t trace them. I had instructed my bank & credit card company not to release any payment to them. They had obviously got my details from the original genuine ad I had taken out.

  2. I today have filed a police report against 2 companies, the initial one was the police scam, my boss paid them twice. then a different company sent through an invoice, again these people are bullies, rude and very unprofessional. The police told me that not a branch up and down the country would do these charity things for this very reason, all of them are scams and i urge anyone who has a paper trail leading to these criminals bank accounts to go to the police so they can piece together the info and catch these losers

  3. June 20th 2011 2.45pm
    I have just been contacted by Ella of “The Crime Prevention Team” who told me that the Magazine publication I had agreed to advertise in (for charity) has been printed and that iwould be circulated to 50,000 businesses in our area. I told her that I hadnt agreed to anything at which point she said that I had given her all our business details in March and that she had a recording of the actual phonecall. She read out our business details (with the wrong post code) to me and I told her that she could have had these from the internet. When I insisted that I hadnt agreed to anything she ‘barked’ that she would send a copy of the phonecall recording with the invoice and when I asked her how much the invoice was for she put the phone down on me. The telephone number was withheld

  4. Same thing happened to me.

    I reported them to the police who did a reverse number look up. The police weren’t interested in the fact that it was telesales, but the recording I have of them claiming to be for the police.

    I have no idea what the outcome was, but they phoned again today and after questioning the rather dopey sounding guy said his employer was a “James E James LTD”.

    I can’t find much info about them online other than an article by The Sun.

  5. And so it continues. I too have just got this call saying how great our add was and the thanks for the support.
    Then basically saying you owe us money for the last add (which we havent placed).
    Now we do advertise but are business is in a very unusual market and magazine adds of most kind wouldnt help it. (it is legal lol)
    They wouldnt reply very well to any questions but they knew my name which worried me.
    Same speal as the rest of you tho and said they were from crime prevention publication!

    Seems like peop0le never give up!

  6. This must the same scam

    We had a call last week from a guy called Nick claiming he was from Target Media and that we had advertised in a Local Lifestyle magazine. The call was very confusing.

    After a couple of days we received an invoice for £199 and a proof ad lifted directly from our website saying we had 2 days to respond. Our business supplies a service to a specific market and our web content and images carry a copyright. Needless to say we contacted them and requested how they thought we would place an add just on a confusing telephone conversation. They said they had a voice recording from us placing the add. We requested all this writing from them to which they responded ‘that is not the way we do business!’. The conversation then got very heated as they tried their ‘bully boy tactics.

    The web site they quote is a blogg page, the Local Lifestyle magazine they quote as far as Google is concerned does not exist. I have sent them an email telling them I will not deal with them but not even sure this exists although it has not bounced back.

    I do have an address from them but not sure if I should publish it here.

    Reading back James E James seems to have been a scam as well check out

    It seems we are be plagued with scammers. We just have to be vigilant.

  7. I just had a call saying thank you for our advert in Armed Forces Magazine.

    We have never advertised in Armed Forces Magazine.

    I asked him to email me the advert and he said fine.

    Then, three hours later a lady phoned me, wanting to send me the invoice. I said we had never advertised in Armed Forces Magazine. She said she didn’t know anything about that.

    We then said goodbye.

  8. Just had a call was quite funny as know it was a scam as soon as she said “the police” I have just started my business I was expecting some dodgy calls feel sorry for the people that get conned by these scum so just for fun do this -keepthem on ther phone for over 3-4 mins pretending how amazing this all sound then afterm this time annouce your self as pc….. from the telephone crime prevention unit this call has been traced and a response team are on route , you wont get called again

  9. We are getting something similar to Pete from the 7th July 2011, well my partner is, its from the same scam company Target Media, only this is meant to be a ‘Communitiy Safey Publication’ where they are asking for £299.
    They even use the same website, sorry blog page.
    Again, they say they have a telephone conversation recorded stating an agreement to pay, buy they won’t let me listen to it, unless my partner tells them I can. Load of bull if you ask me.
    So, told them they are not getting a penny, and can swing for it.
    Have been in touch with Cheshire Police, and have a contact there, who checked out the address 69a London Road, Alderley Edge, apparently its just a company who rent out mailboxes, and Target Media have one of them.
    The MD there says he is reporting them to trading standards.
    We are also persuing this through Consumer Direct who have now referred this to Trading Standards too.
    If you enter their 0844 991 6758 number on google it goes straight to a link stating that its a scam.

    We keep getting letters, with no names, just a position, but heres the fun bit, the account manager has two different signatures, and the pre litigation manager has the same signature as one of the account managers, how cools that!!

  10. I trade, on a small scale, in kiloware -stamps on paper.
    Received an Invoice from Wilson Haines demanding payment of £249 for a quarter page advert in ‘Fire Safety 2011′. However what that publication has to do with stamp collecting is very obscure.

    Have reported to local police though I am now told it is a civil matter.

    Am now going to enquire as to whether their account with Barclays is still functioning as I told told I could make an immediate payment to their account.

  11. I have just had a call on my mobile from a scouser saying he is from Crime Prevention Unit and thanking us for our support. He told me that my partner asked him to call me and he approved an ad back in May (of which I have never seen so don’t believe it was ever sent) and that he had a recording of the agreement. I know my partner would never have agreed to anything without consulting me first. I told him this and he was having none of it, I asked his company name again and he said he did not work for a company he worked for the police! He suggested that I speak with my partner and he would call me back in half an hour, which was over an hour ago and I am still awaiting his call.

    I will tell him, if he ever does ring, that I know it is a scam and will let you all know my outcome!

  12. I too have been scammed by Target Media at Alderley Edge, Cheshire earlier this year.  I stupidly paid them £159.20 for an advert which they convinced me I had agreed to and have since realised this was a scam.  Since then I have had many  more so called companies saying I had agreed to an advert with them and demanding payment and threatening to put the matter in the hands of debt collectors but I inform them I have never heard of them and put the phone down.  I have been in contact with Trading Standards many times over the past few months. 

  13. I had a guy from Liverpool pretending to be from the poilice and fire brigade asking me about an ad. When I said no he called me a f**king plantpot. Strange insult. I called the police in Edinburgh and they said they've just about had enough complaints to persue a case. I reckon everyone should call the police and get the scammers shut down…

  14. Just had a call from National Fire Awareness Campaign thanking me for the advert we placed in a booklet that was sent to schools last year. Stopped him mid speal as I pointed out that the company details he had just quoted does not trade & would therefore not take out adverts with anyone. "Oh my details must be wrong" end of call

  15. had the same today but asked them to call back tomorrow cant wait to have some fun with them now thanks for everyone who reports on scams like thease its hard enough when your a small business x

  16. Just had a phone call from a man with a Liverpool accent. Said he was from the Police, and was I interested in advertising my business in their magazine. My daughter put the mobile number he was calling from (07432738965) into Google and this website came up, with one having got a call from the same number which of course is a total scam. I said could I have his name and number as I wanted to check the details out (as I knew from this website it was a scam). He gave me his 'name' being John Davis as well as a website I told him I was aware it was a scam and that I would report him to the Police and put the phone down. I have now got a further call from the number which I haven't yet answered. Please anyone reading this be aware of this scam, do not fall for it. I spoke to my local Police station and they said they did not call me so its a scam.

  17. Just had a call from a heavy scouse accent saying he was from the police.I asked why he was using a mobile phone if he was the police he said it was cheaper!!! dont be taken in ask questions you will find the phone soon gets put down

  18. got one from Leanne of the crime prevention unit: i asked who were they – i'd never heard of them, and she accused me of being rude and said she would send me the booklet and i could get in touch with her superior and she hung up.

  19. all nuisance phone calls receive the same treatment from me -as soon as i realise it is a nuisance/scam caller i just leave them talking to themselves.
    it has proved 100% successful with no further calls from the nuisance
    if you can listen to them talking then their realisation you are not listening/responding its very funny

  20. Still going on today had 5 calls from bloke calling himself john asking for £199 + vat for Crime prevention booklet & would send me 10 complimentry copies when payed & published.
    i told him not able to help no funds for this advertizing he became rude & told me ark work was done but needed to  be sent for proff by me .I told him dont want it he told me he will take me to court as he has recording of the conversation so i told him to send it but he can't ????? he didn't withold his number but will not answer my calls or text as i texted him asking him to phone me about payment NO REPLY ???
    Going to local police station now ,will post what they say :-)

  21. Just recieved bill from Wilson Haines for advert in Fire Safety Mag. Never agreed to any advert to my recollection. in researching them found 3 different addresses, loads of forum pages like this one. Their website is "under construction". Have left details with consumer direct, and they have advised me to demand proof that i agreed to this advert, info on company and fire safety campaign. Wonder if i'll get any reply…doubt it somehow.

  22. I am sorry to hear that there are alot of people who become a victim of Fraud or a Scam everyday. People who mak eup these childish and perfetic ways to hurt and steal others identitity is a joke and need to take a step back and look at themselves.
    These days it is so easy to impersonate a Police Officer, you can purchase queipment of webistes, create your own desighn and just say your an Officer.
    I use to be in the Police Service myself, the next time ANYONE recieves a call you should request their should number, what force and station they are attatched to and also their name and rank. for thos ewho know the law you can ask them trick questions like asking them to resite the Caution, section 1 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (Pace) or if Arrested at a premises when are they aloud to execute a Section 32 Search after this I bet that that only thing you be hearing is the phone dial :) good luck into catching these silly and childish people and I KNOW FOR A FACT that together we can identify these individuals and bring them to Justice

  23. I also have had these people. One woman said that my husband definitely agreed to place an advert in the magazine CPA advert  I asked if she was sure and she said yes. I asked her if she was a clairvoyant as he has been dead for five years.   It was a wonderful moment.  I am at the moment suffering from CPA media calls and invoices in red .   There are so many of us small hard working business perople that have been scammed and pressured when I find these sites that I cannot understand why Greater Mancheser Police have not been able to arrest these criminals.    They are demanding money with menaces and I thought this was a crime.

  24. We were contact by Wilson Haines in Sept 2011 and unfortunately my colleague fell for it and gave over his credit card details for a Fire Safety publication for £189.05! I have since told him to cancel the card. We were then contacted by a company called Jubilee & Wilson asking for £178.80 for Drug Awareness Publications. Both companies are based in Manchester so it seems they are either one company or are working together. I contacted Jubilee & Wilson and asked for proof of agreement on numerous occation. They say they have a recorded verbal agreement but are yet to provide this. I have also requested their company registration number and VAT number. Still nothing. Have now spoken to Trading Standards and they have said to send a recorded delivery letter asking for proof of agreement and to tell them they have 7 days to respond. Hopefully this will put an end to it. Jubilee and Wilson are on 0161 653 3087 and address is 137 Jubliee Road. Checked Google maps and there are no offices at that address, just a small house!

  25. Hi, had the same call to our church today. Lady said we had agreed to a one off advert in an anti crime campaign booklet last year July, that they had removed our details from the system, but we needed to pay 199 pounds (due next year). She said we can pay in installments. When I questioned her about when and where we had agreed to this and to please forward me proof, the phone was put down. The tel number was with held.Outrageous!!

  26. I just had this call a second ago! Hello its Tom from National Crime Prevention in Maybole, dont worry your not in trouble…..
    Turns out its an advertising company, I happily sat through his speel and the following guy who took my order, Ill await the media they are sending out before ignoring them.

  27. Hi ive just opened a business in the wirral merseyside and i am being pestered by "windows Media" they say they have recorded  me agreeing to a verbal agreement to advertise in their crime aware magazine. they sent me emails and letters from debt collectors and wont stop ringing even though i have made it quite clear i am not paying them.

  28. The charity i work for has just been targeted with the exact same scam line as El who posted on the 7th February last year. Calling themselves Quality care and claiming that I agreed to advertise in a wall planner for disabled children. at a cost of £95!  So they are still at it  
    They have made at least 4 calls over the last  few days and are very evasive when you try to get any information from them.
    I think if they call again I will try Annie Jackson's suggestion and just leave them talking to themselves. 9sept 20th 20110
    In the meantime I will contact trading standards.
    It's just so disgusting what some people get up to. Trying to scam money from charities!!

  29. I have been in touch with Consumer Direct through my local trading standars office  and they inform me that there is such a thing as: Unsolicited Goods and Services Act. 
    No-one has to pay fo runsolicited goods and it would be up to these scammers to try to prove that goods have been ordered, so do not pay for anything.
    Call your local trading standards and make sure others know about this. If you get more calls tell them you have taken advice and quote the act.

  30. Hi – Yet another warning of this scam, Received a phone call this morning from a lady whom seemed to know me very well ? Referred to a verbal aggrement in November to place an advert in the Staffordshire Crime Prevention Magazine, the magazine was ready to be distributed, as they were a charitable organisation no vat or tax was payable and needed to pay £199.00 or it was possible to pay by instalments if we were unable to pay in one go. As we agreed a one off advert our details would be removed from their data base.
    We have helped charites in the past so for a minute a thought we could of possibly agreed to do this but as my father was dying in November I couldn't remember the conversation, I then said I couldn't remember a proof of the advert and if the magazine was to be sent out they must have done a print run, when I said again I haven't approved what you can print she hanged up the phone. 
    I couldn't believe it, did a quick search & found this thread, I also did 1471 the number was withheld, these people need to be stopped, people are going to get caught out with this & pay money for adverts that don't exist and using a charity as a scam it's only going to harm genuine charities, who is doing anything about this ? 

  31. I'm now worried as I got a similar call yesterday asking me if I wanted to advertise in a community booklet.
    I started up a small dog walking business 6 months ago and as I'd recently spoken to my local enterprise agency about arranging some advertising so I coudl grow the business and the person asked for me by name thought they'd passed my name onto someone. He said the booklet was a local community thing and the business advisors I'd been to see work with other local businesses and the council to help businesses that are starting up.
    I don't think I specifically agreed to anything, he was taking about the booklet and the prices for different page sizes. I said that I didn't understand what he was saying as he was talking so quickly and that he should email me some details so that I could see what he was offering.  He gave me a web address for, and I said I'd look through that and call him in a few days if I was interested, he wouldn't give me a phone number (saying they wouldn't have the specific details he did) and that he'd call back tomorrow. But he did ask what size I would be interested in and I said probably a smaller one (I didn't specify), but I'd have to look over the information and see what was being offered.
    It was only afterwards that I realised it was probably a scam and googled it. But now I'm worried that what I said was enough to be considered an agreement.

  32. Spud – Don't worry in any way about an 'agreement' – We were in exactly the same boat. They are right about the recorded agreement in theory, but they do so much wrong legally (i.e. not having a proper VAT number) no court anywhere would be on their side (it would never even get that far – take it from a lawyer friend of mine).
    Nothing they threaten will EVER get to court. I'm in a circle of friends that has 4 lawyers in it so I asked some of them about the right Windows Media have and they all laughed.
    They use shock tactics with new businesses who are probably unwise to these sorts of scams e.g. saying you've been recorded to try and scare people. It holds no water whatsoever. Even if they threaten you with debt collectors (and in some cases it seems they have sent fake letters out), only a judge can appoint them, people can't do it off their own back.
    Like I said, don't worry at all. All their legal threats and laughably worthless due to the fact they are so fraudulent. I can understand why you'd be worried – it happened to us earlier this year. But the threat of legal action from our side stopped all email and phone contact. 

  33. I too have had a similar problem and admittedly I fell for it the first time and they have had about £100 from me but when I found out it was a scam I tried to get my money back but could not get in touch with anyone.
    The joke of it all is they keep ringing me and using different company names to try and get me to renew – I know its the same people becuase they keep telling me my password on the account. As soon as I try to get any kind of information they hang up!
    Company names I have are:
    Accounts Department at Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service (NB I have been in touch with the ACTUAL Lancs fire service and it is not them!)
    Safety Information Press
    Safe Nation /
    Crime Prevention Campaign / Press office.
    If anyone finds anything out, speak up! Bastards.

  34. We just had a phone call saying they were sending proofs out for the police booklet  how many copies dit we want
    as soon as i started to question about this she said we had booked in january. Then put the phone down when i said no i dont think so.

  35. Had 4 calls today from"Ian Conway" who says he is from the police. Calls not taken by me 3 from our receptionist abd 1 to a fellow director.As has been said previously the "REAL POLICE" are not interested and say it is a trading standards issue. If I walked down the street and started saying I was a "Ploce officer" they would soon pull me in. For the last few years these scumbags have tried to con me without success. Like all scams do not pay them a penny.  

  36. Hi everyone,
    I have spent a good hour reading through these posts only to realise I have fallen for the trap.
    We are a new business set up and recieve a call 2days ago from "West Yorkshire Fire Service" they claimed we would be the only cleaning company put in a crime prevention book and gave me the prices for different sizes. He rang off a mobile number which I didn't think nothing of because I thought it was the Fire Service and to be honest being a new business I didn't know thing like this happen. He told me his name (Can not remember) and he was very friendly. The phone number was 07510780974 As I was busy and wanted to pass this information onto my business partner before agreeing so I asked him to email me the details and I would pass them on and get back to him. He then went on to saying all we need is conformation that your intrested in the publication so we can stop canvassing for a cleaning company….so I said it would be something we are intested in being a new business and with the book being sent out in the local area it would generate us business but I do need to talk to my business partner so could you ring back in about 15mins….he said yes, speak to you soon and that was that.
    He rang back and I let my business partner speak to him and explain everything, she then said its something we would have to speak about overnight and said could you ring us tomorrow, he agreed and that was that.
    Friday 11/05/12 he phoned me in the morning and I answered. To cut along story short I said we don't really have the budget for this sort of thing yet. He then said because we are a new business he can give us further discount which won us round and he said how it works is we will invoice you within 14days and you will recieve a certificate etc in the post. He said if you can not afford the full balance we will sort out a payment plan so this kind of won us round even more being a new business….anyway to cut it short I agreed to do it at £239 no payment was taken on the day and no bank details was given. He took my home address, website and email address and said his director would ring to confirm and thanks for going ahead and that was that.
    Within 5mins his 'director' phoned back on a witheld number and said call are recored is that ok and I said yes. He then went on to saying "so you agree with the publication at the price stated and wish to go ahead with it"? I said "yes" then he said great you will recieve the invoice within 14days and certificate and everything will go straight to print today….I said great and phone call was finished.
    Now I like to research things, stupidly enough I didn't do it before hand but this is how I found out about this website. Now everything does seem like its a con…..
    *He wouldn't email me, The fire service calling from a mobile, The director calling back on witheld, The fact he said it would all go straight to print yet he didn't have any of what I wanted to put into the publication, he pronouced the home town wrong and if he was local he would know, everytime I said no we will leave it, he dropped the price and so much more.
    I'm worried I'm going to be getting invoiced now and have loads of debt collectors etc coming for us. I am going to ring the number back in the morning and then call the police and the fire service and trading standards.
    What else should I do?

  37. Following up my previous post, I have just spoken to the Police who have stated they wouldn't have a leg to stand on becuase they are scamming people and not living up to their end of the bargin so don't worry about it. She was very helpful and told me not to worry and also stated it was a load of rubbish and that they have heard of these scams before. I gave them the phone number we was contacted on and all the rest of the details and now we await a phone call from our local police who will probably advise us further.

  38. Latest scam in a long line (once your business details are on the "gullible list" they are passed around between scammers) is Stevenson and Judge Ltd. re their magazine "Crime Prevention Campaign". Same old story, that way back in January you agreed to place an ad. and payment is due, or a cancellation fee of X amount is due. Co. Director is Mr Thomas Stephen Judge. Address 17 Poplar St, Rochdale, M24 2BS, which is a residential property. Tel. 01616 432 295. My advice is not be intimidated, keep a note of calls/conversations as they may start to harrass you, and prepare yourself for many other scammers to call you over the next year or so, as you are on "the list"!

  39. I had a call last night (15-05-12) to my mobile and the lady claimed to be from greater Manchester police and she told me my mobile phone was registered as stolen and could I confirm my name and mobile phone provider? Stupidly I did this as I thought there's not a lot she could do with this information? I then rang Orange who confirmed she can't do a lot with the info?

    Hi have been getting these calls for the last year, they ask for various managers within my company and with the same line, to thank us for the support we have given them in the past year…the calls are very tedious when asked what this is for as we have no involvement with the police (it can also be the fire service they claim to be from), you just get the reply for your support. I have repeatedly asked that our number is taken off their database…and still they call. I wondered what on earth they are getting from the call (apart from harassment/ nuisance call delight!) but from this forum it seems they try to sell a charity crime prevention book? Absolutely bizarre and complete time wasters!

  41. Looks like the 'David Williams' is doing the rounds again.  Got a call with a mobile number on to call him back saying he was with the Leicester Police.  Called him back.  He said he was with the Leicester Police and working on behalf of a crime awareness magazine.  He wanted to send me a certificate to thank me for my support in the magazine before.  (I remember being called by these people before and reported it as a scam then – perhaps two or three years ago). I said I was sure we had never advertised with them.  I asked if he had a web site for referrence said he had and then hung up.  He sounded extremely unprofessional throughout the call.  I have reported it to the Leicester police.

  42. I very stupidly paid these people money for an "advert" in September last year.  They are now ringing again saying I owe them money for an item agreed in January.  Needless to say I have no paperwork and no memory of signing up for anything in else (in fact had decided not to do any advertising due to budget constraints).  Managed to stall them today but they have promised to ring back tomorrow.  Having read these posts has certainly convinced me I was conned and I will send them packing.  Is there any point reporting them?  How have other people got on with taking this to the police ?

  43. had 4 phone calles from this number in the last few days they where told in plain english where to go fcuk off

  44. I had a similar sounding call a couple of days ago (Aug 2012); northern lady calling herself Emma rang my firm asking to speak to the business owner. I replied that she was talking to him and she launched into a schpiel about having contacted me several months before and that she was calling from the Surrey Crime Prevention Unit. Instinctively I asked her what their exact affiliation was to Surrey Police (only cops have crime prevention units) and she started tap dancing, eventually explaining that they were not connected with the police at all. Before I could press her any further she put down the phone. Suspicious, I called Surrey Police to report the call. An officer explained that it was the secind report they'd had that day. I asked what they were intending to do about it. He said "well there is not much to go on as it was a call from a withheld phone number". When I suggested the police could seek a court order to force disclosure of the number from whichever phone network provider she was calling from, he gave a somewhat weary laugh and said that no crime had been perpetrated (by dint of her just stopping short of impersonating a police officer). My view is that there is clearly a group of scammers (I've heard about a gang of these people operating out of Manchester) and that they are sitting in a room using pay as you go mobiles in an effort to elicit sensitive information/ sell dodgy ad space in non-existent publications to people less suspecting than I was. You might hope that any police force worth its salt would use its extensive powers to look into this by getting the numbers then triangulating signals until they found the perpetrators' location. Then nick them, sending a powerful message to the con-artists (and others like them) that such criminal enterprises will be exposed and closed down, with convictions to follow. It would only take one example of this to show the bad guys that they can't rip people off with the total impunity they presently seem to enjoy. As it stands, they would probably have to scam Prince William before the cops took any notice…

  45. Hi
    I have been having phone calls from Jubilee & Wilson saying I agreed to advertise in there booklet [dont remember], there address is 137 Middleton Road, Manchester, 0161 6531333 has anyone heard of them?? they are now going to take me to court as I refuse to pay the bill, which has no vat number on [£240+ vat] I was told they have just vat registered and forgot to put number on.

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