Registered charities – Same Scam Script

This week I have had several reports from concerned visitors who have had calls from verifiable registered charities with proper charity registration numbers and website’s; that are cold calling but using the same “scam script”.

Usually supporting “disabled kiddies” and want you to pay for a “little mention” in their “booklet”.

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  1. can any one help me with a company called
    i care,
    who are now saying they will take me to court if i dont pay them £150 for an adverisment on a wallchart i have never seen or ask,or signed for?
    can they do this? help!

  2. Hi Suzy,

    I have not heard of that company.
    Does their phone calls, fit the theme of the complaints on this site?

    If you are certain it is a scam, ignore them it wont go to court.


  3. Just a ‘heads up’…. I think the folks with Corrie accents may be trying one or two new slants on our favourite scams. I’ve recently had calls along the lines of “We can get you registered on Google…”, and today’s little effort about an NHS magazine going into schools and hospitals. Be vigilant guys!!!

  4. Lord Dr Buck Rogers is the founder of Action Against Child Cruelty in Orphanages Worldwide.
    I am the CEO of the charity and also the board of Directors. Please respect this charity for the work it does worldwide and the people it reaches and helps.It is a registered charity and works across the world to help children and also works with other charities on an international basis.Regards, Julie Bottoms CEO Action Against Child Cruelty in Orphanages Worldwide.

  5. I am one of the Directors of Action Against Child Cruelty in Orphanages Worldwide and I would like to state we are not a bogus charity but work all over the world to help children.

  6. Hi just got phone call off an advertising company based in england which is strange as i live in ireland the asked would i be interested in advertising my business on some charity booklet based in ireland i said yes as i thought they were legit just wondering they cant actually make me pay for it as i know they recorded the conversation after they hung up i knew it was a scam i tried to ring them back got onto some( switch board operator )dont know if they XXXXED up ringing me with their number showing ? any help much appreciated

  7. just recieived a call from this company looking for payment for a drug awareness booklet.
    are they legit?
    anyone heard of them?

  8. I think I have fallen victim to a few of these scams this week. I took a call from a female who said that she was from Childs Trust. She was very convincing in telling me that I had agreed to advertise with them back in August, I was a bit wary however as I didn't remember agreeing to it. So I never paid. Today I recieved a call and this time it was a male, he said he was from the Crime prevention Campaign and that I spoke to his colegue yesterday. I do remember talking to someone from this crime Prevention a few months back and thought that I must have miss heard the female yesterday. Unfortunately I wasn't very bright in recognising the scam and did pay £169 for a supposed advert. But then later today I recieved another call from yet another croud saying that they are Crie Prevention and that I had agreed to place an ad with them and that the payment was now due. I havent paid them yet, but the mle on the phone, claimed it was being recorded and stressed that it was a verbal contract over the phone and that I was bound to that contract by agreeing. When I told him I had already paid today, he said that it wasn't them and that the other company must have jusmped on the band wagon. He said that they were River Park Media. They all used the same script. Has anyone heard of them? Are they Legitimate and do I still have to pay. Any advice on this would be great.

  9. What can you tell me about Imperial Prints Uk Ltd, Telephone no. 01612232788, 10 Willerby Road,
    Off Bury New road, M7 2YL?  They have invoiced me for £149.

  10. We are having a major problem with a company called River Media.  A young lady called end last year and said she was producing a disabled calender and we could advertise, this would be under no obligation to buy and it would be an advert for the business.  Later I received a phone call from a gentleman quickly going through the details.  Before I had chance to say the first caller said no obligation he had called off.  We have received several bills, threatening now to take usz to court if this is not paid.  I have never seen a proof of the said advert nor signed anything.  I have replied and they have recorded the conversation of the send call but when I have requested a recording of the first, under no obligation one, they have declined.  What do I do?  I beleive they are a scam.  has anypne else dealth with these cowboys?

  11. Having the same problem as Louise Neal with River Media. I had a call from them to say that we had booked an advert and can they send a proof to which I replied that they can (as I assumed a colleague had booked it). It arrived and nobody had booked it and we received a couple of invoices. I wrote to the company asking who had booked it and they sent me a voice recording that they made (without my consent) of the first telephone conversation I had with them, during which I don't agree to any advert being placed (I still have the e-mail with the recording attached). I have since received several other letters demanding payment, including a couple threatening court action. I have tried to call the number on the invoice but it is never answered, and I have sent several e-mails, all of which have been ignored. On researching the company, I found that a lot of other people have had the same issue with River Media. I have now reported them to Trading Standards.

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