Police Advertising Scam – Their NOT the police

Since I posted about the new Police impersonators : http://www.adscams.co.uk/scam-national-crime-prevention-booklet the other day, I have been inundated with comments and email’s from others who have received the calls.

I have had permission to post the following, which we received via email (we have removed some information by request of the author)

Hi there,
Firstly just a quick mention of the fact that this site is a fantastic idea which I will recommend to as many people as possible! Thanks to stumbling across it yesterday on a Google search for “police advertising scam” I have narrowly averted being taken in by these bunch of… well you get the idea.
I am a self employed driving instructor in the Gateshead area and I received a call yesterday from “the Police press office”, the contents of which was much the same as the last post to this page in February relating to Police Handbook. They offered me advertising in the ‘[name removed]’ publication and assured me I would be the only driving instructor in this particular area edition, which obviously sounded attractive. For a half page ad they quoted me £346 inc VAT for 12 months and I agreed but insisted on some further info by mail before making any payment.
Literally 5 minutes later I received a call from a company called [name removed] who confirmed my order and informed me I was entering into a verbal contract by agreeing etc. They also told me that if I cancelled outside of the 7 day period, that there would be a charge.
I then did some research (found adscams.co.uk) and contacted the Northumbria Police press office who told me the Police do not sell advertising in their publications and that no one from their office had phoned me. They also said that although they can not comment on the publications of other forces, there is no way another police force in the UK would be focusing on my area.
Today I called [name removed] and cancelled my order and after being put on hold for 3 minutes whilst the operator checked with her manager if that was “ok” she then said “Ok you won’t receive any further paperwork from us” and hung up.
Approx half an hour later I received another call from the supposed Police press office asking why I had cancelled my order, at this time I asked him to call me back an hour later and I would explain as it was inconvenient to talk at the time. No further call came, which is a shame as I was looking forward to asking him which Police force he was from and why they were covering my area.
These people need to be stopped! I thought impersonating the Police was a crime?! The real Police say they are aware of these scams but seem to have bigger fish to fry unless you have actually lost money.
I will keep you posted if I get any invoices etc.
Many thanks,
Note: I have removed the name of the company as it is the first time I have been given this compay’s name and I am passing it on to the police, Trading Standards and OFT.

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  1. I know these people (or Micheal) as they had my father scammed with his pub business. I just registered my new business and today he calls asking for advertising in the Police Press Office mag. I knew he the same p??t , told him not interested. He called on 07510775503. Beware from anyone that calls/emails. Research them (google search), otherwise it will just stress u out.

  2. I had a phone call today from crime&safety journal in london and yes they are a scam

  3. just had a call from them this morning with a nice bloke who said he didnt have time to give me his name but spent 15 mins telling me how wonderful he is by offering me a super deal in his police and crime provention book i then said yes im interested i have 1000 to spend on advertising (obvioulsy i dont and i knew it was as scam) he said for 1000 he can give me 5 full pages in this police book if i take it now i then informed him i need his directors name which he said he hasnt got a clue on, i then said my father is an inspector ill ask him to give you a call back he then said whooo whoo hold on im not for the police im from the cso's (community support officers) group i then said really ill pass this number on to my father the inspector and he can have a word about it , he said dont bother BOSS and hung up, ive called the number back and no answer im so sad i wanted this super deal lol .


  5. Here are two recordings I made of these scammers back in December 2011. I have two phone numbers for different local areas, Wigan and Warrington.
    Both calls came in within about 5 mins of each other. the first call he claims to be from 'Warrington community police office'. the second call he now works for 'Wigan community police office'.

  6. How come since March 2010 there has been done nothing at all about those summers?! The same number has been used over and over!
    I have recieved a phone call from someone (didn't bother to remember the name) offering great deal for an add in the local magazine, my business would be the only one of its kind advertised in it, same like most of the people writing here. Did tell them I'll contact them next week once I'll think through they offer. Ok, now I know I won't do that… I am happy I did find this website, shouldn't there be something done about those who call?

  7. I received a phone call last week saying i have an outsatinding invoice. I asked for them to send a copy which arrived today. On looking at it, i have no memory of confirming an advert in the 'EMERGENCY SERVICES ACTION AWARENESS PUBLICATION'. The company on the paperwork is PROSPERITY MEDIA SERVICES, RIVINGTON HOUSE, LONDON.
    Im glad i did a google search, They wont be getting a £ from me!

  8. Just got a call this morning – pretty much the same story as everyone else with the police drug awareness booklet advertising scam. Thankfully I'm wise to it as i've had people try this before, initially with a publication on drug awareness for schools. Apparently I had agreed to support their campaign in January 2011 but they'd got a bit behind on production hence they weren't contacting me for payment until June 2011 – I guess assuming i'd forgotten and would just sign off the invoice. I quizzed them a bit and they asked me for the name of a local school that I'd like the booklets sent to. I gave them a schoolname and they posted me a certificate with the name of the school on (spelt wrong) that looked like a 5 year old had made it, really poor. Then the calls started chasing for money – I tracked down the 'company' to a flat over an estate agents in Stockport. I reported them to Trading Standards who took down some details but nothing else happened. Eventually during one call chasing for money they finally got the message and stopped bothering me. It seems strange that they can keep on doing this. 

  9. I've just received a call from a guy claiming to be David Williams from the local police. This person called my company's number which was redirected to my mobile. I didn't initially realise it was a scam, and I told this person to email me at the official mail of my company with his request as I was quite busy.
    Later on I realised it might have been a scam and googled for it. If he writes me any letter or emails I'll report the fact to the real police.

  10. Just had someone on the phone from liverpool claiming to be from the 'Police Force Publishers ' thanking me for my continued support. As soon as he knew I understood the scam he hung up. Calling from an anonymous number this time. 

  11. Unfortunatley, i must be the last dog standing, i have been suckered in big time, Scousers again, sweet talking lady, smooth talking man, lots of telephone calls.  I wish i had found this site before, i have sent payments, now i have the Advertising protection Agency telling me they can help? Has anyone heard of them? Can they realy help me!
    Please help i am realy fed up with these people..14/06/2012

  12. Think i've just had this call.  As most posts mention the guy is very friendly and sounds like a great deal.  Being the only company in the "Police Community" magazine which will be distrubted to schools etc.
    The only thing is he didn't sound that profesional and introduced himself as a police community officer and then when quizzed again it was he actually worked for a publication company.
    I also quizzed them on previous editions but convenitally this was going to be the first issue and would be run every 3 months and for £150 i could get the smallest ad in there for a year.  Bargin!!!!
    Someone was meant to call back but i was in a meeting and have about 5 missed calls which raised even more alarms bells as they never left a voice mail.  Thanks to this site, googling police community magazine the scam was top of the list. 
    Still waiting for their call back and to recieve some stuff in the post.

  13. Same here! Called today about police community magazine initially from 07903056435 and then from 01244348014,
    Told them that i will not sign and pay anything unless see all the paperwork and agreements.
    Good to put them on hold for 10-15 minutes just to stop them calling someone elese.
    Bastards !

  14. Hi.  Got a call yesterday from a mobile number 07586304276, saying they were from crime prevention and they were not calling in an official capacity, but to offer advertising in crime prevention initiative magazine and that I was the only business of my type to advertise with a readership of 10,000.  I asked which areas their magazine covered and they said all over.  They got my details from a recent advert in a waterways magazine, but it hasn't run for 6 months in that mag. Sounded convincing, and good readership figures I thought. They had 1/4 page (295) or 1/8 page advert space, for 195+vat. They offered to produce the ad from artwork on my website, so said I might be interested. Five mins later got a call from a witheld number, saying he was from c somethiong press and that this call was being recorded and to confirm my ad.  I said it was subject to my approval when I get to see it, but said I could make adjustments as necessary, and I would not be billed for 28 days. So gave my address.  I then slept on it and felt something was not right, as advertising companies don't normally call from mobiles, and companies notmally have caller ID of the head office.  So I phoned the mobile number back, he asked for my details, then said the artwork was going out today. I asked for his company details [platinum press uk ltd] but he seemed finding the website, but came back with [www.platinumpressuk.co.uk]. 
    I had a look over the site, which seems genuine, then started searching for scams with 'crime prevention initiative' and found this website!  Thank you, thankyou. Called back the mobile number and said I wiull not be going ahead. He asked why and I said I had spoke to some people and they advised me not to go ahead. He didn't try to argue, just said ok, no problem. I'll wait and see if they contact me again threatening anything.

  15. I get these idiots calling all of the time. Today's joker was Dave Bennett (sounded too old to be a telesales person) claiming to be from "Publishing for the Police" he used the presumptive sale tactic on me, simply ringing to take a verbal booking for an advert I apparently had 2 years ago at the reduced price of £95, lucky ole me! a discount without even asking for one. I asked him to repeat the full name of the company, his full name & finally a contact number, at this point he hung up, number withheld. 
    I sold advertising for 12 years both as a field sale rep & telesales so I know how these people work. 
    Always ask them to sent you a voucher copy, a list of the distribution figures & a rate card. These two references alone will suggest that you know a little bit about advertising. Obviously ask for full contact details of the company. Any scammer will hang up at this point or push for a sale telling you that todays the deadline for the advert & they have no time to mail one to you. 
    Any legitimate company will gladly send you a voucher copy (a back issue) 

  16. Hi, We're being tormented by 'Assured Publications' for an entry in the so called child protection booklet.
     Be warned, they tape the call then threaten to use it as evidence of the order.

  17. I am so grateful for this website.  I was called last week by a Grant Wilson regarding advertising in Emergency Services Magazine.  I said I'd have to think about it and he said he'd call back.  Today I said I was potentially interested but would have to think about it some more and I'd confirm either way in a couple of hours but as the conversation progressed I got suspicious.  Today's phone call was from Grant Williams (different name I realised) and the magazine was now called Emergency Response Magazine (different magazine but same voice).  My suspicions were confirmed once I'd read this website.  I called back and told him I wasn't interested.  I also emailed to say I wasn't interested.  I have since reported him to the Police, Trading Standards and shortly to OFT. His number is 07811071594 and the email is:  emergencyresponsemagazine@hotmail.co.uk.  Buyer beware.

  18. Emergency Services Journal – supporting the Government's 'Change for Life' campaign – is the latest scam as of this morning – a Mr Clive Morris
    Don't be taken in!

  19. I have a small massage business in Gateshead Tyne and Wear.  This afternoon I received a call from ' The Police'  starting off by telling e not to worry I had done nothing wrong.  They then proceeded to thank me for supporting  the crime prevention/ community support initiative last year and they wanted to send me some statistics showing what had been achieved.  They then wanted me to continue my support….  When the sweet talking guy mentioned a price that was it…I dont pay for sdvertising – simple as!      Hence going a Google search tonight and finding this site..  Thanks  Guys…you have confirmed  what I already suspected!  It looks as if Gateshead is a targetted location…  David

  20. It appears that this scam is continuing. I am a clinical hypnotherapist in Cornwall and yesterday received a voicemail message on my mobile from someone claiming to be from the press team for the Police, Fire & Ambulance Service. He gave his name as 'Clive Morris'. He explained that they were putting together a journal for the Devon and Cornwall emergency services staff to be released on September 1st. They were working in conjunction with the 'Change for Life' campaign which was a government initiative and were incorporating a 'Health & Wellbeing' section with one of each different type of therapy service for each area and were looking to add hypnotherapy to the list.
    This all sounded reasonable being a list of a range of different health services and practitioners that the men and women of the emergency services could refer to in a given region. Being the only one listed for my area seemed a rather attractive opportunity.
    He left his number should I be interested or want further information however, there was a glitch on the voicemail when it came to his phone number and the last couple of digits dropped out as he said them. All I got was the mobile number; 07786 932 0.. I was kicking myself as out of a fairly lengthy voicemail message this last crucial bit was the only part that was unclear. Feeling a little frustrated and wanting to look into this promising opportunity further, I then started searching on the internet to try to locate this department and contact them for more information…that was when I found this website!
    There were a number of common hallmarks to what other people have described here. 1.) This guy had a Liverpool accent, 2.) he said he was from the "press team", 3.) the police, fire & ambulance services were mentioned, 4.) it was a journal, 5.) he mentioned advertising, 6.) it would run for a year, 7.) my service would be the only one of its kind listed for my area and 8.) the 'Change for Life' government initiative seemed to me to have a similar flavour to the mention of charity I've read here.
    I'm disgusted by the fact that after reading through some of the numerous comments posted here starting in April 2010 these scammers are still at it. I've no doubt that this is proving to be very lucrative for them at the expense of decent people. I'm even more amazed that it appears that the police haven't seemed to be overly interested and that 'Trading Standards' have advised to simply ignore them! What kind of standard is this? In my view everyone that has either been contacted by or dealt with them should report it to the police. This is a crime and goodness knows how many people have lost money and will continue to do so.
    I now consider what was initially the frustrating loss of just a couple of digits of a phone number on a lengthy voicemail message to perhaps be divine providence! I certainly don't see it as coincidence. Thank you!
    ***PLEASE READ***
    If we all act as one and each post a crime reference number on this site. The more crime reference numbers there are, the more we can give to the police so they can be linked together and stop these criminals.

  21. I’ve had a call today about retired police asking me to advitise in there magazine the cost for the year is called£220 they are sending me information and designs i have phone numbers and a email address would you be able to check them out before i pay


    lee Williams

  22. Similar call today from 'Tony' representing new Emergency Services Mag – I'd be the only one in my category etc for £199 12 months. Sounded OK and I (foolishly) said so – must say I was caught on the hop whilst doing other stuff!. Said they would build an ad around my web page and forward for approval by email and pay in October. Called later from a female @ 'Sigma' who confimed foregoing – tel no was 02034762594. I will try calling Monday and cancel. Failing that Trading Standards

  23. Further to above – original call from 01695575324 'Suffolk Police Initiatve'. As someone stated above re call recording and possible subsequent editing – fortunately a have an auto-record app on my phone which works!

  24. I received a call from a 'Marcus harper' on Wednesday, caliming to be calling from the Police. He told me about the community magazine he was working on and how the Government had made £18000 available to subsidise the advertising of 10 new start up companies in the area.  He went on to say only one from each sector, in our case estate agency, would be allowed so it was a first come first served basis. He quoted £345 for a ful page, A4 glossy advert. He seemed very friendly, and I have to say I was very tempted.
    That is until a scond call came in from his 'colleague' about 10 minutes later. He rang and warned me the conversation was being recorded, and then went onto say that I could not cancel my order. I told him that I had not placed an order and wanted to see more details first before deciding. He ended the call quite quickly.
    I was beginning to realise that it was not a coincidence that his call came a day after our company launched with it's first half page ad in the local press.
    After discussing the conversations within my workplace, one of my co-workers told me that the same company had tried it on with his new start-up. They had threatened him numerous times with debt collectors but eventually went quiet after several months of ignoring them.
    I looked on the internet and there are plenty of sites warning of this scam. I looked at the details of the Ltd Company and the director, a Lee John Harris is also the director of 3 other companies associated with similar scams.
    I emailed the company (epress.org.uk) when I got home, and re-iterated that I had not placed an order, and was aware it was a scam. That however did not prevent them from sending out an invoice, which I received this morning. To cap it all they had added VAT, but there is no VAT registration number on the invoice – how much neck do they have!
    I made a formal complaint with the police this morning, andf they are well aware of this scam. I have also contacted Trading Standards and will be ringing the VAT office on Monday when they are open.
    The details on the invoice relate to address of Rodney Chambers, 40 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9AA and the phone number is 0845 862 0633. 
    Beware everyone.

  25. These scams are easy to avoid  – just ask for the phone number they are calling from and they hang up quicker than greased lightning.

  26. I to have fallen fowl of the scammers. Phone calls from a crimes prevention advert and supporting children with cancer. Which I thought seemed like a good way to advertise and a desent thing to donate all the money to the charity. Unfortunately I have paid for a small advert at a discounted cost but I have not recieved any copy of the magazine I was told would arrive. Do not fall for there sweet talking lies!! 
    What I have come to realise is that any service on a large scale would probably not be calling from a mobile, they would have a proffessional email and website all including the company name and that you would not be hounded with phone calls. At least I now know that if I require advertising I shall persuit it myself and not from a random phoncall.

  27. Hi,
    I have just had a call from the Crime Prevention Press Office*(not really them of course) Trying to sell me space in there upcoming publication…. saw through this as I was nearlly taken in a few years ago with the same story… Made the guy on the phone very flusterd by saying I have a highly expensive phone tracking system that tracked blocked number and elerted the local police to the whereabouts of the caller…… he hung up !!!!
    Be vigilant out there !

  28. Looks like they're still at it ,as I've just had carbon copies of many of the above phone calls and emails.  This lot were also based in Liverpool and sent me a copy of the supposed advertisement, which I certainly would have never written or approved as it had out-of-date errors in it with phrases I would never use.

  29. Prosperity Media service have been sending my Company invoices since April 2012 & today another arrived claiming County Court Summons if not paid within 28 days  (the second some 2 months later!). 
    They claim we placed an order for an advert in a publication to raise awareness for the Emergency Services, which we did not.
    I did approach Trading standards, who didn't seem very concerned that this was a scam & offered little advice.
    It seems very wrong that people can freely scam money from anyone.

  30. Congratulations on this initiative. However (sorry to be pernickety), your message might be taken more seriously if you corrected the grammar in the title to "They're NOT the police". 

  31. Hello there! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my
    comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having
    problems finding one? Thanks a lot!

  32. Hi we have been contacted by a similar company if not the ones mentioned above with regards to the Police Diary. Started off the call with Thanking us for last years contribution and checking with us that the same copy was ok to run again.
    Go by the name of Publishers for the Police and also Keyside Publications.
    Had the first guy ring up and I said I would have to check with the Director as I hadn't worked with this publication personally. He said oh don't worry a collegue will call to get all details and payment from you. Before I had a chance to say anymore he thanked me and hung up.
    Within 5 minutes I had another call from his colleague and he said oh I'm just ringing to take payment. I told him that I hadn't seen any copy or last years advert and whether he could email me the details.
    He repeated that all copy would be sent out and any changes could be made up until deadline in November. I again asked for some copy. He said he would send it out and left it there.
    The next day I had exactly the same call, the first chap was chatting to me as if we hadn't spoken before and suddenly the price of the so called advert had gone down. Again he ended the call and his colleague called back. I told him he had obviously made a mistake and I was waiting on the copy, he apologised and said that it was on its way.
    Then the following week they called again, asking if I had made a decision, I replied with no because I haven't seen any copy, i also couldn't find any accounts to say we had taken out an ad before.
    Tried to tell me again that it was only a payment and confirmation now and copy would be distributed later. I told him i wasn't in any position to confirm without seeing something first and then he hung up on me!
    We as a company have a few different names, so i'm hoping they call back again on a different line. They definately rang through with 2 different company names but i have reported them to ActionFraud with what info i had.
    Every number was witheld. Really picked the wrong company to scam!

  33. Another scam to beware of is the database removal servcie who will call to say they can take your name off the lists so you will not be called again. They then arrange for a courier to pick up any publications you have and ring back to charge you for the pleasure. (£99.00)
    I have just had a huge row with them and canceled the courier, they use the publications to get more leads and sell the details on.  They also is no database that these printers use the best bet is the the TPS and hope that they fine them eventually.

  34. Have received calls from Alan Jarvis (scouse accent), the accounts manager at the emergency services press office. Apparently, I agreed to a 1/2 page advertisement at £495. says they record all phone calls. I also said i've received numerous phone calls from different advertising companies, in which we have actually advertised with which are genuine, he sympathised with me and then said "well as a good will gesture, I am willing to put it down to £350, then put it down further to £295 INCLUDING VAT… plus a further 10% off. I then said i would pay for it, and put me through to someone called Mark Andrews in the confirmation department. In the end i asked him if there is a website for the company or an email address, and asked to find out why i have not received any formal invoices or correspondence. Apparently I agreed the artwork by email too… no such emails have been made by myself or anyone else. Will report to trading standards. 

  35. Just had a call from somone asking us as a local business to support a "Anti Gun Crime Campaign". Had this call before so told him where to get off. Do not give your name or email adresses out to these crooks and make sure everyone knows about it. If you have a Twitter account, make sure you tweet it and let's stop them.

  36. They have been doing the same. I fell for it first time and paid 185 + vat. Thinking its helping the community and the police. They told me it was for 12 months. It was for only one month. Then keep calling back from different numbers calling up as different charity groups. The guy who calls me is Phil 07432692296. Police do not call like this. Then he calls me today and tells me I am put down for the november issue. I told him I never agreed to this. BEWARE THESE GUYS ARE A BIG SCAM. I am going to call the police and inform them.

  37. Yeah I got caught too, but be aware they are now targetting Derbyshire on latest numbner 01512031294
    Original company posing as Universal Media who do all the "Graphic work" even though doing nothing apart from responding to any comments you have. Next lot call you up and ask if you're happy with the copy and that their boss will call back in a minute to verify everything is okay. It is this next call they record and say very vague things about "Happy with the copy", okay to pay "as agreed". It is this voice message they use and then crop and copy from the original recordings to say you're happy with the artwork etc. Then they will send you an invoice from Assured Graphics. By the way they have a couple of webpages out there for their so called charity and for their so called pamphplet but — really —- have a look, if that's what you're paying for then you'd be entiled to your money back on trading standards grounds anyway.
    If you're not happy with this invoice (obviously as this is the one you've not agreed to) they will then send you a copy of the cropped recording to make it sound like you previously agreed to the lot. They also make sure that the porevious call they do not record contains all the reasons why you do want top do this, e.g. the links to the Police and the fundraising events directly for your local community and also say the local Police Community Officer etc. 
    Sending all this to Trading Standards and making Derbyshire Police aware of this scam, so waiting for the next call, wish me luck

  38. Had a call on 15 November from Platinum Press to put an ad in a Crime Prevention Initiatives magazine.  Started out as a discount for a half page ad from £850 to £250.  Wasn't feeling well that day so can't really remember all the call but got a second call with a "better offer" of £200 + vat and when I put the phone down I felt I had been had – just didn't feel right.
    Decided not to pay for the advert – which I still haven't seen printed.  Spoken to friends who are Police Officers and they've never heard of the magazine.  I have tried Action Fraud and Trading Standards.  How do we get these people off our backs??
    I get called  a couple of times a day but I don't answer the calls.  They've sent me Final Notice and this morning a Notice of Intent.
    Next step is to call Police in Liverpool??

  39. I have been called by them on 28th March 2013. 

    They said they were from a sole publisher for Police Commuity Clubs. They offered a yearly ad in an A4 gloss magazine sent to 20 000 businesses in Cardiff area. costs were :

    £295 for full page

    £195 for half

    £145 for quarter

    and £95 for 1/8th page.

    They said I could have half page for the cost of qarter and I would be the only florist advertised.

    Then someone else called me to confirm, I did, got an invoice for £145 and bank account details with a note saying if I paid withing 24h I'd get additional 10% off. I googled them and found it to be a scam, I also called my local Police Station and was told they never heard about Police Community Clubs. I then sent them an email saying I knew what they were doing, called them thieves and stressed any contract they might believe I had with them was thereby voided. They emailed back with links to Police Community Clubs and a silly response saying that I wouldn't stop paying my bank charges after the PPI scandal or power supplier knowing they inflate prices, therefore a bad press about their company doesn't mean I don't have to pay them and threatned me with county court. I received a phonecall today (03/04/13) and was told I'd be taken to court for calling them thieves and a simple PC at a station wouldn't know anything as it was a decision making higher up in the Police hierarchy. I said Even if they aren't scammers I do not feel safe dealing with them and would not pay anything. The guy said he'd speak to the directors and take it with them. We'll se what the directors come up with :)

    Sounded quite serious, and I started to doubt my judgment, but after reading above posts I'm glad I didn't let them bully me. Thanks for that

  40. I was called very recently by Global Media Corporation Ltd, Maple House, 3 Cleveland Street, Wirral CH41 6ND and they told me they were calling from the police. They clearly are not the police and are trying to bully me into paying them over £200 for an advert which doesnt go anywhere. Can anyone help?

  41. I have been called by Community Initiatives Associates Magazine House Egerton Mill 25 Egerton Street Chester CH1 3ND with the same thing, pretending to be the police and being really abusive when they dont get payment. This is a scam. Just dont pay them anything!!!  If you want to do anything report them to action fraud on 0300 123 2040.



  42. This scam is still going on in various forms as we had yet another call today for "an order placed" which hadn't in fact happened.  Different publications quoted each time but always the same formula.  Unfortunately my boss was taken in previously so I think we are going to be targeted regularly.  We are going to tell them we are recording the phone calls and keep them as evidence.  This will hopefully dissuade them from calling any more.

  43. I have been caught twice by them, one for £165 and one for £195. The third time they claimed to be a different printing firm however put the name of one of the first one on the third one. It was then I told them to get lost. I told them they have been rumbled and he (Liverpool accent) kept saying "I will look into it, I will look into it." He couldnt get off the phone quick enough.

    I have on the invoice his sort code and account number and will be passing everything onto the police and trading standards.


    The printing firms they claim to be are:

    Proactive Media, Creative Designs, Assured, Universal publishing.

    Please be careful

  44. vardis/vision publications are notorious and also police crime awarnessness campaign. they will hassle you to the end, i find telling them to do one with a few effs and blinds and dont let them get a word in edgeways, when they least expect it, should do it. i havent fallen for any yet but nearly did with vardis/vision, note their vat registration is another companies, and im now on a suckers list. at least one call a month with a scam!!!! only been in business 4 months and i havent even fallen for any yet but im now on this list. while on the subject watch out for a text saying you got a parcel waiting with a ref, they will want £80 quid for £2k worth of tobbacco for delivery but obviously you will never get it, luckily im a bit wiser now and didnt fall for that one!!!

  45. Similarly to others on this board we've received two suspected scam invoices and a notice before court letter from Prosperity Media Services Ltd claiming we've purchased advertisement space for £249.50. Our company didn’t purchase this so we’ve written back and said we cannot accept invoices without a PO number.


    Hopefully this should deter them.

  46. They're now targetting businesses in Bucks., as I just got a call. As soon as they told me they'd be sending me an invoice, the call cut off just as I was saying I had not authorised any payment. Once (and if) I receive an  invoice, it will be going straight to TS too. I'm also informing my local Chamber of Commerce.

  47. I got a similar phone call last week after registering with http://www.freeindex.co.uk. A guy from the Police Press Office offering me exclusive advertising space in their quarterly publication. I was caught offguard with the call whilst collecting my son from school and blindly agreed to a quarter page advert. I have since emailed them back saying I would like to cancel and made sure they sent me an email confirming the cancellation. So far, I haven't parted with my money and glad I found out about them sooner than later! Thanks to this website! Let's hope that will be the last time I hear from them, otherwise I'm contacting Trading Standards!

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