Police Advertising Scam – Their NOT the police

Since I posted about the new Police impersonators : http://www.adscams.co.uk/scam-national-crime-prevention-booklet the other day, I have been inundated with comments and email’s from others who have received the calls.

I have had permission to post the following, which we received via email (we have removed some information by request of the author)

Hi there,
Firstly just a quick mention of the fact that this site is a fantastic idea which I will recommend to as many people as possible! Thanks to stumbling across it yesterday on a Google search for “police advertising scam” I have narrowly averted being taken in by these bunch of… well you get the idea.
I am a self employed driving instructor in the Gateshead area and I received a call yesterday from “the Police press office”, the contents of which was much the same as the last post to this page in February relating to Police Handbook. They offered me advertising in the ‘[name removed]’ publication and assured me I would be the only driving instructor in this particular area edition, which obviously sounded attractive. For a half page ad they quoted me £346 inc VAT for 12 months and I agreed but insisted on some further info by mail before making any payment.
Literally 5 minutes later I received a call from a company called [name removed] who confirmed my order and informed me I was entering into a verbal contract by agreeing etc. They also told me that if I cancelled outside of the 7 day period, that there would be a charge.
I then did some research (found adscams.co.uk) and contacted the Northumbria Police press office who told me the Police do not sell advertising in their publications and that no one from their office had phoned me. They also said that although they can not comment on the publications of other forces, there is no way another police force in the UK would be focusing on my area.
Today I called [name removed] and cancelled my order and after being put on hold for 3 minutes whilst the operator checked with her manager if that was “ok” she then said “Ok you won’t receive any further paperwork from us” and hung up.
Approx half an hour later I received another call from the supposed Police press office asking why I had cancelled my order, at this time I asked him to call me back an hour later and I would explain as it was inconvenient to talk at the time. No further call came, which is a shame as I was looking forward to asking him which Police force he was from and why they were covering my area.
These people need to be stopped! I thought impersonating the Police was a crime?! The real Police say they are aware of these scams but seem to have bigger fish to fry unless you have actually lost money.
I will keep you posted if I get any invoices etc.
Many thanks,
Note: I have removed the name of the company as it is the first time I have been given this compay’s name and I am passing it on to the police, Trading Standards and OFT.

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  1. They’re still at it – 08/07/2011 Police Awareness Initiative – but it’s so obviously a scam from the second the guys starts talking. If you’ve just added your business to a legit web directory or free listing, expect a call :) (it’s easy for guys like these to be automatically alerted when new listings appear in bona fide sites).

    Accent somewhere between Manchester and Liverpool – number call was made from was 07717 000619 – so looks like they’re using ‘burners’ (ie sims you can then ditch).

    He could tell I knew he was a scam so didn’t even try very hard :)

  2. just had the same scammers in leicestershire, i told them i had reported them to the police and trading standards,told me i had to withdraw the allegations and say i was mistaken, then sent me a voice recording, which has obviously been tampered with,to prove i had ordered the advertising, still demanding money threatning bailiffs and court action,

  3. I am the commercial manager for the leading policing magazine and we get one or two calls per month from companies who have been contacted by these scammers. The companies then google for ‘police magazines’ and contact us assuming we contacted them.

    This is obviously not good for our business so I would like to give everyone teh following tips as we don’t won’t the scammers to prevail and damage our business and yours!

    1. The scammers are usually vague about where they are calling from usually using key words to suggest well known publications – any credible publication will tell you exactly which company and which publication they are from.
    2. Ask for and note their telephone number and email address – scammers will not be willing to do this whereas credible business’s want you to contact them
    3. Ask for their website address and then view it – all credible publishers/magazine
    4. If they claim that you have advertised with them ask them to send you copy of the advert you placed
    5. If they are scammers, you will probably fail to get this information but it is worth try so you can hand the information over to the authorities
    6. Please don’t contact random police magazines assuming they called – becuase we didn’t!!



  4. Current magazine for scouse scammers to fill advertising space in is the ` Crime and Safety' Journal under the company Municipal press office. Funny how I registered with yell.com and freeindex on the very same day!

  5. just had a call from a scouse chap from 07432738965 trying to sell advertising space in a magazine aimed at 'getting kids of the streets' and 'stopping' antisocial behaviour through activity groups. Luckily heard of this type of scam before…so a quick and polite no thanks….

  6. Seems they are still at it and getting better.  My Wife had a call from a charming fella from Liverpool thanking her for her previous support and saying he wanted to check the address to send a 'certificate' to.  She gave over the details and withing half an hour received another call asking if she is a Director 'yes' are you able to place orders 'yes' and that was it.  Today i received a letter with artwork that needed to be verified so i asked my Wife what it was for and she didnt know so i called the company and told them i have no interest in advertising in Blueline magazine and to letthem know that i am the only person who can order anything.  The emailed me a WAV file (rather dodgy sounding) of their conversation with my Wife although they didnt send the one of the call previous to it.  I emailed back telling them it wasnt an official order and, in order to be sure, i tried to fax them their invoice and artwork with the words CANCELLED written through it.  Guess what, the fax number is dodgy.  I have just spoken to a friend in the Police force who wishes to take a look at the paperwork i was sent and has advised me to email Blueline magazine scanned images.  One thing i have learned in business is never trust a friendly scouse accent.

  7. Had a call from a man with a Liverpool accent today saying I could have quarter page advert for the price of an eight page on the Police Initiative magazine. Thinking about how the police might be trying to better their image after bad press following the riots, I thought it might be a good idea. He said I would get a follow on call from the publishers, I did and then this guy said to me thanks for ageeing to advertise in the Crime and Safety journal and alarm bells rang. I played along then and waited for an invoice via email arrived for £295+vat. I then rang Herts police and lo and behold they confirmed it as a scam and asked me to report it as a crime. However because I hadn't paid out any money they said they wouldn't follow it up. I replied to their email saying I had been informed it was a scam and they replied denying it was. However they did say other companies were doing this. I finally replied if you want me to buy an advert you have been proved scammers and not to contact me again. Herts police did say however to forward an email adresses and mobile numbers. But they like other forces didn't seem to be worried about the illegal use of the police name. I have also informed the local business association and copied in my MP. With him in the know and a promoter of small business someting may finally be done about the scammers.

  8. Just had a call from a man with a Liverpool accent. Said he was calling from the Police and wanted to know if I was interested in advertising my business in there magazine. My daughter typed in the mobile number that he rung on into Google (his number calling from is 07432738965) and this website come up, with one person being called on the same number. I therefore knew this was a total scam so I asked him for his police number and full name. He gave me his 'name' being John Davis and gave me a website policecommunity.clubs.org but didn't give me any additional info. I told him I was aware he was a scammer and that I would report him to the Police and put the phone down. I have had a further call from the number of which I haven't answered. I also spoke to my local Police station and they told me that they did not call me so its a scam. Anyone reading this please be aware do not fall for this it is a total scam.

  9. As Adam on the 8th August says The Municipal Press Office have been pestering me and even sent an so called draft of the add through they have obviously compiled on a PC using cheap software from my website. Herts police have now said they are sending a detective to look into this and to see the letters/invoices demanding the payment for the advert.
    Told the girl from MPO that rang me to get a proper job and to stop pestering small companies and gave her an earful. I bet they don't get the message.

  10. Has anyone had dealaings with Impact Print Ltd Of Manchester, 0161 925 8742.  Offering an insert in a "Crime Prevention Publication"  I tried to get onto their website but apparently it is "under construction"

  11. Thinking about it, i might start a scam pretending to be the Queen collecting unpaid postage stamps! Clearly no-one with the authority cares about these sorts of criminals. However gentle speeders and double line parkers will be prosecuted and sent to prision!!

  12. I've just had a call from The Emegrency Services Press Office to sell advertising space on a wall planner to be issued to 82,000 service members!! Didn't give him chance to get into any detail as I told him I wasn't interested, he just put the phone down. For the record he called from 07902452464 which I tried to call back (using my caller ID withheld) and the call just got cutoff.

  13. Got a call yesterday, claiming to be a local initiative officer for Leicestershire please.  Started conversation with how they were trying to stamp down on Rogue Traders and Cowboys and they knew we were not on this list as we were in the NICF (National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers), then went on to say they were putting together a staff handbook.  I quickly pointed out that we had tried these kinds of things before and were not interested.  Caller hung up.  This made me suspicious as usually these pushy advertising types try to talk you out of your objections.   So I have complained to Leicestershire police, but as I didn't have a name, company (why do they always mumble this quickly) or phone no I don't think they can do anything.  However I would hate for anyone else in Leicestershire or the NICF to be caught out by this.

  14. I've just had a voice mail message left from a Simon Bell 077650 50337 from the Emergency Services Press Office, after putting it in google this site came up.  Don't think I'll be giving him a ring back then!!

  15. Has anyone ever had any dealings with Municipal Press Office, 152 City Rd, London – I think it's a similar scam but obviously want to be sure – I don't want to be taken to court. Same senario, they have a taped conversation, terms and conditions, everything but it doesn't ring true.

  16. Thanks for publishing the warning, these guys contacted me this morning. I was a little suspicious of the way they wanted to do business so I did a search on the internet and came up with your link. If it hadn't been for you guys I may have got stung.
    I have since reported this to consumer advice.
    Thanks again!!!

  17. Just had the usual friendly chap on the phone, looking for the MD or someone who can talk to him. "Here we go again" would sum it up well….

  18. Hi All,
    Just been dealing with this particular issue from a company called knightsbridge media telling our company that we agreed to an advert in the emergency service public safety magazine!! needless to say when you try to examine the credibility of the magazine or the publishers on the internet you are unable to!! they invoiced me for £395.00 + vat.
    Further to this we had another company  invoice us the month before for our ad in the EMERGENCY SERVICES AWARENESS MAGAZINE @ a cost of £249.50 no vat applied?. I replied asking them for proof of this magazine and needless to say I have heard nothing!! This Company is called Prosperity Media Services Eastern Street EC2 PLEASE BEWARE OF THESE COMPANIES!!!

  19. hi i almost fell fir the same thing 
    A man rang me with the same story as you are all saying i just got a funny feeling when trying to pay by BACS i then went to trading standards which said they had noted all i said but gave me a site to go to called http://www.trustonline.org.uk when i entered the postcode it kept telling me it was incorrect i've decided not to pay as this has made me suspisious.
    I then saw this website and now am glad i never departed with £594.00 .
    Please be aware of these people and look into all who claim to be of help reguarding these crime Prevention Booklets

  20. We was contacted in August by Municipal Press office… a liverpool accent asking if we wanted to place a £400+ advert in there crim magazine we said we was busy they asked us if they could email us some info so y husband said to be polite ok, They asked for the email address and we heard nothing else again till yesterday we recived a email saying pay up in 7 days or we are taking you to court. We phoned them today and they said we made a verbal contract .. rubbish my husband said send me the transcripts.. they emailed us a voice recording my husband basically entering into a verbal contract there is a mans voice telling my husband the legalities and my husband replies yes yes yes yes after every thing .. 
    This call never happened that call has been edited and they are demanding money from us They have only needed a few sound bites the edit that a simple yes and him seeming giving the email address for them to email the approval and bang they have everything t edit what they created…. we will not pay i'll see them in court before they get a penny out of me i have consulted trading standards and a lawyer my lawyer is going to contact them she mentioned the seruous fraud office… 

  21. I have been hounded by a company called platinum press, I stupidity paid £100 a couple of moths ago just to shut them up, but now they claim I agreed to go for 4 publications and I need to pay again. I said no way, and he said I would have to pay just for two publications then.

    Thankfully I have read this thread (and a few others) and they wont be getting a penny, any letters I receive I shall keep as evidence.
    I have reported it to these guys http://www.actionfraud.org.uk

  22. We're based in London and EVERY year we get a call from a guy, and it goes a little like this:-
    "Hello, can I speak with a director?", when asked who's calling, always the same response "it's a police matter". The first time I took this call 5 years ago I passed the call along to my manager. He clocked it straight away and told them he wasn't interested in "supporting" by way of advertising in the Met Police Mag (whatever it's called). Now yearly I get the same call, I usually get a bit receptionist gatekeeperish and that puts heed to the conversation. Earlier this year he tried a new tactic, wanted to speak with one of our directors to thank them for our support last year. Problem is the name of the director in question, who's name he had obviously got from our website doesn't actually work out of this office. I told him in no uncertain terms we hadn't advertised with them, he sort of coughed, spluttered a bit and I'm sure made a mention of some certificate too. Yeah he was off the phone pretty quickly!
    Interestingly they called yesterday, this time speaking with our CEO, (I was out of the office), who not realising I have this call often and just send them off with a flea in their ear, got very angry that the police ring companies, almost menacingly requesting our "support". He then in turn made a few calls to the local police, who frankly couldn't have cared less if they tried. 
    I personally can not wait for this joker to call again, as I have been given permission to be as rude as I like to him. Thinking, I'm really going to waste this jokers time, play with him a little and finally ask if he might think that making a pound is easier if you just find a legitimate job.  
    Best way to deal with these guys I find is, sorry, but be a bit snotty, cold and not given them an inch. Take on an air of arrogance and they soon b****r off.

  23. My girlfriend, who has recently started a business and has a new website, got a call last month from a man saying "hello, it's the police, haha only kidding, but i do work for a police magazine… blah blah blah". More of the same from the above posts, verbal agreement (straight away?!! yeah right) , no backing out, quick ditch sim card numbers etc. She was told to expect a call to arrange it, they called within 2 minutes I believe! Very efficient.. Anyway, my lady said she'd think about it, we spoke about it and I instantly smelled scam, so contacted them the next day and said no. They have now sent an invoice for £234.94, also containing a picture of what the ad looks like, including my girlfriends home address, like she really would want that on the ad for all to see?! Needless to say, they will be ignored and spurned until they call no more. It would be laughable if not for the fact these scams cause a lot of harm and distress to good decent honest folk.

  24. I'Simon Bell' called me from 'Voluntary Services Publications Office' from a mobile 07765 050337 at the end of September. He said he was from the Police, then said don't worry you're not in trouble and then said he had been retired from the Police for 9 years. He caught me unawares, naturally, and I was initially taken in. He rang back the next day, blasted me with facts and figures – this Crime and Safety Journal was to go out to 55,000 individuals in fire stations, police stations and hospitals, the prices (similar to those quoted above), I said I'd like to see a copy of this mag and he said I'd see one when my advert was printed in it. He said he'd be passing my number on to The Municipal Press Office. I was surprised when the MPO called me within about 5-10 minutes of the last call (especially as it was around 5.30 too…) He said my call was being recorded and that once I'd said yes to the advert I could not cancel (because they had allotted that advertising space to me and that prevented anyone else having it). Looking back now, it seems so ridiculous but it did seem plausible at the time.
    I had my suspicions and popped into my local police station the following morning and they had not heard of the publication and recommended that I contact Trading Standards, which I did. I sent an e-mail off to an e-mail address I found on their website (their website, by the was, was rubbish!) saying I did not wish to advertise with them. I got a phonecall from a girl from MPO about 4 or 5 days later and told her the same thing too. She said something like 'oh, I'll look into that'.
    Yesterday I just received an invoice – 2 separate letters in fact – with OVERDUE INVOICE in red and a mock-up of the advert they'd created – without my permission, of course, just lifting things from my website.
    It's really left me feeling uneasy and I'm going to spread the word far and wide to all friends, family and colleagues by all mediums – especially online – so that they don't make the same mistake

  25. Had a call yesterday from the same guys. Claiming advertising in some police and nhs magazine that would reach 100,000 people. First the guy said its 120+VAT then called again and sad its £150+ VAT. He said they wont be expecting the payment till March next year (how convenient).At first i was thinking what a great deal but then an alarm bell went off in my head and i asked for an email. Which he sent from some crappy email address allsales5@authorisedw.f9.co.uk. i then knew it was a scam and i called him back and said so. He just hang up. The guy was called Kay Norton. Number was 01923 200527 and 01923 200251.

  26. Looks like I'm the latest victim! I am a freelance designer just starting out and thought it would be a good opportunity to get some advertisment. As above…received the call from the friendly *@$* scouser "you will be the only design company advertised" in the Crime Prevention Journal, ha what a joke!…I have paid out £108 and wouldnt have thought anything of it until i received an email yesterday (9th Nov) saying I hadnt signed the cheque and had put the amount to pay where the signature should go! Alarm bells! I didnt send a cheque! Today I have received a letter from MPO with said cheque stapled to it…The cheque is from a completely different company to mine with a ladies name on the business cheque, I have just contacted the lady who herself had fallen for this scam, luckily for her and the mistake the cheque hasnt been cashed, its least to say she was very grateful and said she had been bombarded with calls.
    I replied to the email to which i received a support ticket in response saying i would be contacted asap…as of yet nothing! I will be reporting this, where it will get me will have to be seen. I could kick myself!!!!!

  27. We get these kind of calls all the time and they always use the same story of telling you it is on behalf of the Police, Fire or Ambulance service or local schools. We had two calls today from one of these companies telling us that they had been given our details by Wokingham District Council as our business was a shining example of a well managed local business rather than a 'Rogue Trader'. This last comment really made me smile.
    The first caller gave up quickly when we questioned him but the second was very persist and and claimed to be from Reading Community Police based in Reading. He told me that the magazine was called Street Scene but a quick google shows no sign of it. He gave me a number 0870 4460472 but  when I called it there was no response. I phoned Reading police but they were unable to follow this up as it is a civil matter and suggested I call Wokingham District Council's Trading Standard office. The police did concede that if they were claiming to be from Reading Community Police they could be guilty of fraud by mis-representation but proving this could be tricky
    I have no doubt that Reading police or Wokingham District Council have not sanctiond this and are not involved in this.
    Avoid them like the plague!!

  28. Ian, thanks for the update.  They seem to have reduced activity.  Been about a fortnight since my last letter.  I am so glad I never paid them.  Makes me feel sick that I nearly fell for this.  I'm all for people having businesses and making profit.  But in an honest and decent way, these people are disgusting.

  29. I get called by Katie from the Cheshire based (Liverpudlian accent) from Emergency Services Press Office – shes called twice now and hangs up when I ask to call her back.  Blatant scam, just not very good at it.

  30. They seem to be still out there, we had a call from them last week but when questioned they hung up.  Definitely a scam – everyone beware.

  31. Hi all,
    I've just received what was certainly one of these calls. I'm adding my comment here to keep the page fresh with Google and so that Google will also pick up the words 'Police Community' shold anybody search to find out about this, as they stated they were from a 'Police Community' group for a local 'Police Community Crime Prevention Magazine'. They used similar patter to the above about my supposedly being listed as the only web design company in the area, and were trying to get my pinned to a ad size 1/4 page 1/2 page or 1/6 page there and then.
    I sniffed around with a number of questions and eventually on saying I wasn't going to commit to anything at that point without seeing stuff in print first he kinda gave in and said 'well actually I couldn't guarantee you'd be the only web company in there anyway so I'll move on, have a good day'. Quite polite for a scammer but he clearly was.
    A really sneaky extortion tactic this, I hope they're tracked down and convicted.

  32. We have just been nearly scammed. I got a phone call off a liverpudlian claiming to be a pollice officer, he caught me completely unaware. He claimed we will be advertised in a crime aware brochure and the proceeds will go to help fight local crime, he was very convincing i must say, even likeable over the phone. I said i would consider it and they said that they would call back, they did but i never took the call. I since received an e mail ( not sure how they got my details) saying that if i did not pay £295 in less than 15 days i would not get my discount. I replied back and said i did not order any space and they replied back saying they had confirmation of order by recorded phone call and that i had entered into contract with them. I contacted the police and they told me to contact trading standards who have put this under investigation, the police are going to follow up. The company even have a website crimeaware.org, watch out for this company.
    Typical scousers always trying to get one over on you !!

  33. Hello
    I got dragged into this scam and paid nearly £150.00 what do i do about this? I'm tempted to go to the office and beat the life out of the guy in question "Daniels Silverman"

  34. hi all i have had the same done to me but not paid any money ask a police officer if he had hurd of this persons name and he said no but would look into it for me , he phoned me and said its a scam so look out and dont pay any money . thanks all for the imformation and put this thing to bed

  35. HI,
    I was nearly taken in but did a search and found this site, thank you to all who bothered to say it was a scam etc.
    Has anyone done a search for the domain holders for the website " Blueline " publications? or a company search
    I will endeavour to end the chances of scammers liuke this.
    Also watch out for http://www.Frold.com  another scam unfortunately lost money to it, it has been reported and should be off the web by now.

  36. A set of scammers who were calling themselves Municipal Press Office and who now call themselves Windows Media LTD (Registration Number: 07548784) have been contacting and trying to scam many small businesses last year. If you are contacted by them please report them to Actionfraud, Trading Standards (your own area and Liverpool Trading Standards as thats where they're based) and your local MP, the more people report them the more effort will be put in taking them to court.
    They were using Daniels Silvermen debt collecting agency to threaten people, but lately have been claiming they are from ARC recovery debt collectors.
    Dont pay them a penny. Two things allow them to continue doing these scams over the years, the authorities not enforcing the law and people paying up to these scammers. 

  37. Hi  I paid these people £106 , it was not until I insisted  they sent me the promised finnish magazine I became suspisious  because it was a load of rubbish which looked like it was printed on a basic home computer and rang all the people who had advertised in in in Berkshire . ( the man I spoke to had no difined accent his name was Micheal) , I have spoken to a girl as well.
    here is some of the ifo I have keptU8-9SW-2G3 | 98mm x 68.8mm | CSJ18P – CSJournal 1/8 Page Advert
    Please note that the above design will be deemed to be correct and we will assume you have authorised the image as set out above and accepted the
    graphic design service provisioned as completed unless we receive instruction to amend the proof within 30 days from date of invoice as per terms and
    conditions. Please advise us of any changes you require via email (design@municipalpo.co.uk), postal service or facsimile. We will gladly redraft this proof
    to your specifications within the dimensions agreed. Please also feel free to annotate this proof and send it back to us.
    I confirm that I authorise this draft for publication (with / without)* amendments (as set out above / attached / sent via email to
    design@municipalpo.co.uk)* *DELETE AS APPROPRIATE
    Signed: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Name: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Date: _
    (this agreement was never signed)
    Dear Miss Julie Saunders We have recently refunded the payment you made to us online, using the Paypal Button on our homepage. This payment is now showing in your account if you would like to check. The reason we have made this refund is quite simple, whilst conducting research for the upcoming editions of the Crime & Safety Journal, it has been brought to our attention that the international payments processor, Paypal, have been implicated in the compromise and fraudulent misuse of consumer credit and debit card information. As such, we cannot encourage use of Paypal, nor can we accept payments using their facility as it would be going against the basic principals of the campaign. We will send a pre-paid envelope for you to make payment of the invoice using a cheque made payable to Municipal Press Office. We advise that you check to ensure the refund has been deposited in your account and then send us a cheque.
    (I then sent a cheque for the amount of £106 57  )
    Which they sent me a receipt for
    We have successfully received funds for the Crime Safety Journal.

    Best Regards
    Accounts Department

    Your Details are as follows.

    Account Ref: RG147RA406
    Order Ref: U8-9SW-2G3
    I rang and asked why the publication still had not gone out, they apologised and said it was late going to print. They said they would send me out a copy which they did . when I saw it I was very upset . it was a few pages poorly printed , the add was poor on a page with no relevance to the magazine . it did not contain ,info for hospitals , dentists, doctors ,fire service or other emergency services as promised.
    I asked for my money back via email these are the e mails that followed
    From myself -Hi I still have not had a reply to , my request for a refund .
    From them – A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #927520 with the following response:

    Hi Julie,

    What was the reason for the refund request?

    Kind regards
    Municipal Press Office
    I then got a call  2 weeks befor xmas telling me my add was ready for their new fire and safety magazine. I told him I wanted my money back and it was plastered all over the internet as a scam. He said I don’t know where you got your info from but we are genuine. He put the phone down and I have not heard from him since.
    one of the advertisers has lost over £1.000
    good luck and let me know of any progress please.

  38. I received the same phone call from a scoucer today about crime brochure! Be aware there still out there! And I’m a security company the cheak

  39. I did agree to this plausible scam over the phone and fell for all the plausible rubbish as detailed by so many people above. I cancelled by letter almost immediately and emailed although the emeail address was not correct. I also contacted every official dept (OFT, ASA, Action Fraud, CAB, CD) a few days later and have had conflicting suggestions from them on what to do. In fairness, noone has said I should pay up but am not convinced that anyone is suficiently interested. I am now getting emails demanding payment from Scammers, letters demanding money and voicemails. I have not paid anything. What I would like to know is; has anyone heard of the scammers taking their victims to Court for non-payment?

  40. Just had my second phone call from these guys in the couple of months Ive been open (small local Gallery). The first time I genuinely didnt want to do any advertising which was lucky as it was only afterwards I read this forum. That time he called himself Peter Jones and wanted £195 for an advert in the magazine. Todays call came from a non Liverpudlian saying (after the 'niceities' about how my business was going, chat chat etc) the Government had asked them to put together this 'Crime Security Journal' for the area with a print run of 75,000 going out at the end of March. I was in the mood for a chat, he was very nice to talk to which would've been very dangerous had I not been totally aware who I was talking to! I asked 'how much?' and apparently it is now being subsidised so they only need to ask advertisers to cover the costs of design and admin, a mere £85 for 12 months (4 editions)! Bargain!….. I still said No, sorry, he said "maybe sometime in the future then?" and wished me well in my venture and said goodbye. Sadly my neighbour was scammed a few years ago too I discovered, I really  cannot believe that a company claiming to be working on behalf of the Government and Police, making a bogus magazine hasnt been caught/arrested/charged/stopped yet?? Surely with the amount of info the real Police/Trading Standards are being given by all of us, it would be simple to stop them???!!! 

  41. They are now calling again under the guise of Community Crime Press Office.
    Again Liverpudlian, he asked to speak to my colleague and told him he wasnt around and asked if he could leave a message, he then replied, "No its a very serious and sensitive matter".
    We are being harrased by Commercial Energy another scamming company, and I said, let me guess you are Commercial Energy or Meter Registrations?
    He then put on an official voice and boldly stated, "NO, this is the Community crime Press Office"
    Silly little scouser!!

  42. Thanks for this breath of fresh air , from monday i have ben getting calls from Ian Doyle. telephone number . 01244348014 and 07930142607 with the same scam trying to sell me  ' a quarterly publication and your advert would be in there for a whole year. The pricing was as follows;'
    Full page – £695
    Half page – £395
    ¼ page – £295
    1/8 page – £195

  43. Does anyone have experience with Crime&Safety Journal (company is based in London, City Road) and they don't accept card payments but cheques and bank transfers.

  44. I was scammed in September last year but got wise, although I did receive the publications. The cheeky thing is they use your artwork from your own website for the advert. However they are still at it, I have been pestered ever since November last year and then again in January they were ringing me nearly every day despite me saying no, they even tried a different tactic to say they would not call and they would send my details to Data Protection. Next day I get a call from 'data protection' asking me to send them any invoices/payments details I had made and they would investigate!!! They stopped calling when I told them I had spoken to action fraud and was told not to send anything to anyone! 
    Today I get a call from a Sophie Lewis who says she is from the Press Office of Emergency Services campaign! She starts of all sweetness and nice, with a NW accent, calling me sweetie and asking me how I am doing! I tell her I am not interested in what she has to say, she says she ringing to tell me I have not paid my invoice from january, I tell her I have had a bloody invoice from them or anything..her tone becomes more aggressive, she then tells me she is taking me to court…I say go for it. She put the phone down. I wait in anticipation for the next call….I don't appreciate been intimidated or threatned by scumbags!
    I wish I had read these comments earlier, I would have saved myself some money…next time however I know better. 

  45. I too have had a similar problem and admittedly I fell for it the first time and they have had about £100 from me but when I found out it was a scam I tried to get my money back but could not get in touch with anyone.
    The joke of it all is they keep ringing me and using different company names to try and get me to renew – I know its the same people becuase they keep telling me my password on the account. As soon as I try to get any kind of information they hang up!
    Company names I have are:
    Accounts Department at Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service (NB I have been in touch with the ACTUAL Lancs fire service and it is not them!)
    Safety Information Press
    Safe Nation / Safenation.org
    Crime Prevention Campaign / Press office.
    If anyone finds anything out, speak up!

  46. Just had an overdue account reminder from ABM – Wirral – Cheshire – Proprietor Mr. S Webber.  This Letter states order date/Invoice date aand statement date ( February and March  2012) for an outstanding amount of £110.  Letter gives Telephone Number: 0156472984 which rings and rings and rings.  If it were a Business – it would be answered!  It also gives their Bank name as HSBC their Bank Sort Code 40-45-14 and their Account No 61714732  and they request I pay them or give them a reason for continuued non payment.  They must be joking!   They address they sent it to is a Business that know longer exists it stoped trading 2 years ago………….so No advertising would have been required!!

  47. I've had an on going problem with a company called Temple Design for about a year now. Like everyone else they pulled me in with the promise of advertising space on a crime prevension leaflet. I was called shortly after the very first call a year ago by a charity who I thought was this mob so I payed it. Two days later I recieved another call by a crime prevension charity demanding payment, I told them I had paid, they said it wasn't them and that someone had jumped on the band wagon. So believing the first payment was the wrong one I paid again. I was by this point very suspiciouse so I went on line to search and found this very helpful website. 
    The phone calls just kept coming demanding money, but never having seen an invoice or copy of the wall chart, I stood my ground and refused to pay. There was no contact other than phone call. When I dialed for a last number called it was always with held. The last call around Nov 2011 was very threatening, I was threatened with sherrif officers. So I had all with held numbers barred from my phone.
    Today 25/4/12 I was contacted by a debt collector looking for this Money. He advised me to get them off my back that I should pay. He took my email address to pass on to this company who will then send me a Paypal invoice to pay through. The Debt collector advised me that this would be the best way. 
    I advise any one who is contacted by any charity advertisers to say no. If you do want to help a charity then contact them direct and give them a donation. I have been taken for quite a large sum of money. But I won't be fooled again.

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