Police Advertising Scam – Their NOT the police

Since I posted about the new Police impersonators : http://www.adscams.co.uk/scam-national-crime-prevention-booklet the other day, I have been inundated with comments and email’s from others who have received the calls.

I have had permission to post the following, which we received via email (we have removed some information by request of the author)

Hi there,
Firstly just a quick mention of the fact that this site is a fantastic idea which I will recommend to as many people as possible! Thanks to stumbling across it yesterday on a Google search for “police advertising scam” I have narrowly averted being taken in by these bunch of… well you get the idea.
I am a self employed driving instructor in the Gateshead area and I received a call yesterday from “the Police press office”, the contents of which was much the same as the last post to this page in February relating to Police Handbook. They offered me advertising in the ‘[name removed]’ publication and assured me I would be the only driving instructor in this particular area edition, which obviously sounded attractive. For a half page ad they quoted me £346 inc VAT for 12 months and I agreed but insisted on some further info by mail before making any payment.
Literally 5 minutes later I received a call from a company called [name removed] who confirmed my order and informed me I was entering into a verbal contract by agreeing etc. They also told me that if I cancelled outside of the 7 day period, that there would be a charge.
I then did some research (found adscams.co.uk) and contacted the Northumbria Police press office who told me the Police do not sell advertising in their publications and that no one from their office had phoned me. They also said that although they can not comment on the publications of other forces, there is no way another police force in the UK would be focusing on my area.
Today I called [name removed] and cancelled my order and after being put on hold for 3 minutes whilst the operator checked with her manager if that was “ok” she then said “Ok you won’t receive any further paperwork from us” and hung up.
Approx half an hour later I received another call from the supposed Police press office asking why I had cancelled my order, at this time I asked him to call me back an hour later and I would explain as it was inconvenient to talk at the time. No further call came, which is a shame as I was looking forward to asking him which Police force he was from and why they were covering my area.
These people need to be stopped! I thought impersonating the Police was a crime?! The real Police say they are aware of these scams but seem to have bigger fish to fry unless you have actually lost money.
I will keep you posted if I get any invoices etc.
Many thanks,
Note: I have removed the name of the company as it is the first time I have been given this compay’s name and I am passing it on to the police, Trading Standards and OFT.

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  1. I am a Piano Tuner in Sussex, and have recently, in the last day or two been contacted by someone with a liverpool accent selling advertising, claiming to be from East Sussex Police. From Blueline Publications. I have apparently been supporting them last year (dont think so). I was working on a piano at the time of the call, They caught me unawares, if I have agreed to advertising space I want to see any relevant paperwork. If it is a scam which I now realize it is (after finding this helpful website), Im not parting with my £295.00, but will be taking any documentation to the trading standards… thank you again.

  2. I just wanted to thank you as I narrowly missed giving these people my details as they caught me on my left foot and came up with an ultra plausible scam, and if I hadn’t googled this I think they’d have sucked me in, though I was determined to see some documentation, despite their high pressure tactics. They definitely said they were from Liverpool and they were a centralised Police Press Office rolling out a Stress in the Emergency Services Awareness campaign and they wanted me to advertise in the industry journal. It may be they are targeting association lists of aromatherapists because we are exactly the small trader they are looking for to scam. So beware. Will be letting my association know and consumer direct, I guess. Thank you again.

  3. I’ve just received phone call from Police Press Office. Apparently the guy got proof of my advert in front of him. Well I have not ordered any advertising for over a year. This call was from some company, but I had the same phone calls from Weinstein Williams, . And they keep calling day in and day out telling me I’m supporting local police, local emergency crew and what ever else, which I haven’t even heard of. Quite frankly I’m getting sick of it. They take no for an answer. I asked them for proof of ordering the advert (they said they are recording it). They said they will send it, but that never arrived. Instead of that proofs and invoices and statements etc coming through letterbox. Trading standards wont do anything and said just to ‘ingnore them’. I was tempted to change the phone number, but as its business phone it would be too much hassle to notify every person.. :(

  4. Sue: I am surprised that Trading Standards simply told you to ignore them. This isnt good advice from them.

    Ignore them in as much as dont worry about legal action.

    You will find, if you stay strong and dont give in. They eventually give up.

  5. Just thought that I would let you know that our company have been caught by these scammers. We had exactly the same telephone call with someone sounding very authoritive telling us he was Essex Police and he was collecting for a Crime Prevention Magazine to do with drug awareness which would be sent out to all the local schools. Unfortunately, by the time I found this site and checked with police headquarters the money had already been taken from the bank and you then have to go through all the time and effort of cancelling cards etc. We will be writing to our local police station, trading standards and watchdog – Today!!! This sucks really as the money should have gone to a good cause.

  6. we have recently been the latest company to have been targeted by this scam and thankfully have paid no monies to them so they call day in day out to try and get us to pay them their fee threatening that they are going to get a debt collector to come and collect it if we dont pay them immediatly these calls are becoming harrasing and frustrating as they do not take no for an answer had we not found this website we too may have fallen foul of their scam we will be reporting them to trading standards and hopefully get them off our backs i hope that these fruadsters are shut down soon and that no other innocent companies are scammed

  7. Damn I’m such a fool. Someone from the Liverpool area – scammers no doubt, called me earlier about this “terrific opportunity”.
    Unfortunately, I really DID think it was a good idea and that it will be some good and cheap advertising for us.
    Needless to say, the guy on the other end, who claimed his name was Drew Dickinson talked me into buying their products and now I’m out by over a thousand pounds.
    I called the Watchdogs and they’ve told me that I’ve been had. Please be careful all!

  8. How the scam is working is that it is been operated alongside a printing business.

    The callers are charging you for an advert, which once you have paid, they will take a copy of an original advert that you probably purchased elsewhere previously (that is how thye come to have your details), and when they have duped enough people the printer may run of a wallchart which they send to you.

    This is not a legitimate wallchart it simply is made up of old adverts relating to companies they have conned.

    I do know who is doing this but obviously cannot make it public online.

    The printer is now retired, but still operates this scam, the bogus advertisers operate alongside him in Liverpool.

  9. wow!
    im so glad i searched google and this came up i was just about to pay for this scam!
    i am a small business owner in gateshead tyne and wear,
    they told me i was going to be the only business of my type to be published which sounded good.
    however they asked me for a memorable 4 digit number he said most people used there date of birth as it was easy to remember as soon as he asked that i knew something was fishy and gave him a bogus number.
    thank you very much to all that have posted on here as i could also have been scammed!
    i have agreed to use the service have 7 days to cancel but they have not left me with any contact details to do so.

    they must be the same group as liverpool accents!

  10. Just been called by “Alex Brown” with Northern accent. When I said that I was unaware about previous activity by my company because I had only been around from January he rang off saying he was just calling to say thankyou. I have had similar calls over the last few years in previous jobs but was not sure it was a scam until now. It’s amazing they get away with it for so long.

  11. Had a call today, Liverpool lad, caught me a little of guard when said he was calling from the police. I am aware of many scams, as I as trade online I have to be that extra bit careful and careful to my customers. Anywho, moving on, let him rabbit on about this and that, I would be the only Estate Agent etc, told me a price, I then said yes fine, just to get them off, knowing that I was never going to give them anything. They had some information on me (so they must by data from companies!) but as for four didgits, they asked me what my dog was called, so named a dog out of the air, as I don’t have one. Of course the ‘printer’ called, offered me discounts to pay there and then, I said bill me. I got another call, this time they left the number 01516479943. I called them back, told them not to bother people again and that I am reporting it.

    I feel sorry for those that get sucked in. Learn by if it sounds to good to be true, then it is



  12. Thank you so much for posting this info. Had a call from a guy yesterday who’d seen my ad in another publication. He said I’d be the only one of my trade advertised and would do the ad for £95 instead of £195.00. True to form his ‘boss’called back a while later to confirm the first call. He quoted the details as before but priced at £95 + VAT. I told him the original call quoted a straight £95 all in so he said ok on this occasion to help me out it would just be £95 for the year. He asked me for a password at which point I was suspicious so I gave him a word from the front of a magazine I had in front of me. I then looked a little further this morning and found this website. Fantastic – thank you

  13. hi pleased to have found your website we as a company have been taken in so many times what sent alarms bells to me was, i creditsafe the trading company and it was not good also the advert was about 35 years out of date, then went to google and then cancelled the advert @ £155.00 + vat-thank you

  14. I have just come across this site and thank god. I too have had a call tues from a “mark mills’ same story ringing from community police mag tackling anti social behaviour alarm bells ring when they constantly call day in day out different numbers, just left me message so they must be desperate saying he will be on phone all day but will leave personal number.It makes me sick that some people cannot make honest money and have no morals
    I hope they get caught they have to slip up soon

  15. I run a genuine local magazine in London and in the last week many of my customers who advertise with me have been targeted by people with Liverpool accents offering dodgy advertising. Luckily one of my customers cottoned on and rang me straight away after he had investigated them online. I then emailed everyone to warn them. I then got a few emails back saying that they had also been contacted and they were very grateful to me for emailing them a warning. The scammers must have searched online and found my magazine and literally called everyone in it. It is really annoying that they would mention my magazine as it could give me a bad name and also these scammers give us a harder job in trying to get advertisers for genuine advertising opportunities. These particular scammers mentioned the Police and said it was to do with creating a list of ‘trusted traders’. Hope no one else falls for it.

  16. Hello , we also have been scammed by these people,has anyone actually had any luck getting their money back after the 7 day period , and who should we report them to?

  17. Had a call yesterday from the Police Initiative, a lad (Daniel Thomas) with a Liverpool accent described the publication as a Police/Emergency services magazine which would go out to 22,000 businesses in our county but was also nationwide (but with advertising local to that county)
    He said it was 70% government funded and the advertising paid for the rest. The magazine ([*edit)) was a quarterly publication and your advert would be in there for a whole year. The pricing was as follows;
    Full page – £695
    Half page – £395
    ¼ page – £295
    1/8 page – £195

    He guided me to their website [*edit] where you can see previous publications! I tried calling their number but was on hold for ten minutes without answer.

    He called from 0845699000 which is a call centre number and he left me his mobile 07787****** to call him back on.

    The whole scam was extremely convincing, being Police based there was an instant feeling of trust, normally we do not let these calls past the receptionist but as he said ‘Police initiative’ it seemed important and got through.

    We almost signed up but after a little research there seems to be many of these scams (mainly from Liverpool) under different guises.

    I have phone Wiltshire Police who say they have never heard of them and also reported all of the above details to the Trading Standards.

    More information can be found on them here and by doing general Google searches.


    Please be vigilant regarding these people they were very convincing and I would hate for anyone to get suckered by them

    *[EDIT] – Due to ongoing investigation

  18. i own a small glass company in nottingham and i have recieved a phonecall from a company in liverpool saying thanks for your continued support. when i ask then for the order number i gave them stating that i wouldnt buy a pen without one they said ” you didint give us you was to busy” now theyve sent me a bill for something i didnt want. i sent a letterto them i received no reply surprise surprise. in the letter i stated that ive reported them to trading standards and there response a final notice. please be careful of theses con artists

  19. Has anyone heard of Ad-brokerage Ltd, I found this thread http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/01512369632/2 and am wondering weather they are a scam or not, they said they were from the police assostiation and tried to say that i had agreed an advertisement on the 25th of june 2010 (which is funny as i was on holiday at this time, and i dont take my phone with me) , there calling me back next week. According to the above linke there are also linked with adassure ltd, diamond media, and so i thought I’d check them out lucky i did really.

  20. wow!
    im so glad i searched google and this came up i was just about to pay for this scam!
    i am a small business owner in gateshead tyne and wear,
    they told me i was going to be the only business of my type to be published which sounded good.
    however they asked me for a memorable 4 digit number he said most people used there date of birth as it was easy to remember as soon as he asked that i knew something was fishy and gave him a bogus number.
    thank you very much to all that have posted on here as i could also have been scammed!
    i have agreed to use the service have 7 days to cancel but they have not left me with any contact details to do so.

    they must be the same group as liverpool accents!

  21. They tried it with me twice….. the first time I said no way! and I want a contact number and address to report them, it was no suprise to see it was a genuine address and number but for a youth sports club. The second time was best because I simply said F*** off straight away! then put the phone down. Much to my amusement some scouser phoned me back, seconds later suggesting I take a couple of lines of coke and a few beers to chill out and get into the spirit of christmas. We laughed together then I followed it up by saying F*** off again. By the way they target any small business (joiner)

  22. Just had a call today from, you guessed it, a scouser called Daniel Thomas. Luckily I am a scouser myself so was cunning enough not to fall for it. Said because I was a scouser he would do me a good deal but not to tell anyone as he would be fired. lol


  23. I’ve just had a call from a scouser claiming to be from the Police Press Office selling advertising in a publication that is to be distributed to 000’s of local schools etc.

    Also asked if I would be interested in building some websistes for a drink driving initiative in the new year etc. etc.

    Very friendly and polite. When callers start off by asking how I am and have i got all my Christmas shopping done I immediately get suspicious.

    I knew all about this scam as I used to work for a company who got suckered in about 5 years ago. So I asked him to confirm who he was calling from and he gave me the following address :

    Police Press Office
    Belsyre Court
    57 Woodstock Road
    LA2 4HJ

    This address comes back as a building where you can rent a serviced office or even a ‘virtual office’.

    I told him this sounded suspiciously like a scam and he of course denied it but then rather rapildy said goodbye and hung up!

  24. Just had my monthly call from these scammers, Mr williams just called me, (number withheld) apparently policepressoffice.whateverCOM I have heard from these type of people many times, FSB no about this scam. I try and get as much out of them as possible so I can alert others and or the police,, but he obviously knew I was on to him by the questions I asked.

    He Ho… have to get up early to catch me out!

  25. just had the same scam, apparently i ordered some schools crime prevention kit in october.

    told the nice ‘jenny’ she was wrong and guess what, she slammed the phone down.

    came through to my receptionist as .jenny from cp

  26. Received a call from an indvidual pretending to be a police officer and the nonsense he came out with was quite alarming, considering he was just some tele sales person in an office lying through his teeth to con money out of people.
    He started off asking if we’d had any problems at the campus and promising to increase police presence in the area!
    Total rubbish, but I went along with it to see where he was going.
    He then thanked me for supporting the last Crime Prevention Campaign (which we’d never supported) then rather disturbingly the conversation took a strange twist and he went on to say they were doing another campaign supporting the soldiers and their familes in the war, a matter that sits close to my heart.
    Cutting a long story short, it was all a con and done on the back of something we’d never supported in the first place and trying to take money out of the pockets of soldiers that are fighing now, disgusting!
    I received an invoice from ‘Help the Forces’ from Manchester, within a few days of the conversation and I’ve since passed their details onto the local Trading Standards Office, the police and wrote a letter to my local MP.
    Be warned, dont pay ‘Help the Forces’ anything it’s a disgusting con!

  27. These Idiots are still at it they have been sending me invoices since last september, there latsest one is a red banded letter effecting county court action that quite frankly my son could have made on any desk top publishing aplication.

    They are still spouting the same rubbish about Blueline Publications and the police magazine, they stopped calling about 3 months ago as i called there bluff and they put the phone down.

    Luckliy I spotted them straioght away but there are probably many who dont, something should be done about theses scallys and there quite frankly dated sacm!

  28. Hi,
    Just had a call from Liverpool from ‘The Police Initiative’ asking me to advertise for £95.00, decided not to go with it for some strange reason!!

    I also won £850,000 with the Fifa World Cup Lottery-great considering I hadn’t even bought a ticket-the postcode for replying was the Norwegian Embassy!

  29. i am so glad i found this website, the police press have just called me about advertising my childminding business in their community booklet, the guy seemed really nice and all seemed genuine, he said i would get a call from the publication team later today to confirm my details etc (they asked for £145) which i thought was a bit strange but agreed.
    I have now found this website and ignored any further calls looks like i had a lucky escape.
    i cannot believe that they get away with things like this and i cant get over how nice and friendly the guy i spoke to was he seemed such a genuine guy,
    its hard to know who to trust these days

  30. I have also been contacted by these scammers, claiming to be from Police Press Office. I agreed to nothing, thankfully, but agreed to view their info pack. The very next day, it was on our local radio station about this particular scam. I couldnt believe it.

    The person claimed to be a Phil Dixon selling advertising in a local magazine for Police Awareness. They wanted £145 plus vat for the size advert. The two contact numbers he gave me were: 07407 535141 and 01512273998.

    Really glad I didnt go ahead. We are a small business that only started trading in February.

    Funnily, this Phil Dixon had just called me again this morning and asked if I had received the info pack, which I havent of course. Told him I was not interested in any advertising and he quickly hung up. I wonder why.

    I have reported this to Trading Standards.

  31. I know about -the Wirral/Liverpool based advertising scammers-

    Might want to exercise prudence with a Sussex based outfit who are demanding £299.99 sterling or Euros for an un-ordered advert in a publication called Community ****.
    They said they had a tape of the phone order –it was rubbish -a loud male voice asking a contrived type questions each being answered by a single sound by a very quiet “unidentified” voice –that sounded more like a squeak from a wounded animal

  32. Hi

    I wish I had come upon this website last year. I had a call from someone in October thanking me for my previous support the year before. Having done a lot of advertising due to setting up a new business a year ealier I thought it could be genuine. Having listened to the whole conversation and agreeing to nothing they then told me I had agreed to further advertising during a phone call in July. I denied it but they were adamant and gave me a date which I was clearly in the office on, so possible I could have taken a call. They told me I had to pay but if I agreed on the phone they would give me a reduction to only £95+VAT. (Does HMRC ever receive the VAT I wonder?) The next day I received an invoice which I duly paid as I didn’t want any risk of them taking legal action. A month later another similar call and a further £95 out of the window. By the 3rd call I finally got wise and started arguing with them, but it appears they are very adamant about me having placed adverts.

    Eventually I got to the point that the caller introduces themselve from which ever magazine they are currently making up and I say no I haven’t advertised with you goodbye.

    Since the 2nd advert I have had them phoning from every magazine imaginable to do with the emergency services, schools and war heroes. They use both my mobile and home phone number to call me on. On one occasion they asked for my husband and I transferred them as they said they were from the fire services (He’s a fireman) I just thought it was someone asking him to do extra duties or some admin. He had exactly the same experience as me, but knew it was a lie as he knows the fire brigade locally are not producing a magazine.

    I’ve never seen the promised publications, and when I tried to say no on the third occasion they started on about how I had agreed and it would now have to be published with a gap in the publications.

    Anyone reading this please don’t make the same mistake as I did.

  33. I had a call on friday saying it was the police, wanting me to advertise in stoke. I will be goin into the police station with the number they called me from today

  34. On 19-04-2011 we experienced a similar call which we realise now must have been a hoax.
    The scammers posed as a police affiliated organisation and targeted my partner’s business which is Wirral based, claiming that they were a seeking to use her for a youth offenders rehabilitation project. Along with this was the usual request for advertising space in a magazine they were publishing. We asked them to send the request via Email as we were pretty busy – it never arrived.
    We had a further call today from a withheld number. this time I answered and they hung up immediately.

    For those who have been victim to this fraud PLEASE contact your local police station with any information that you have been given or sent. Preserve and provide any letters etc that you have been sent by the fraudsters and the labs may be able to lift fingerprints and identify the offenders.

  35. Just had a call from ‘Ben Chambers’, Liverpool accent, when he started was from the Police Initiative, when pressed was from emergency services press team. Finally hung up on me when I asked if he was a private company or a government office… Just wish people would be more honest.

  36. Please beware, my client had yet another call today from a company who said they are from the Police (scare tactic) working on behalf of a local community magazine. They TOLD my client that she owed them money and she asked for the invoice to be sent to her, he asked for her email address (which he would have had if she had indeed booked advertising) – she did not give him this information! The man named David Roberts (common name but not his I should imagine) told my client that she had a username and password where she logged in to place the ad using her date of birth as the username, she asked him to quote her date of birth to him, he gave her incorrect information (beware as if you give them the correct information, then they will keep it and use it another time). The telephone number they are using is 0845 5555 474. I dialled this number only to hear a recorded message from a company (who I have now emailed) who sell 0845 numbers. The message said that the 0845 number had not yet been switched on (which tells me this is a new scam, or experienced scammers using a new number as they have been caught out on the old number. Them seem to target driving schools a lot. It is so sad that trading standards do not clamp down on these crooks.

    Advice: Do not advertise with any medium unless you receive one through your door regularly and is a known publication to you. If anyone asks you for money, saying that you booked an ad, then ask them for proof. If they say it was done verbally, then ask for a copy of the voice recording as evidence. I promise you that this will throw them right out. Then report them to the police!

    If you are contacted by one of these clowns, then put it on a forum such as this as when people search to see if the company is legitimate, it will come up in Google – don’t forget to add the telephone number that they have called you from as often searches are done on a telephone number alone.

  37. Just received a call from ‘Ben Chambers’,(Liverpool accent), Emergency Services Press Team, Police Initiative Magazine, that will be published in my area for first time.

    Spoke for 5 minutes, telling me I was interested in advertising space because I had stayed on phone to listen to him, I would be only service of my kind he would book into magazine etc etc – all as per previous mails.

    Became suspicious and told him that I had spent my advertising budget elsewhere this month – he brought the 1/4 page advert down from £295 to £149, as long as I didn’t tell any other advertiser! Someone that does that so quickly rings alarm bells with me!

    He asked if I had a computer in front of me – as I was reading this page regarding the scam! BEAUTIFUL! Asked him for details, that I hadn’t seen or heard of the magazine before, could he email me any details / copy of magazine and he hung up – after he told me not to waste his **cking time! ME WASTE HIS TIME!? FREE-LOADING, SCUM! POTTY-MOUTHED WEASEL! I’LL WRING HIS NECK FOR HIM NEXT TIME!

  38. Just got a call from one of these people today, claiming to do it on behalf of the police and rogue traders. Luckily saw this website just in time

  39. Got a call from the nice Mr Ben Chambers who was offering me a page in a police sponsored local magazine. I was to get a quarter page advert for £195 plus VAT. Spent 5 minutes running through all the benefits but dumped me as soon as I said that I wanted time to think about it. I have recently listed my new business on a number of locations and presume that’s how they got my contact details. Ben if you ever take the time to read this I would like to let you know you’re a true scum bag – but I think you know that already.

  40. Got another call today from this joker Ben Chambers. You would think that they would at least tick off those that had been called previously? Let him go through the same old guff for a while. Told him he was well known and to take a look at adscams.co.uk. Needless to say he put the phone down on me.


    Had this call about ‘Police awareness’ a few months to a year ago – was very busy at the time and just said “yes, yes, yes, etc.” to the initial caller. The conversation ended with me agreeing to give my continued (moral) support. I thought that was the end of it.

    15 minutes later I got a call saying asking that since I had given my ocntinued support the cost would be blah, blah, blah.

    Needless to say I had no further truck with it and asked that they email me further details about my past support so I could jog my memory. No email arrived.

    Today I got a call from someone claiming to be from the “Fire Awareness Service”, again thanking me for my past support – it was the same old spiel. And the caller was unable to retrieve any details to assist me to jog my memory.

    Only thing I would add is that the 3 callers I spoke to sounded so sincere that I think they may not even be aware that they are working on a scam. Certainly the one I had today was happy to give me his name and phone number (dunno if it is genuine).

    I’ve done a quick google search for “Fire awareness service” and there are no search results indicating the existence of a website for any organisation going by this name.

  42. Received a call this morning from 07851 494015, to a landline no., claiming to be Mr McTavish, with a broad Scottish accent, on behalf of The Police. Fortunately I have received these types of calls before so it was easy to simply say I did not wish to discuss it and terminate the call. He called again twice but I did not pick up and he seems to have given up, for now. The trick is not to engage these people in conversation, they are ready for that. Just get rid of them. Absolute low life.

  43. Response to the TEN ALPS post…
    Someone was suspicious of this lot, who try to sell you ad space in local council building control folders. Are they ligit? I DONT THINK SO! BEWARE! They are no better than the others. If you agree to advertise, they send u an email which you have to fill in the blanks and send back.THEN THEYVE GOT YOU! Have had major grief and you only have 7 DAYS to cancel.I didnt pay as suspected a scam. Have been threatened with debt collectors and court action PLEASE AVOID ‘TEN ALPS MEDIA’ or ‘TEN ALPS COMMUNICATIONS’ they are horrible to deal with !!!

  44. Today, 27th June, we had a phonecall that sounded very convincing – we were taken in at first but it was only when we did a little bit of research this evening (came across this helpful website) that we found out what a scam it is. We will of course be giving our info to the “real” police.

  45. Just had my yearly phone call selling advertising space in the latest Crime Prevention Magazine on behalf the police.
    They are very charming, and I can see why people fall for these scams, it was a bit of a give away when they said all they needed was a verbal agreement then they would send everything over to me.
    So.. watch out for a Mark Wilson, selling space in an anti social behaviour leaflet coming your way next month… YEAH RIGHT

  46. Had a phone call this morning the number 01517090233 sounded a really good idea so glad I came across this site, phoned them back she sounded really taken aback told them I new it was a scam and not to call me again.

    The first phone call came from a man pretending to be from the Counil this is in the Doncaster area his number was 01517099485

  47. Received 2 calls from 2 different men with northern accents this week – Tuesday and today. Today was a scouse accent named James Carter. He initially passed himself off as the police, then claimed the company is called the “Police Initiative”. The telephone number given was 0750 6796042. Tuesday it was Simon Jones (CPR) with NHS reform advertising opportunity (no number given). James claimed Simon was his boss. All the same as above £125, £195 and £295 for adverts, and I was offered 10% off. Pressure selling trying to close the deal with an hours deadline. These are polite, very plausible scammers = beware. Report to police and trading standards.

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