Police Advertising Scam – Their NOT the police

Since I posted about the new Police impersonators : http://www.adscams.co.uk/scam-national-crime-prevention-booklet the other day, I have been inundated with comments and email’s from others who have received the calls.

I have had permission to post the following, which we received via email (we have removed some information by request of the author)

Hi there,
Firstly just a quick mention of the fact that this site is a fantastic idea which I will recommend to as many people as possible! Thanks to stumbling across it yesterday on a Google search for “police advertising scam” I have narrowly averted being taken in by these bunch of… well you get the idea.
I am a self employed driving instructor in the Gateshead area and I received a call yesterday from “the Police press office”, the contents of which was much the same as the last post to this page in February relating to Police Handbook. They offered me advertising in the ‘[name removed]’ publication and assured me I would be the only driving instructor in this particular area edition, which obviously sounded attractive. For a half page ad they quoted me £346 inc VAT for 12 months and I agreed but insisted on some further info by mail before making any payment.
Literally 5 minutes later I received a call from a company called [name removed] who confirmed my order and informed me I was entering into a verbal contract by agreeing etc. They also told me that if I cancelled outside of the 7 day period, that there would be a charge.
I then did some research (found adscams.co.uk) and contacted the Northumbria Police press office who told me the Police do not sell advertising in their publications and that no one from their office had phoned me. They also said that although they can not comment on the publications of other forces, there is no way another police force in the UK would be focusing on my area.
Today I called [name removed] and cancelled my order and after being put on hold for 3 minutes whilst the operator checked with her manager if that was “ok” she then said “Ok you won’t receive any further paperwork from us” and hung up.
Approx half an hour later I received another call from the supposed Police press office asking why I had cancelled my order, at this time I asked him to call me back an hour later and I would explain as it was inconvenient to talk at the time. No further call came, which is a shame as I was looking forward to asking him which Police force he was from and why they were covering my area.
These people need to be stopped! I thought impersonating the Police was a crime?! The real Police say they are aware of these scams but seem to have bigger fish to fry unless you have actually lost money.
I will keep you posted if I get any invoices etc.
Many thanks,
Note: I have removed the name of the company as it is the first time I have been given this compay’s name and I am passing it on to the police, Trading Standards and OFT.

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  1. I also was scammed by Platinum Press and Community Publishing. They called with a great script about a crime prevention initiative and another publication for serving police officers, and said the council had given them my details, which happened to coincide with me going to a council business show event handing out cards a few days earlier and having past experience of working for the police (idiot). It all happened as soon as I started advertising on Yell and Bing etc. etc. I was "specially selected" the "only surveyor in the book" got a "special deal" etc. etc. Stupid me. I even spent time sorting out editing the convincing proofs!!! I gave a password. I got multiple calls from publishers; The first three persuaded me I had agreed to be in three different publications, well my mistake I thought, I may as well go through with them, the more ads, the better after all. Only when I got the fourth call did I smell a rat and put them off, then after the fifth, I Googled them. I felt such an idiot.

    I had paid for two out of the three by debit card (never again), but got the money back using the debit card guarantee scheme – contact your bank, provide copies of forum threads showing evidence of the scam and the bank then refund you and try to get it back for themselves; not all banks will do this. I couldn't get the first payment back because I had agreed to do it online for a "special discount" and that's as good as cash, no protection or guarantees. I had to put that £250 down to experience; what a naive newbie I was.

    Since then, I do not buy anything over the phone, unless I selected it, researched it, and I chose to buy before calling. I always google the company and look at companies house records online. I pay only with a credit card. Do the same.

    I got further calls from the scammers trying for more ads. I asked many questions about who they were, what their address was, what phone number they were, to no avail. Only the Platinum Press 'ghost' website was offered. I tried various techniques to get off the list, from saying no you're a scam, saying I no longer trade, to listening and leading them on with interest for ages and saying no; which really pees them off. Always as soon as saying no they hung up. The word NO is very important to use clearly, especially if it is being recorded. There were many different scripts, ranging from charities to the local council building control office producing a guidance publication (they pick something relevant to you), they even gave the right name of the head of the council building control, saying he'd asked them to arrange it. But I am wise to it now.

    Meanwhile I recieved two different Crime Prevention Magazines in the post. One copy of each. They are full of company ads, presumably every one has been scammed. They have various crappy articles in them, everything cobbled together from how to stay safe on the street, to deterring burgulars, and odd ones about how to get on when you are let out of prison – how is that relevant to crime prevention. The graphical quality was good and professional, but the content was a load of guff. There are no details about the editor, authors, sponsors, etc. normally found in publications, everything just points back to the platinum press website.

    * * IMPORTANT * *  The next scam stage: Watch out for this…

    They obviously realised that I was onto them, and the scripts changed. Now they call saying they are from a trading standards related organisation, or a cold calling register, etc. and that they have evidence I have been subject of a scam – no sh1t sherlock – its THEM ! !  and would I like to get off the list? they can stop the scam calls! Well I was suspicious and as the script went on I reliased that isnt how things work; no authority just calls like this, they don't negotiate with scammers over who is on their list, what crap!! I asked them to put it in writing to me. Guess what? nothing.

    Today's call was from "Data Protection". I asked data protection who? "Data Protection" they said. Never heard of that organsation – whats its full name? "Data Protection – Haven't you ever heard of Data Protection? we can give you the website" go on then. "ICO.org". Through a past dealing I happen to know thats the Information Commissioners Office who yes handle data protection policy and enforcement. I asked again what his organisations full name was. "Data Protection". I said no thats not the one on the website, you are pretending and lying to me, you arent from that, its the Information Commissioners Office and you would have said that when I asked you several times. He argued, in the end I said listen you are the same scam as platinum press, you won't get another penny out of me, go F yourself and hung up. I haven't said that them before and to be honest it felt great!

    I wonder what the next stage scam script is?? I'll be ready. Or will they finally realise I'm not parting with any more cash.

    It makes me so angry, when decent people are working hard for every small sale to provide for their families. You can hear a whole call centre in the background, they must be raking it in. The card payment providers surely know about it – I told the bank to make sure they informed them – but still they support it, they get a percentage of the sales – our scammed money. I think thats the only way to stop it; hold the card payment services to account and affect the process the scammers use.

    Good luck.

  2. I have just signed up for advertising with a guy called Bill from National Response Magazing. As soon as I put the phone down I thought it was dodgy. I contacted CAB, they told me to cancel the contract in writing, sent recorded delivery (I had at least thought to ask their address). CAB  gave me a reference number in case they try and chase me for the money (they are sending an invoice) I aso contacted Action Fraud. You are right about targeting Derbyshire. I am in Derby. Spreading the word on Twitter.

  3. Nearly caught us out, A very nice chap called from the police initiatves offered advertising space in a coming publication of '2013 – 2014 SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN MANUAL' for the Police Community Clubs of great briain. Website checked out although a bit sparce and so did the police comunity website which had this company on thier list of approved publicists. But it just seemed too much money at£234.00 for one tiny eighth of a page advert in one publication so I dug deeper…..When the paper work arrived, which we had asked for so we could see what we were being offered and to check it through beforehand, we found an invoice for the advert, a letter from police community clubs (which anyone could print off) stating this publicist was approved to publish this manual for them, and a  proof of our advert, which was just a copy of our web page with their writting all over it.

    There were no terms and conditions, no details of where this will be distributed or for how long, no details of how many would be produced, or who it would be seen by, nothing we had asked to see…. the   letter from the police community club said 'thank you for supporting our manual, without you it would not get produced' …..then the 'artwork' letter says if no alterations to the artwork are received in 14 days then this will be published as final'.  There are no options to opt out, it all reads as if you have already agreed to it and will pay.

    The part I did find funny was in the invoice details it says 'SCM POLICE COMMUNITY CLUBS SAFEGUARDING CHILDRENS MANUAL' ….I know its probably short for the manuals name but it also looks short for 'scam' :)

    Once I had emailed them stating we are not paying etc, I talked to Action Fraud and they said they are aware of this and said to ignore any and all attempts from them to get us to pay, and to put the phone down on them if they call again. I am now better prepared and aware of these scum to hopefully avoid them in future. I hope this is the last we hear of them.

  4. They have now started targeting the Chepstow/ Monmouthshire areas of Wales, I have just received a call from Pual Taylor, Thanking me for my article in the Police yearbook! He asked, quite persistently, if i would like to repeat it next year and could he send the invoice out to me, however he got quite upset and rude when i informed him that i was not the decision maker and had no control over our advertising budget. He then decided to hang up on me!

    He was a Northen gentleman again!

  5. Beware!!  Just got hit with one of these, a man calling himself Ben Halliwell.  Claiming to be from the local police (Cornwall) stating they are trying to get rid of all the rogue traders, go back to the old days of honest trustworthy people??  Would I like to be the 'only' local B&B to have a full page ad in their publication, 'Street Scene', of which over one hundred thousand copies will be distributed all over the UK…..but only to nice people, like emergency workers, NHS contract companies, Dr's surgeries, bla bla……I'm supposed to be delighted at being 'selected' and jump on board, for £195 plus VAT for an A4 advert, £100 plus VAT for half a page.  But I asked questions, Mr Halliwell got a little edgy, seemed surprised that I wasn't interested in helping the police stamp out dodgy dealing, then tried to explain that I would get a proof through the post for me to check, then after I had paid I would get a contract that I could be released from within fourteen days.  I asked why I needed a contract and why I needed to pay up front.  Mr Halliwell got stroppy and pushy, when I declined Mr Halliwell got downright rude and hung up on me. The call came through on my mobile as a private number, so no way to trace, and he sounds convincing to start.  If you are not on the ball you could get caught.  Be careful!!!!

    30th July 2013

  6. my partner constantly gets calls off 3 Network (mobile phones) telling her she is eligible for an phone upgrade and all they need to do is update their system with her bank details, she keeps telling them to piss off and if she wanted to upgrade her phone she would contact 3 herself, she contacted 3 and asked them if they ever did telephone upgrades and bank details updates and they said we DO NOT contact customers telling them they are eligible for upgrades nor do they ask for bank details over the telephone so be aware if your with 3 network.

  7. Hi there my parents fell for this and paid £200 to them last year, and got no end of phone calls, never recieved any paper work or invoice nothing, now there getting a call from a baliff claiming they owe them £800 and it can only be paid by bank tranfer? and that they have court  order if they don't pay within the next 24 hours they are coming round and taking items, I'm so angry my mum and dad are not in the best of health , they didn't relise that it was a scam, i told them if they call again ask for everything in writing and get as much information as possible

  8. As a hotelier, I've been taking these calls for almost 10 years now. All claiming to be calling on behalf of the police/fire service etc (hence how they get past the switchboard cold-call filter). Always saying "Thank you for your support last year for the diary etc" (I've never supported any such diary)

    I tell them at least 20 times a year to remove me from their database, but obviously this falls on deaf ears. My deputy manager once fell the scam whilst I was away on annual leave. I made her call the company back and claim that she wasn't authorised to make advertising decisions, therefore the verbal order was not valid. I didn't receive any invoice (although I fully expected one).

    They're persistent, clever, and the fact that they are stil trading, means they must have some degree of success. I just wish the police would get involved as ultimately, they are the ones being mis-represented.

    In short, this is a long-standing con and the sooner this call centre (presumably Liverpool based) gets closed, the better.

  9. I run Stephen Plosker photography and I have been called endlessly by these people.  I am forever getting calls from scousers.

    I nearly paid £200 for some advertising and I am so glad I never.  I am quite a new business and only just getting started.  It could have cost me a lot of money.



  10. on the 30/10/13 at 12:27 we received a call to our store (costcutter) from a lady called Chelsea purporting to be from a publication.  She said her records showed that we had previously been interested in helping the local Police by taking an advert in their Police Diary.


    I asked her for a phone number if i wanted to contact them…. she replied "i am calling from a switchboard which means you cant call back…. but when you take an advert in the diary the invoice will have a direct number"


    I kept her talking and asked what company she was calling from?  She replied "on behalf of the police".


    I suggested she must be from a department from within the police then, she replied "from the publication department".  I laughed out at this point and said we will not be advertising in the so-called diary and that i was noting the time and date and would be informing the relevant authorities of this fraud.


    She hung up and the line went dead.


    This is the third time in so many yaers that a firm purporting to be working on behalf of the police have tried to con us by asking us to pay for an advert


    pure rubbish!

  11. I just had a call today from a Liverpool accented man, offering an exclusive advertising slot in an emergency services magazine blah blah blah. Fortunately I mentioned to the man who called me from the 'Graphic Design Studio' that I was asking my friends in the Police if they knew the magazine, and he ended the call very quickly. I only twigged it was a scam a few hours later and googled my way to this site. Will be phoning 101 next! Mine is also a newly established sole trader business.

  12. Just had a call from a debt recovery agency about an advert I apparently placed and and invoice I haven't paid from October 2013.  I know nothing about this.  The papers will be delivered to my house tomorow!

    I asked for a copy of the magazine and a copy of the advert and was told that when I paid up I would get one.

    Anyone got a copy??!!!!

  13. I received a call form a Liverpudlian chap , Gary Johnson advising that he could offer me space on the official police and emergnecy services magazine called the outlook magazine. I was told that I could have a new business discount for £195 for half a page advert in the magazine and get 6 copies for my office. The magazine woudl reportedly be distributed to 37,000 ermegency services staff that have second jobs. There would be 20 businesses listed in the magagine and we would be the only accountant in there. Following this there woulc be a call from cd Studios for a 30 second design call and go through the neeeds of the ad. John from CD Studios called me where I deliverd the bomb shell that I had spotted the warning signs and was not interested. . .  Shortly after that a nother call from Gary enquired as to why I had changed my mind and ended the phone call in an unprofessional manner. . .  I am satisfied that this is indeed a scam and further reinforces why you must never buy over the phone.

    Also interesting to note that this "company" did not look at the TPS list and also did not give me their business or contact details. Another warning sign. . 

    Nick Smith

  14. Hi everyone, 

    We've just had the phone calls and emails as well. One claiming to be police themselves! The cheek. I have passed the complaint on to Trading Standards who contacted me and said as they haven't got enough complaints on this they can't act, which is very frustrating as this is blatant fraud. However, if they receive enough, then they can. Yet they can only act on companies under their jurisdiction – and Blue Line are.

    SO – if you've been contacted by BlueLine at least, PLEASE get in touch with CHESHIRE WEST AND CHESTER trading standards, forwarding what evidence you may have. Contacting your local trading standards apparently won't have an effect. 

    Email address is: businessadvice@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk

    If it's any other "organisation" then please check where they are based and contact THEIR local trading standards, not yours – and you may get somewhere.

    Hopefully we can stop them before they catch anyone unawares… 

  15. We have unfortunately been the victim of these fraudsters and have been contacted twice today.  Police and Emergency Services by phone and To the Rescue Magazine by email. In the past we have actually paid BlueLine for advertising – oh dear!.  Avoid them at all costs!!!

  16. Hi I am from the Liverpool area and I run an holistic business. I was contacted by these people yesterday someone claiming to be called steve Scott. I am usually so untrusting of these types of calls but he was so convincing. He said he was from the police press office and wanted my business to feature in a magazine with heavy distribution. I have family in the police and fire services and this guy new their initiatives and he sounded so convincing. For some reason my intuition really kicked in and I checked online and came across this site. You all have such similar stories! Identical! I rang cheshire and merseyside police and they are logging these incidents. The saying is always right "if it sounds to good to be true it probably is". Love and light. And remember follow your intuition and guy feeling, it is vary rarely wrong! 

  17. Hi people, 


    I won't go throught everything again but I had the same problem, got the first call about a " firewatch mag" from "Assured publications" got caught off guard and agreed, got another phone call about 10 min later to confirm my package and details and was told the phone call will be recorded,, they sent me a invoice and a quick bit of artwork with a price tag of £150 

    as this is a scam does anyone know if I will be liable to pay the money as I understand traders don't have a cooling off period and that the emergancy services don't send out mags.

    Best regards Dave

  18. I had a call yesterday from someone pretending to be from the Police, Fire and Ambulance press office. They were putting together a magazine and would I like to advertise in it. It sounded great so I said yes. I then got a call a few minutes later from a guy who said the call was being recorded and that I was entering into a verbal contract that couldn't be cancelled under the distance selling rules. They then sent me a recording of the conversation and an invoice for £195 +VAT. On further investigation I'm 100% sure it's a scam. The magazine is called Staysafe Magazine (www.staysafe.co.uk) and the design team that have invoiced me are McMillan Design (www.mcmillandesign.co.uk) based in… you guessed it…Merseyside. I have reported them to Action Fraud and have sent a recorded letter to the effect that they won't be getting any monies..

    Hopefully this will alert others before they 'verbally agree' to anything.


  19. This is still going on.  I have just received a call for advertising, however as I did some database work for a very dodgy company in Liverpool about 10 years ago, I am aware of these scams and immediately said I was not interested.  After calling me a "C0ck!"  the caller hung up the phone.  I wouldnt be surprised if it is the same guy.  Does he still live in Oxton, Wirral? lol.

  20. staysafe magazine phoned me, same scam claimed to be police. I've emailed the police and crimestoppers the details but the police are not interested. Took the trouble to email me back and tell me to contact a fraud department?? wasters. look out for staysafe magazine got hes mobile thanks to 02 letting me no as it was witheld 07703682873!!

  21. Does anyone have any delaings with a company called Complete Business Solutions UK Ltd regarding advertising in the "UK Crime Prevention Directory"


    Office H65

    120 Kingston Road



    SW19 1LY


    Comments woudl be appreciated



  22. Hi

    Just had a call from somebody saying that they are calling on behalf of the Police to get passed switchboard.  Thank fully I am aware of this scam so was able to advise the caller that we as a Company do not advertise in the Police Diary as we believe it too be a scam.  The trick that they are trying to pull with us is that we apparently used them for advertising last year, which I know is nonsense.  My advice; DO NOT accept calls from anybody on behalf of the emergency services.  If the emergency services call they will always identify themselves clearly and not with some vague reference to their job.


    Dave, Contact Trading Standards re your bill.




  23. I work in a firm based in Reading and had the same call as above.  Effectively £195 for an 1/8 page statement giving support for the police and their Crime Prevention Campaign.  I was suspicious and asked a few questions about who was administering the campaign and where she was calling from and she hung up.  Pesky rascals!

  24. Hello

    I too have been caught in this trap and in the process of getting  my bank to refund the money I paid – I am a new business and thought cheapish advertisement and helping the local community too but its back fired on me, but never again – these were also Staysafe magazine and the design team was the same as the guy Rich mentions in his comments above






  25. I had an answer machine message on my telephone regarding some good news from the Police and Fire Brigade Press Office which I thought was odd. I never returned the call but I have just answered to a man claiming to be Martin Jones on 07858 373963 who left the message and he said that my business was specailly selected to advertise in their magazine as a local council and community project as I was a new business. He set out the prices for each size and then I asked him, to show me that the magazine was ligit and he led me to their website but as I typed in SatySafe Magazine the next thing to come up underneath was StaySafe Magazine scam. Probably not the best advertisement for him. I then said I'd like to think about it and he hung up thankfully.

  26. Like Mark, I received a call from David at Complete Business Solutions this morning. He informed me that they had been trying to contact me since August, to settle payment for my submission in the UK Crime prevention directory. £300+VAT apparently and after I let out a pfft noise it was quickly reduced to £200+VAT with another 10% off if I paid today. Thank you David. So kind of you. I asked him to forward me a copy of the invoice he sent out in August, to which he agreed before mentioning that the the invoice would have today's date on it (perhaps because the August invoice didn't exist?). I smelt a rat, but now armed with an address and company details I perused the internet to find out more. After some time, looking at detail into the most generically named business I'd ever known, where no listed addresses appeared more than once, I found this page.

    I read through the first article and my heart sank. 

    I was given the exact same blurb from a friendly scouser about advertising in the local police magazine for my area (South Wales) about 2 years ago and after numerous correspondence I signed up for a year's ad. A couple of weeks passed and then an issue with my advert arrived just as promised. I monitor my website hits quite closely and usually would see a rise in visits as soon as a page goes live. Especially seeing as this ad would be seen in tens of thousands of households. I put it down to the ad being seen by pensioners and toddlers, rather than my usual 20-50 male target market. Never mind. Nothing ventured and all that. 

    6 months later and I received a call from my estranged Liverpudlian friend asking for the next 6 months payment. Apparently, I chose to ignore the fact that payment would be taken twice (6 months at a time), but paid it off there and then with an on the day 20% discount. Winner (Idiot)! I did then say that that would be my last ad as the numbers didn’t ad up and response from it wasn’t what I was hoping for.

    Another 6 months pass, with no noticeable improvement in website traffic, and my new best friend is back on the phone. He thanks me for me for my support and tells me how much of a difference I’ve made in the local community. I feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like when Scrooge gave tiny Tim a Christmas goose. The conversation then moves onto the final payment which is now due. I ask if that was right, as I had cancelled this advert and he informed me that this was the final payment for the advert. Okay so 3 payments for an advert I don’t want. I begrudgingly / stupidly pay it (with a 20% discount!) and tell him that was the final payment and I don’t want to be contacted again.

    3 months later and he’s back, asking for the next payment. This has me disgruntled somewhat and I tell him that I cancelled the advert weeks ago and he has no recollection. I say I have no need for it any more and I want him to cancel everything there and then. He’s upset about this (makes sense, we were basically best friends) and he tells me I have to pay a cancellation fee. I had no intention of paying this one but ask him to send an invoice anyway. The invoice never arrived. Spooky.

    Fast forward to today and this call has an air of nostalgia about it, someone asking me for money for something I don’t recall asking for. I have no idea if all these companies are linked, it seems very strange that all the companies I have had ill dealigns with have appeared on this very thread. Needless to say this chap won’t be getting my money now I am aware of this whole scam, but I have learnt a hard and expensive lesson. I have incidentaly asked for the signed agreement where I reserved a space in this directory, but I have a strange feeling David will go quiet on me…

    Growing up in the countryside I trust everyone, nothing bad happens here so I would never suspect I was being being scammed by a community supporting magazine, full of other poor people’s adverts and what I can only imagine was Lorem Ipsum in the articles. I never read it. I feel sick at the fact that I was pressured and bullied into these adverts, by a bogus magazine posing as community supporting establishment.

    I’m now getting on to reporting all the parties involved and will see what my bank will offer me in compensation for my ignorance and trusting nature. It may well be a lost cause but I hope I can at least deter other people from being caught out by these crooks.

  27. 10.02.15.

    Some one call me five monthes ago they are puplising a magzin and they are calling me from police community. I had this kind of calls atleast every day. Finaly a woman call me I  asked her coller number she told a number which I coulden't remeber. I asked her send the details.

    After two days I got an invoice from them for £ 50.00+vat. I wrot them a letter.I do want some details to proff if they are correct I will pay what htey ask. Next day the same woman voice phone me and told they do not do what I asked.I was send another invoice by them, I call her again, the same voice again.I told her I know you are wrong,I am going to see the police.she said she will cancel the order.

    After two weeks time I got a letter to pay the money. I call again and asked her about the letter after the cancelation. she was so angery and should at me that"I am not never cancel the order, do what you can do."

    After she keep sending me letter with a fanality charge, now it is £80.00. I call the frud help line thet advice me,this is a frud lin do not give them any money.So I become more confident keep ignoring their letters.Today also I got a letter which said they are going to get me to the court on 17.02.15,I don't mention the court's name here. 

  28. Just had the same type of scammer on the phone, they must constantly troll through new advertisers. Liverpool accent, offering the "Vanguard" magazine for Police, Fire Brigade & Anbulance crews. starts with the spiel he's from the Gloucester Police Authority, but "not to worry" I wasn't in trouble, it was nothing to do with fly tipping or speeding? …No I wasn't worried! 
    Promises loads of work from Police, Fire Brigade & ambulance staff, I will be the only advertiser. Then gets rapidly to cost, £495 for ful page, £295 for 1/2 page, £195 for 1/4 page. I engage him with some banter and he says he will get "Rick from Unity Print" to call me back. Asks for my website & email (where did he get my number from?) A few minutes later a  Liverpool landline number shows on screen. Didn't answer and came here.
    Unfortunately for them, both numbers displayed, the initial mobile call number is 07941 361 162 and the landline number is 0151 709 0784 I am now going to forward these via Twitter & Facebook networks with a link from my website warning people of scam callers. 
    These scams have been doing the rounds for years and just keep preying on fresh advertisers & start-ups, so it must make it worth their while. Don't fall for it people. (way to add phone numbers is as above, break number down and insert a word!)
    Just had a third call after other two numbers were blocked, you guessed it "Rick from Unity Print" didn't give him chance to start his spiel, told him it was a scam outfit and hung up, another number 07941 335628 now blocked.
    Spread the word via twitter & Facebook, as I have done @ForestPlumber  I also put a link on my website

  29. Has anyone had a call for Advertising in Security and Safety. (edited – sorry!!)

    Pretty sure this is a Scam

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