Latest Scams Update by Taher Moosavi

We have not updated the Adscams website in quite some time but the scammers are still very active. Hopefully over the coming months of 2017 we can get the activity and updates back on this site.

Recently we have had emails in from those who have fallen victim to the scammers saying they are still using the same old tricks. They call and claim you agreed to support a booklet, poster or campaign in a local school with some affiliation to a charity and now the time has come to pay their Invoice.

Quite often, the busy business owner doesn’t remember but assumes they did and does not want to let the charity down. They pony up their debit card to pay the Invoice and then “after paying” do a google search to find out if they have been scammed. Only to find they have, by then its too late….

Stay vigilant and keep an eye on our website over the coming months for updates on these scams.

Stay Safe – Regards, Taher Moosavi – Contributor to

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