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After many years of running this website as a plain old html website and after numerous requests from visitors I have decided to relaunch ADSCAMS as a blog.

This will hopefully encourage comments and more frequent updates from myself and site visitors who regularly contact me via email.

5 thoughts on “www.Adscams.co.uk – Relaunch as a blog”

    Company: Approved Media Services Limited (Liverpool)

    New scam is Fire Prevention Magazine Booklet (from Liverpool); They recorded my voice that they think I agreed to pay £357 for Fire Prevention magazine, and phone call was starting as thank you for supporting …

    They send me an invoice last week, and I don’t know what to do, if you have database of other people who had same sittuation We can all pay solicitors together to fight with them.

    Fatih Yilmaz

  2. I am sick to death of these nuisance calls. I have just had one from some cancer charity (amazingly it wasnt a scouser) telling me that a colleague had agreed to the advert. I asked for the order number that we had supplied…she said she couldnt give it to me. So I just went quiet and told her I could waste just as much time as her…I then asked for the order number and she told me that as they are a charity, they dont use order numbers. I laughed. She hung up. Will they ever give up?!

  3. I run a small business and am always receiving calls about advertising. Frankly i save up all my bile for these people and happily unload on them. As a business owner you should know what advertising is likely to work and NEVER, EVER part with money to unknown organizations, especially to liverpudlians, chirpy northerners who address you by your christian name or calls from overseas. The world is full of mugs, don’t be one of them !!!

  4. Hey, Rebecca, I like your style. Waste just as much of their time as they are wasting ours. I must remember that the next time. Madison

  5. Fatih
    We recieved exactly the same invoice last week. It is a 100% scam. I rang them and told them that we do not pay anything without a purchase order and signature. The line went quiet after that and he told me he would do me a favour and cancel the invoice – Ha! Someone else also suggested asking for proof of circulation figures from a recognized industry source. He told me about the voice recording too, but I told him that could be any Tom, Dick or Harry saying my employee’s name. Don’t let them suck you into calling you back with the recording either. I have reported to Consumer Direct in Liverpool – 08454040506 and also Action Fraud 0300123 2040. I would suggest you do too so they can build a case against them. Hope this helps!!

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