Drugs UK

scam-alert-2We have had a report in from a visitor that a new scam concerning a company called Drugs UK is going on. Similar concept, here is a brief description from her email:-

Yes it was for Drugs UK. Details are Peter Johnson, 198 Livingston Road, Hitchin, Herts, S59 1RR, tel 0800 519 72984.

I cant find Drugs UK anywhere on the internet, there is no Livingston Road in Hitchin, the postcode for Hitchin is SG not S and the telephone number is currently in use. The chap that rang me said his name was Dan Brown and that the matter has bern passed to him by Drugs Uk and I spoke to a colleague of his a few days ago and said I would pay by Bacs and he was ringing to chase up payment. No such conversation was had by me.

Any further information regarding this company appreciated

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