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I had a call today from a guy who said “Can I speak to the Owner Please?”

He was calling “just to thank me for my support”, the Crime Prevention Booklet was a success and he wanted to “Check my details” because apparently in April I agreed to support them.

This scam is using the same scam script – claiming they spoke to me a few months ago and I kindly agreed to support them.

Apparently it is a “Crime Prevention Booklet”, unfortunately the caller hung up before I got chance to extract any more information.  If anyone has any further information please let me know.

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  1. Hi,

    We are a small charity and have been scammed a lot by some of these companies last year until I realised what was going on.

    I have just had a phone call from an Alan Thornton, Chief Coordinator, RP Ltd saying I had agreed last November/December of which he claims to have a recording saying it is a drug awareness handbook as part of the local crime prevention campaign.

    Anyone heard of him or this company.

  2. It seems as though we have been the target of the Vision – Class M8 – Foresters' Fund for Children scam as well. We've been advised by Trading Standards NOT TO PAY (under any circumstances). Trading Standards have told us to write a letter telling them that we won't be entering into any more correspondance with them and they should issue a summons if they have proof that we agreed to the ad.  According to Trading Standards they are sure Vision will not take us to court. But if they do, I agree with JAYNE… Bring It On!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am very confused right now as I have recently opened my shop and got a call from "the police" on my very busy opening day requesting I take out an add in the Crime Safety Journal which is a quarterly glossy magazine that has 50k prints sent out.  Apprently the funds raised from advertisers would be used to help fund the children awarness campaign on crime.  I was offered a 1/8 page add for the price of their 1/16 page for £125.00 excl VAT.  As I was extremely busy I asked them to send details to my email.  I have now received the artwork for the advert together with the invoice.  Now the calls have started with the request for bank details for payment and if I pay immediately I can get an extra 10% discount.  The reason the alarm bells rang was because I got a call from a lady this morning from the same publication and she was not aware that someone had already called me.  I have checked the publishing house details "Municipal Press Office" and their registration number seems genuine! Except they have only been registered since March 2011.  Now I am unsure if this is a scam or not?  Any comments / suggestions would be greatful.

  4. Hi Margie,
    Thats how all the scams start.  Pay them nothing and definitely do not give them any card or bank details.  You will probably start getting invoices from other companies that will say you have agreed to an advert.  If these people are genuine, you are entitled to know how many publications will be made and a complete distribution list.  You will probably recieve a call from someone who will 'remove' your details from the data bank which will result in more invoices coming in.
    Get your local trading standards officer involved.  Let him have copies of all invoices etc.  As most of these companies withold their numbers, get anonymouse caller blocking from your telephone provider.
    It will probably get worse before it gets better.  I had over a dozen companies harassing me.  There is nothing they can do to you, any threats of legal action are just hot air.

  5. We've had calls from Sarah Jones about advertising in a Fire Safety leaflet for children, and now somebody called Rachel is calling from Educare about leaflets. They say they have recorded evidence of our agreement from previous phone calls but we just tell them to go away and hang up.  Nothing received in the post yet.

  6. I was contacted today by Rita @ Temper Design (Manchester) who stated that my husband had agreed in January 2011 to advertise in the Crime Prevention publication.  Load of rubbish is what I told her, but this is how we were conned by Alexander & Sons in 2008 or 2009 for £250.00.  It is something I like to forget.  "Scummy" individuals!  I hit 1471 and the following number was given 0161 2362799.  This is the sencond call to our business this year.  Small business onwers, BEWARE!

  7. Hi, I got a call from the same people as Margie today (Sept 7th) asking if I wanted to take out advert space in the Crime & Safety journal for Edinburgh going to 50k businesses throughout the city. It surprised me how cheap it was for the 12 months/4 issues and said I was interested but would like the details emailed to me. At this point the caller (didnt get his name) said he couldnt email me because he only worked on the phones getting 'Yes's or 'No's to advertsing space but could give me the web address ( and would call back in 30 mins. Now having worked in the magazine trade with legimate ad sellers I know they record every conversation they have on a computer for future reference so this seemed odd. Checked out the website and found this thread, fully expect to get a 'bill' at some point. Is there anything I can do to prempt this ? Should I contact Trading Standards and give them my details before I recieve any invoice ? Thanks

  8. Hello all,
    I work for a company who print both local and national publications. Due to the fact we live in an area where the drug use is sky high we are deciding to print a local drug awareness book, sponsored by local businesess. The difference is, is that it will not be a scam and WE WILL ACTUALLY (unlike lots of other companies) PRINT and distribute the publication through local schools at minimal cost. We are going to get some real life stories together from the local people about tradgedies just to really hit home with the youngsters of today. 
    I am distgusted to hear that their or so many dodgy companies out there after looking at all the comments on this site.
    Do you think this is a good idea if it is done ligitamately?? Its a shame their are so many scams out there as this could really help our community!
    We will not be asking rediculous amounts just small donations and will be meeting with all the local schools to do presentations and discuss the impact of our publication.
    Just want to hear thoughts on the matter really.

  9. Just had a call from a scouser, "Steve Jackson" on 07856787139 using the above techniques, thanking me for my support and to claim I had placed an ad earlier in the year for £149 + vat, which he immediately dropped to £90 when I asked him to repeat how much! Asked him to go check with his admin dept and hung up, then sent him a text message to say I was going to Trading Standards in the morning and to let him know that he hadn't withheld his number! I'll just wait and see what happens next? Really getting peeved at all these scammers, I've only been in business since June 2011 and I've had about 8 of these phone calls to date!

  10. He called himself Oliver James today, From the local police.
    My former colleague has since left the company and responsibilty for this will now fall to my manager. Unfortunatley he is far to busy to take calls ever. Interestingly Oliver didn't have any information he email and insisted he would just call back.
    Despite being a horrible little man, I can't wait to hear from him again now that I've seen this thread.

  11. omg margie & fraser my business opened 2 weeks ago and i got the call on tuesday from the same company offering exactly the same, stupidly i agreed the amount was a good price they disconnected and said they would put me through to there design team,the design team stated the call was being recorded they told me the amount and were they ok to go ahead with the artwork again i stupidly said yes within 30 mins the advert was e.mailed to me along with an invoice asking me to pay by by cash directly into there account or by cheque.
    today i recieved exactly the same information by post asking me to pay within 14days,( i have not aggreed to the advert yet so why would i need an invoice yet?)
    this afternoon an advert went on twitter from notts police saying there is a crime prevention journal scam going around do not purchase !!! within 1hr i got a phonecall from the accounts department asking if i was happy with the artwork, i explained that i had seen this on twitter and was quite sceptical, he assured me they were genuine and directed me to there website ( which looked genuine) !!! i hasten to add this call was on a mobile ?????? but was calling from the office ???
    both the csjournel company and the design company were only registered in march '11 and are based in london ??
    feeling a little uneasy i contacted nottinghamshire police and they have taken all details and given me a crime reference number too
    i am very worried as i agrred in the phonecall that the amount was acceptable !! and if this is a scam i couldn't give a monkeys about not paying however if it is real and i refuse to pay what happens then ?????
    any advice would be great as i am a very new business and cannot afford to loose any money by going to court etc  :-(

  12. also worryingly  the accounts department rang me on my home phone ??? i never give this out but stupidly forgot to ask how they got hold of it !!?? they have said they will ring me back monday morning once i've eased my mind that the business is genuine !!! ??? 

  13. Have recieved  a call today from Steve Jackson mobile 07856787139 saying thank you for supporting their magazine "Community Safety", which I did not. He said my advert would be in the Margate edition and be sent to all the GP's and Schools etc. When I said I had not contacted them or agreed any advert in a  "Thanet" magazine he seemed unaware that Margate is part of a larger  area of Kent, alarm bells ring etc. I told him thank you and I wasn't interested as by order book was full to the end of the year and did not need to advertise.I shall also send these details to Trading standards in Maidstone.

  14. First – Great thread – and very useful and helpful for people.
    Hi I got the call today, oddly enough after my free listing was confirmed by 118 today. Ah well one must expect the vultures too.
    I knew it was a scam but not by whom, so I went throught the motions and then as always did the background research … and I found you guys and ladies. Nice to know I can still spot em.
    It is basically the same stuff but different company, a website on maintenance and a design company website straight from the templates. I went along with them just to gain proof and also  the email header 
    Return-Path: <>
    Received: from Postfix filter 42a77884ce2a0a03efc6bb50a6dcdb21 (localhost [])
    by (Postfix) with SMTP id E7C696540AC
    for <>; Mon, 17 Oct 2011 14:32:40 +0100 (BST)
    I have the email content and the really crappy design work here …
    It is my own blog so don't visit it unless you are really interested in seeing the content and judging whether it is the same as you have received. I have forwarded the content to Strathclyde fraud squad as being in Scotland they are now subject to Scottish law as I am in posession of their communication, I also forwarded the content to Crimestoppers.
    Thanks for the great article and it is very easy to see how they con people. But hopefully with more of us passing on the experience it will be fewer and fewer. 
    Kindest regards to you all,

  15. I first got a call from a "police officer" telling me about advertising space in a "crime & safety journal" I went for it so I could get more information. After initial phone call and a second and thrird confirming and artwork call, I recieved a confirming email from Municipal Press Office Ltd. Couple days later I recieve a copy of the invoice by post and some clipart artwork. I also recieved an identical invoice and artwork from a company called Safety Information Press, who also have a WIRRAL address, when questioned about why I recieved 2 invoices from different companies their responce was Municipal are the sister company!!
    Long and short is no money was paid and when threatened with court action all of a sudden they were willing to tear up my invoice and forget about it!…. Suprise suprise.
    So beware of anything from Municipal Press Office or Safety Information Press!
    Both apear to be the same scammers, even using what seem like legit websites etc.

  16. I hav e been scammed by RPD which is River Park Media which has been reported to Trading Standards,City of London Police /Action Fraud and local police.  They sell the details on once you pay and I now have a CPA Media harassing but I am aware now and am not going to pay. I have had three telephone calls this week from a witheld number. It all stems from the Liverpool ,Wirral  and Manchester area and I can see from all the websites I have since found like this one that this has been going on since 2009.
     It needs mass publicity to stop it I think. There are so many of us  why cannot we do do something?

  17. had a call 10 minutes ago and got supicios, said from police. And babbbled on about roguet traders..was realli selling magazine adverts..managed mto extract these numbers tho. Maibe of use
    Exuse phone keys could be legit…but i dont think so

  18. I have had a call from companies on the Wirall, about so call EMS campaigns.. all were fraud..
    They have a company called SKYLINE, who through further investigation are in legal wrangles in India as they are an Indian company.. Also there is no record of them on Company's House register.
    Once you inform Trading Standards, and get a police crime number your sorted.. Let them know and they will stop.
    It's a shame I didn't know about this earlier this year as it cost me £2.5K.. still trying to get my money back..
    Also found that the shown number used is a SKYPE number.. once you find out the supplier of the number from OFCOM, phone the supplier up and reprt them. The number will be cut off..:)
    Do not answer withheld nembers.. make sure you say on your answer machine that with held numbers will not be answered. So all those who leave messages are worthy of your time..

  19. GinAvo Media Limited aka The Blueline are a SCAM!!!

    I recently got a phone call form the Blueline asking if I wanted to advertise with them. I thought it was for a good cause, so I went ahead with it. After spending £395 of my money, I did not see or receive any 'magazine'. And after repeated telephone calls with no answer, I decided to make other people aware on this forum of what a con they are.

    I am furious, & I expect I will never see my advertisement or my money again.

    Steer clear of these cowboys! – They are not who you think they are! – Use at your own peril! – They are a scam.

    These are their websites to avoid:


  20. Very intresting all these advertising scam calls, we are not alone! We have had more calls than i am able to list here.  And quite frankly i am sick of it they call me a liar when i say that we have not agreed to these campains and point out that the first that i have heard of there company is an invoice through the post. Yet when i question them (if i can get a word in) regarding lack of thing ie a real phone number i am slandering them! The last guy i spoke to even gave me the last 4 digits of our debit card as a referance, which we would never have handed out as a referance. This card was destroyed in late August due to fraudient use by another one of these companies

  21. Thank goo ness for this website! I have just come off the phone from one of this pigs and I am still shaking with fury.
    I had two phone calls in the Summer not long after I had opened my shop from someone claiming to be from a Crime Prevention Booklet. The first caller asked if I wanted to advertise in their publication and I said no as I am on a tight budget and had advertised elsewhere recently. The second caller stated they were from a Drug Awareness Publication and asked if I wanted to advertise with them, I again said no as I don't have the money.
    I then received a call last week from a women telling me that the publications have been printed and are ready for distribution so we need to settle the account of £149. I told her immediately that I had not agreed to this and she would not receive any payment from me. She hung up. 
    The next day a had a call from a different woman asking me which local school I would like the publication to go. I asked her why I needed to choose as School as I had nothing to do with the publication and she said that we had agreed to advertised and we need to pay £189. I told her that she would not receive any money from me as I had not agreed to this. She hung up.
    I have now just received a call from 'Nigel Foster' who said that he was ringing me to settle my account and that it was well over due. I again explained that I have never agreed to advertise with them, I am on a budget and I know exactly what I have agreed to and I have never received any written information confirming an agreement. He told me that he had a recording of my confirmation phone call and that the printed advert was in front of him. I said that I would like to hear that recording and I said how on earth can you have a printed advert when I haven't sent you any images, logos or business details. He then described the informaiton that he had and the image and I laughed and said he has taken that from my website. 
    So he then went on to tell me that I will receive a letter and if I do not pay within 7 days then they will take me to court. I told him that I would see him in court as I have not agreed to this. He basically scoffed at me and said how can I afford to go to court but not pay the account. I told him that I will not be bullied in to somehing that I have not agreed to. I took his name, number, company name and asked for his website. He told me they didn't have a website.
    I have spoken to trading standards and they have advised to write to the company to request a recording of the phone call and any other proof that I have entered in to the agreement. They must do this within 7 days and if they contact me for any other reason than to provide this proof then it can be construed as harrassment. They told me that if I have not agreed to this and they can not provide proof that I did then I do not have to pay it.
    So the company name is 'Sanchez', the caller was called 'Nigel Foster' and the phone number is 0151 789785 which doesn't work by the way and I can't find anything on google.
    These people are scum bags. In this economic climate when small business are struggling as it is I think it is disgusted. what a lowlife

  22. HI ALL

  23. Hi All,
    They caught me out at the start with the police magazine which i paid.  I have since had 15 calls about various magazines…conversation usually starts with "are you busy or i bet you could do with some help, we all could".  They then get on to thank you for booking the ad in Crime Awareness magazine which is doing really well and to take payment for the slot you booked back in September.  They even say do you remember the phone call?…..well i have a good memory and know what is booked and what isn't.
    I have two calls recently to say they have the advert which i agreed to and my signature is on the back and also to say they have it recorded and will send a transcript to prove I'm a liar…..honestly that is their words.
    I have refused payment and will never pay again it just annoys me that i was caught out by thinking i was supporting the police magazine.
    I can't understand how these people haven't been on Watchdog yet.
    remember be vigilant and if you suspect you are being asked for advertising you haven't booked then in all probability you haven't.

  24. @sandybullivant
    Against the law to record someone without consent. 90% of reps would know this and call you out on it.
    See I read two comments and I'm off.
    @all of you
    I work for one of the few companies that actually hold a contract for the police. We never cross pitch, always generate new clients from scratch and have hundreds of police officers that can back up what we do. All the proof in the world at hand to pass on straight away.
    Do we ever get asked ??NO, do we get all the abuse under god damned sun by people like you? YES Some of the things that have been said to me over the phone by business owners are actually disgusting. Really dashed my belief in the integrity of successful people. My job is to protect kids from criminals and promote child welfare and I am treated like dirt every day by ignorant idiots. 

  25. After reading the above I now have alarm bells! they phoned saying they were sending me a fire prevention calender free in the post and what my contact details were , then they hung off so I didn't have time to get their tel number .
    I get a phonecall 2 days letter asking if we received the calender with the advert I had apparently agreed to – which I hadn't agreed to and there was no calender. I said this to her and told her to cancel this fictious order I had placed and do not proceed with anything,she then hung again quickly so I was unable to get her details.
    We have now received an invoice dated 13.12.11 for £195 claiming we have 7 days to cancel the advert from date of invoice , so that gives us 1 day to do this.
    As there are contact details on the invoice I have sent a letter recorded delivery cancelling it , I have emailed them (heard nothing back) and also phoned them. I spoke to the same lady on the phone ,when quizzed why she sent me an invoice when I canceled it she said I know I canceled it , when I asked her to put it in writing she told me she wouldn't -immediate alarm bells !! I have now contacted trading standards about this .

  26. To Someguy,
    If you let the good people using this forum know which company you work for, you might get some nice replies.  Everyone using this site is either being conned out of money now or have been in the recent past.

  27. I got cought by these scum bags too.  As if life isn't hard enough at the moment………
    Ever heard of 419 ers?  Perhaps we could find a way to set up 418 ers? Or something?
    A thought!

  28. Had a phone call from similar jokers today and realised it was a scam after the woman on the phone was clearly reading from a sheet when i gave negative answers so hung up and then had to put them off all afternoon even though I have had around 15 phone calls from them. I am looking forward to having a pleasant chat tomorrow about this page and how I am going to widely publicise it to all my friends and if they wish me to pay they need to stop withholding numbers and give me a real address so I can pop down and have a chat face to face whilst accompanied by a policeman and trading standards hehe

  29. Hi, has anyone heard of a company called Windows Media offering the same type of thing in the Crime Aware Booklet & Community Safety Journal? Just had an invoice through after talking to someone last week, it has a proof etc for the Ad and they have issued us a login to make alterations. All looks very professional. The letter head has telephone numbers & a London address.
    Please does anyone know if this is a scam also?
    Many thanks

  30. My parents and I run a small rural village pub. Last year when they were on holiday I was tidying up some loose invoices for my Dad and paid one of them. Within the next four weeks four more bogus companies popped up demanding money and we had some blazing arguments over the phone. The companies involved are Kids Safe Uk and Ireland, National Printing Solutions, Appleton Smith Media, Wilson Haynes and the latest one we have had through is Uk-Safety-Advice. They are currently demanding money for the fake booklet. They give a website address at the bottom of the invoice but funnily enough it doesn't exist. Other common mistakes include very poor grammar and punctuation. We got the police involved and they were great upto a point and then just gave up! So looks like we are going to have to fight this on our own. Keep posting people to stop these bastards. I read that one older lady who ran a shop on her own was conned out of over £1000, absolutely disgusting.

  31. Ive posted this on another site but thought I should share with you guys here:

    Hello I found this forum today after searching Google and let me tell you a sad but true story.
    Back in September 2011 I received a phone call from a friendly chap who claimed to be working on behalf of the police. I was asked if I would be interested in advertising with the Crime & Safety Journal. He explained that they were looking to print and distribute 55,000 copies in my local area and asking a very reasonable price with a further 10% discount if I acted soon. As at the time I had only recently started to go self employed it seemed like an opportunity not to be missed. I paid for the advert and was told the publication would be released sometime in November. All the correspondence I received was handled by The Municipal Press Office and with the artwork all done and approved it seemed like a professional job.

    Some time early in November I was contacted by the same friendly chap asking about the advert that I placed in the Fire Safety Journal . I politely told him he must be confused as it was the Crime & Safety Journal I had paid to advertise in. He apologised but asked as we were talking about it would I like to advertise in that publication too. Again offering me what seemed an amazing deal with yet another discount. I said "yes I'll give the Fire journal a go." While he was there I asked when the Crime journal I had already paid for would be coming. He explained that they were still crossing the T's and dotting the I's and it would now be in December. Though the correspondence I received was now being handled by a company called Windows Media. I didn't question it at the time and assumed they had outsourced the work to a 3rd party company.

    Come the middle of January I was starting to wonder if these publications would ever be released so I decided to Google The Crime & Safety Journal. I was shocked to find many websites with many more people complaining that they had been taken in by this scam. So without letting on that I had read these complaints I decided to give these Windows Media people a call. I started off by asking why had I been given letters and emails from two different company names. He told me that they were well within their right to change their company name. I then proceeded to ask why are these companies named after the Municipal offices and Microsoft's windows media player was this to mislead people? He told me that this was a decision made by a board of directors and accused me of shouting at him. As he claimed they were working on behalf of the police I asked if I could have the contact details of the police department they were liaising with. He refused to tell me as he feared I would be abusive to them. Yeah right as if would be abusive to the police. At that point it was clear I had hit a nerve and any further question I asked was answered with him accusing me of being a nuisance. He did however say to rest any doubt they would send me a copy of each of the publications I had advertised in.

    The next day I received an email saying that the magazines were in the post and that I could track them with Royal Mail. So I entered the tracking numbers into Royal Mails website. And there was the conformation that they had been sent on the 21/01/2012 from their branch at 29-31 Market Street CH41 5BS, which is in Birkenhead. Not in London as per their letterhead. Now absolutely convinced this company was a scam I made a call to the police headquarters in Dorset. I explained everything to their enquires office and after they had conversed with their supervisor I was told that the police will never ask any company to advertise in any of their publications and nor would they entertain such a publication in any of their stations across the UK. The police must remain neutral and is against their practice to even recommend the AA if you broke down for example. They recorded my complaint including all their contact info and bank details and I was given a crime reference number.

    Yesterday I was surprised to see in my letterbox copies of the publications Windows Media had sent. They came in clear shrink wrapped plastic with a hand written label with my address on it. You would think a printing company would at least have and address label printer especially if they are sending out oh so many of them. I unwrapped the plasic and oh my god I wish you could see them. The quality of the print is terrible the layout was just laughable and the content was obviously a complete copy and paste job. So much for crossing the T's and dotting the I's. I could have done a better job with my £150 laser printer. I was intrigued to see what the 10 other companies (yes only 10 between both publications) that advertised had to say about Windows Media.

    Well this was very interesting 4 of them told me that they had never paid for the advertising and had received threatening letters from windows media that they just ignored. Yet their ads still featured! Just making up the numbers I guess. One of them told me they had paid for advertising well over a year ago but mentioned a journal of a different name. They had a similar story to mine, paid good money for a pack of lies and nothing else. It was the same story with all the other companies I contacted. This morning I met with one of them so I could show them the publications. He was shocked at the bad quality and the fact that the ad he paid for was not in the style that was agreed. He also let me have a look at the letter threatening legal action after he forgot to send a cheque initially.

    This afternoon I contacted trading standards who told me they've had many similar complaints from others and are looking into it. Everyone who also paid money to Windows Media that I've spoken to will be making complaints also. They were all very supportive and some even willing to go as far as court.

    I gave Windows Media one last call today to demand my money back. Of course I was fed a load of tripe and told never to contact them again.
    I would like to finish with these questions to Windows Media:

    Windows Media, I know you're not, but if you think you are genuine why hide so much?
    Why the forwarding address in London?
    Why not tell us your real address? In this climate you would think a company would be screaming out this is where we are and this is what we do! You sell advertising so you know best obviously.
    Why not tell what departments of tax payers institution you are liaising with?
    Why only 5-6 ads in each publication? Surely that's not going to cover the cost of manufacturing and distributing 55,000 copies. I don't work for a printing firm what do I know eh? (a personal dig that)
    Why such threatening letters to those who don't pay within a couple of weeks?
    Are these reports of you editing recorded phone conversations to mislead people true?
    Why are there sooo many mistakes on your website and why is it so out of date? I'm no words worth but Christ look at the state of it.
    Did this smear campaign you bang on about really loose you £200,000 like I was told on the phone?
    Why lie mislead and cheat so much? You've been caught out! you're a fraud and everyone here knows it. Do the right thing and give us our money back!

    On a very last note while I've been typing this my friend here's been on Google and discovered that every last word of the articles printed in the Fire & Safety publication has been copy and pasted from this website in the USA: ,so I guess they really never were crossing the T's and dotting the I's.

  32. Hi guys, I have recenty Just received a call from a company requesting i pay £2995 for an advert in there publication, There called Bumyamam print… has anyone heard of them as i havent agreed to this

  33. havent bothered reading the whole page, but just to let everyone know, if it hasnt already been said.
    agreeing to something over the phone is not legally binding. it has to be confirmed in writing, via email or post. 
    dont argue this fact because it is true. if they say you agreed to something over the phone, tell them to send you the signed copy in writing… then hang up.

    Hi – Yet another warning of this scam, Received a phone call this morning from a lady whom seemed to know me very well ? Referred to a verbal aggrement in November to place an advert in the Staffordshire Crime Prevention Magazine, the magazine was ready to be distributed, as they were a charitable organisation no vat or tax was payable and needed to pay £199.00 or it was possible to pay by instalments if we were unable to pay in one go. As we agreed a one off advert our details would be removed from their data base.
    We have helped charites in the past so for a minute I thought we could of possibly agreed to do this but as my father was dying in November I couldn't remember the conversation, I then said I couldn't remember a proof of the advert and if the magazine was to be sent out they must have done a print run, when I said again I haven't approved what you can print she hanged up the phone. 
    I couldn't believe it, did a quick search & found this thread, I also did 1471 the number was withheld, these people need to be stopped, people are going to get caught out with this & pay money for adverts that don't exist and using a charity as a scam it's only going to harm genuine charities, who is doing anything about this ? 

  35. Hi All, I was called a few times last year and have had my piece actually printed and paid in advance for a discount. As things were tight in the middle of last year I decided not to do any more paper advertising and had a call in September saying about me accepting an offer to go into a new publication. I said this was not true and I didnt want to do any more advertising and they quoted a previous password. I had calls every day this week with the phone ringing for 20 minutes after telling Mr Jenkins of the Cetral Debt Recovery Company this is not correct. He gave me a telephone number of 0161 2232266 and said he is taking action on behalf of MRS Products Ltd.
    He says that if I do not pay the fee they are going to double tha amount and add costs up to £349. They are also going to get a bailiff with a lock smith and enter my premises and remove goods worth the amount outstanding. 
    This is going to do great harm to any charity calling me in the future calling me as I will not accept any such calls.

  36. Hi
    Got a call from someone today – same as most of the previous reports.  Quite abusive – refused to speak to anyone but my husband – eventually hung up.  Call to local police station confirmed that this is a scam.

  37. OMG I'm so glad i just googled this and found this thread, this has just happened to me. The sad thing is he was really convincing i was starting to think I was cracking up as I have no recollection of ever speaking to him but he was adamant that i'd agreed to £250 of advertising but (when I started questioning him) could do it for £199.
    I have a 3 month old baby and lack of sleep means yes I do forget things but even i would remember agreeing to £250 of advertising that we haven't got the money for!!! The number he phoned on was 0161 3178832. I thought it odd that he answered saying ''Hello, can I help'' no mention of a company name. I'd missed his call and was phoning back as we have a supplier with that area code.
    I will never ever commit to any form of advertising over the phone from now on because of this, lesson learnt just thankful i haven't handed over any money!!!

  38. Rachel if you want the number for On The Bell its 0151 734 3038. They are a legit company, been publishing On The Bell & In Attendance for over 25 Years.  

  39. Had major problems with these people last year and it has just started happening again, got a phone call about an hour ago saying that my 'invoice for £99' is on its way. The woman said I agreed to the advertisement in January but the last time they called was the beginning of december. 
    The phone number they used was withheld and I have rang all the numbers on here with no joy, I even contacted blue line to see if they had anything to do with it but they claimed to no nothing. 
    When I got the invoice and 4 final demands last year I reported them to trading standards which stopped the calls for about 6 months.  I will be doing the same when I receive this invoice. 
    When they sent me a proof last year it was just a folded price of A4 paper with a few ads in it, hardly worth the £149 they tried charging!
    If you get these calls just ask them questions  that thy cant answer, I tried that today but she just ignored me completely then said the invoice is in the post and hung up!
    Will let you all know what happens next

  40. Ok, this forum has saved me from having a nervous breakdown!!  Anyone heard of Imperial prints based in manchester,  got an invoice, some artwork and keep getting phone calls to say i owe them money for my verbal agreement.  They are about the only name from all the invoices i have received that arent on the tapa watch list.
    I am sure they are scammers but before i have a go at them like i have the other companies i wanted to see if anyone else had dealing with them

  41. Hi, and these people are still doing it! I have wrote a letter and sent details to Trading Standards, but this morning I had a phone call from Brian Reeves (07770239830), claiming I had already paid £100 towards our ad in The Crime Prevention Journal and we needed to pay another £295 or we could incurr further costs. I asked him what company he worked for and he said "I'm with the Emergency Services". He did not answer me when I asked for the full address of his company, just kept talking over me saying we had spoke before and I had agreed to this ad. We have paid over £2,000 to variious companies claiming they are with the Emergency Services, all say I had agreed to place an ad, all then get someone else to phone me to confirm, and they are so confusing. In a way, I am glad that this has been happening to other people, I thought it was just me being naive and basically stupid. These people are professionals, they all have the same script. Many are from 0151 or 0161 numbers, or they use mobiles! (and a lot of the guys that phone me are called Paul! and very chatty and flirty!) I am keeping a record now, and I will be phoning Trading standards if I havnt heard from them in a week. 

  42. This lot are now operatin under the name of Community Publishing and pushing a Crime & safety Journal.  They are also continuing to sell details on.  I got a call from a Fire Safety Journal, same thing saying I had agreed tyo an advert that I hadn't.  Have done Trading Standards and MP and Action Fraud can't believe this just continues with the occassional change of name. 

  43. I recently received a call from (crime prevention) then a 2nd call from Oakwood publishing ltd in Preston. They tried to make out that i had previously supported some campaign they run and asked would i be happy to do the same again but could not provide any proof of what work had been carried out. I then took the time to search Oakwood Publishing and found out that they have nothing to do with crime prevention or any kind of publishing for that matter and the address for Oakwood Publishing is actually a mail forwarding address so would strongly recomend against taking them up on any request for sponsership. all i will say is people please do your research before parting with your cash.

  44. Beware Oakwood Publishing ltd preston new kids on the block it seems, or so they say "we have new publishers for our police / fire/ crime / drug awareness/ childrens charities etc"
    Claim to be running a charitable crime provention diary eliminating crime, enabling the local victim support and police unit to function. Most bizzarely I had a call from a gent in the morning claiming to be a 'Jonathan Cook', who joked about "being on the beat earlier that day" I found it bizzare how a constable had the time to then sit in an office asking local business to support him by pledging cash to fund some crime provention brochure, nether the less I asked him to call back in the afternoon. Running a large department store there are other opponants needing consulting regarding this "renewal" and expense.
    Later that afternoon "Mr Cook" called back reminissing our earlier conversation however……he introduced himself as a MICHAEL STONE! luckily in the time pending I had already had my doubts encouraged when we uncovered from our account department that we had infact never advertised with them. After confronting Mr Stone/ Cook / scum bag he was surprisingly polite not a hint of aggression and politely appologised making an excuse about the wrong information etc etc. I wish I had tried to extract more information however at the time I wasnt fully aware of this scam myself.
    After speaking with our local CPO we uncovered this to be a total SCAM and have put measures and precurments out across the board. The real victims are not benefits only the fat cats!

  45. We are being harrassed by Imperial Prints UK Ltd for a advret which we had not agreed to in the CRIME AWARENESS HANDBOOK.  They keep calling with number witheld – we hang up or don't bother answering.  We have emailed them to calrify we have not agreed to this and that the artwork would have been better designed by my 8 year old son.  We have stated that we will not conduct telephone conversations with them and that any communication MUST be via email.  Guess what – they still ring!  About to contact our local Police, Greater Manchester Police (as their address is in Manchester), Action Fraud, Trading Standards and OFT.  Thought we had got over this following a previous problem with Range Publishing Ltd!

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