Crime Prevention Booklet


I had a call today from a guy who said “Can I speak to the Owner Please?”

He was calling “just to thank me for my support”, the Crime Prevention Booklet was a success and he wanted to “Check my details” because apparently in April I agreed to support them.

This scam is using the same scam script – claiming they spoke to me a few months ago and I kindly agreed to support them.

Apparently it is a “Crime Prevention Booklet”, unfortunately the caller hung up before I got chance to extract any more information.  If anyone has any further information please let me know.

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  1. I got 2 calls today, the first from ‘Cheshire’, the second from Liverpool. the first call asked if i wanted exclusive rights to advertise as the only gym in Yeovil to feature in a magazine connected to the police. the second call my fiance handled, she initially told them to call back this afternoon. when they did, i answered and he started to rattle off facts about the ‘change for life’ program and that i could get in on it. i told him i wasn’t interested and he called me a fcuking w@nker and abruptly hung up. we have only took residence at these commercial property on friday, have had about 8 calls from companies re electricity and phone suppliers and now this. where do they get the number from? is one of the companies we have used giving/selling our data on? 10 calls in total is not just a coincidence…

  2. We Received a call was from ” the police” turned out to be emergency support services who wanted to thank me on behalf of the police for my support !. I have never supported them !, then this morning received a red “Account Overdue” letter demanding £229.13. I rang the number on the demand letter and asked what it was for and who they were as I have never used them, was told not to worry as the account was being cancelled !. Thieves !. Have kept the demand letter and shall be sending it to trading standards and our local police station.

  3. Happy New Year!

    Further to my post in December, CPA Media accounts department telephoned today to discuss an outstanding account for £500 (their invoice shows £400 but I couldn’t be bothered to argue) and I told the guy to f#ck off. He said we’ll take it straight to litigation and I said, “Good luck with that, you go right ahead”. I wanted to ask him where he got off sending out unsolicited invoices and tell him that he was breaking the law, but he put the phone down mid-sentence. Be robust, keep telling them “NO” and hopefully one day they’ll realise that you will not just roll over and move on to another prospect.

  4. hi,just in reply to all other people…
    I too had a phone call from a girl with a northern accent explaining that i been specially selected in my postal area,for full exclusivity being a painter and decorator for special price£95.00 plos vat lov as they speak lol.. for first book end of jan then october issue,,, now they knew my second name postcode, and road i live in(how do they know this i ask)so i gave them my email to forward their description of ad what they design but the lady said some one from there security team will ring me to confirm its legit….lol… then lady from liverpool rang up from number 01512366280 and she said who she was but cant remember her name, but she said if i wanted a discount meaning save the £20.00 vat ,,i said yes and she said can i take your card details and i said of course NO..but then she said she email me details but she has not yet,,,now i found its a scam L>O>L

  5. i recieved a call from them today,he was very polite and i couldnt place his accent… until i informed him he’s a robbing c*** to which he replied “you’re a f****** bell, ive got an apartment on the docks in liverpoooool and earn £1300 a week” in a very thick scouse accent! i told him i was made up for him and that the longer he spent on the phone to me the more commision he was losing.
    these people are trying to rob you so dont feel the need to be polite, lay into them. i quite enjoyed it!!

  6. Received a called a few weeks back from a Liverpudlian “Gentleman” claiming to be calling on behalf of the local police…. When I asked him which borough of the MET he was from he hung up!

    He’s just called me back (bright chap obviously!) and when I pushed him on the fact he clearly isn’t calling on behalf of the police so who is he and where is he from – he gave me the crime prevention booklet story and said he would send the certificate in the post to us, thanking us for our support… I even asked him what the message of support said – It wasn’t that good! I’m waiting to see if any invoice or more calls appear, I have notified the other people in my office so look forward to him calling back and having some fun with these scumbags!

  7. Blueline Publications
    Just received a phonecall from “Trevor” at Blueline Publications who said we were mentioned in last years local crime prevention magazine and that they normally deal with the owner of the Company whose name they mentioned. I said that we dont pay for advertising and he said it was free of charge. I repeated it several times. I asked for the name of his company and tel no. 0207 917 6772 which does not exist!!! The magazine is supposed to be published in April 2011 and I should be receiving a copy of the proof within a week – so lets wait and see!!!

  8. Over the past 6 months I have received hundreds of these phone calls, so far this week alone I have had 22 phone calls and this is even with being registered with TPS. I have had at least 45 invoices sent to me from various companies and I am now at my wits end. I can’t understand how these people have no conscience in scamming people out of money.
    I have never agreed to any of these ads and I have no intention in paying any more of the invoices. I Originally paid 3 of them as the caller claimed to be from a company who I do advertise with.
    After reading some of the comments on this I am now ready for the calls to come in tomorrow!

  9. CPA Media are still on the case. Despite sending me an unsolicited invoice in December, I now have another copy of it and a demand for payment. So I called the number on the invoice and spoke to a “Tony Gerrard” the “accounts manager”. I explained my feelings and he asked for my invoice number, which I gave to him. I did not reveal my name or the company name. To my surprise (and I mean that) he could not find me on their system because – get this – they use the same invoice number on lots of invoices. I was astounded by this revelation in accounting malpractice, but gave him my post code and he couldn’t find that either. When I told him that I would take the matter up with TSO and Police he was keen to end the call and “wasn’t going to stay on the line to listen to my abuse”, because he had better things to do. I called him some rude names and he hung up. I will pass my recording of the call to the Trading Standards and see what they think of his dubious accounting practice.

  10. I spoke with a Paul and then a Richard Johnson who became very menacing… I paid 179 out of duress and have subsequently sought fraud advise from my bank who are looking into the Crime Prevention scammers…. Garside and Co (UK) – not to be confused with Garside and CO in London a reputable company. Be careful everyone these scammers can become very menacing…. I have told them my “proof” advert was less than pitiful and had no mention of what my company does nor any telephone numbers or contact details…. these people are scum

  11. Further Developments…..

    I am now in receipt of a Doorstep Collection Notice, thanks to Studio 31 for this, and a Letter of Notice of Intended Legal action, thanks to UK Media Productions for this one!

    I find it quite amusing that the legal action letter has a different total and a different reference number than the invoice htat was sent just last week from the same company!

    I also have received invoices from Studio 31, City Media, GPS Marketing and Imperial Media

    Has anyone every heard of any of these companies? I have tried to contact some of them by phone but no numbers seem to go through. I am now passing all of these to my solicitor to deal with and should I have to go to court well so be it

  12. Recieved and invoice today (20/01/11) from CPA Media for an ‘advertisement’ (£400) dated 01/10/10 purportedly ordered by a named individual. We do not employ anyone of the name given. When I rang to enquire I was told it was for a ‘fire brigade’ year book or similar. Also contacted our local trading standards officer.

  13. My husband has recieved one of these calls to day from some one saying he was from the police crime prevention and thank you for your support. They said that some one had spoken to him last november about advertising. He was also told that they would be sending an invoice for that ammount with some other paper work. He phoned me to see if I had spoken to the police concerning this. Thanks to a bit of dective work and your posts I have been able to tell hime its a scam and not to agree to anything or tell them anything. So am awaiting the long list of phone calls etc that appear to follow and the paper work to come through the door!!!. Thankyou to every one who has posted for stopping us making a mistake and believing these scammers.

  14. Yes, Joanne, all of them and an awful lot more beside. We are on the case. An in depth inquiry is in hand with the intention of using the information to the detriment of these scammers.

    I lost thousands of pounds when I was targeted with up to 15 phone calls per day from more than a dozen of them.

    I contacted Trading Standards and the Bank and more recently my MP and Telephone Preference Service. . THIS CAN ONLY BE DEALT WITH AT THE HIGEST LEVEL BY MAKING COLD CALLING ILLEGAL. This is a preference phone line but…. so what? The fine per call, if proved is £5,000. Register your phone line with the TPS and keep records of phone calls. Report each violation.


    Deny any contract has been made, regardless. In order to confirm a contract exists they must prove in Court:-

    1. The voice is yours
    2. That the tape has not been edited.
    3. It was not made under duress or misrepresented.
    4. That the product is fit for purpose (none of them are)
    5. Terms,conditions and the price were given
    6. Not made on a preference phone line

    Only Court action can decide so any attempt to recover an alleged debt prior to Court action is illegal. Call the Police. According to Trading Standards, not one has gone to Court.

    Please contact your MP. It is no good moaning WE MUST ALL DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT.

  15. Wilson Haines are using the telephone number 02031373689
    According to a website this number is:-
    “Number 02031 373 689 is potentially valid.
    Oftel records show that numbers starting 02031 373 are allocated to Telephony Services Limited. Note that due to number portability if an individual number has moved to a different operator this information is not publicly available.
    Oftel’s last recorded change for this number range was July 2006. “

  16. All the above companies ring a bell with me… I’ve been reciving calls and invoices etc from blueline, IPL etc and now business debt recovery. I contacted the legal support team supplied by my governing body and the Solicitor i spoke to suggested its all a scam and seemed to know about these companies. She advised my to send 1 letter stating i require no advertising now or in the future and that i have no advertising order with them.
    Then i should report them to the OFT and Traiding standards to help the shut them down.
    She recomended me to keep as many logs, letters etc as poss so if they want to take me to small claims i have the required paper trail. If it goes to court you don’t need legal reprisentation and they can only claim cost of advert + intrest at a sensiable rate (ie bank rate) and court costs so max should be about £100 if i lost but she felt the case was strong enought not to pay and felt that no court action would appear.

    I will look for all the contact data / companys I have and post to help prevent others falling into this.

    Best advice i’ve had don’t buy on phone if you do ask for the ext No. and callers name and call them via a number you reserched eg Yell off there websites contact info so you control who you speak to. All genuin ad’s i have running came with contracts that they request a signiture from if i wished to proceed.

    Good luck and let us all try and get them shut down the theving gits they are.

  17. Have just been called today, didn’t catch the callers name or company and as I was teaching I didn’t ask, I was told I had been called in September, which I know I wasn’t so I just told him that I hadn’t been, and never to call me again.
    I have lost count of the number of calls I have had in the last year. although they all say I have booked an advert, none of them can tell me what my business is!

    This one today came up as ‘unknown number’ on my phone, so they must have changed their tactics. I have saved some of the previous numbers on my mobile so I don’t have to answer them!

  18. P.S. I rang trading standards over a previous call and they bounced me to the police, Greater Manchester police told me to ring my own force although the call had come from Manchester, and my own force told me to call Manchester, so not a lot of help there!

  19. I’ve been receiving a number of calls from an organisation representing itself as the “Database Deletion Service”. They mention that I have received a number of unwanted advertising calls and that they are working to delete my name and number from the databases of these scammers. This is supposedly a free service but I am not convinced they are or do what they claim.

    Usually during the phone call the person asks if I have received any paperwork from the advertising company and each time I reply no.

    I don’t know if this is some tactic to prove receipt of paperwork and thus prove a contract existed between me and the advertisers.

    Has anyone else heard of them?

  20. We had the same call. As a result, more invoices came in from companies that we had not heard of. It is probably all part of the same scam.

    The few calls we get now are just a nuisance as we know there is absolutely nothing that these scammers can do to us.

  21. Can anyone tell me anything about Reflect Print? I suspect they have targeted a colleague in my business group.

  22. The Database Delection Service is itself another scam, as is The Charities Database. If you agree to register with them, you will be expected to pay. Cue lots more contact with lots more scamming scum. These database deletion companies are a last gasp attempt to con money out of people who managed not to fall for the publishing scam. That is why they have you number, they are one and the same.

  23. Got scammed by a company claiming to represent the emergency sevices, re advert for my pest control business, which I never placed… had threatening phone calls, … So thanks to this site I can **** them off !
    A nice gentleman said he would try again tomorrow…. Can’t wait, as will not get a penny.
    Blueline in Liverpool are scammers too, never recieved a complimentary copy of the magazine…
    Advertise on the web…

  24. I received a similar call from this number – 02031373689 claiming to be from Facebook.

    The girl on the phone began really politely and tried to sell me Facebook Advertising for “£500, only joking, it is £99.00″. I laughed this off and told her I was not interested 4, 5, 6 times and then she became very aggressive towards me.

    This was definately a scam cold call, as if she worked for my reputable company her feet wouldn’t touch the ground.

    Don’t fall for it…Stay well clear and tell her to feckoff when she rings.

  25. I just had a call from 0161 457 0881. The girl claimed to be working for a David Lloyd Centre and was looking for companies in the surrounding area that wanted to advertise in their brochure.

    Add this number to your telepest ringtone. My phone barks when I get calls from known telepest numbers. That way I can choose to ignore, be rude or wind them up.

  26. Hi, I have just received an invioce from a company called Global media corporation, they told me they’d contacted me in January and I agreed to advertise in a police booklet [strange for a specialist firm like mine!] however I suggested where they may like to shove their invoice, I await hearing from them!

  27. I have over the past 6 months or so received several calls from various companies, Blueline Publications, Imperial Media, all for advertising saying that I’d agreed to take space, even though I told then I did not have any recollection of that call. I have then received invoices together with suggested artwork and obviously not realising that it was a scam said I would go ahead. I have subsequently received calls bullying me and have paid some money to these companies. They are quick to demand payment but when you realise that it is a scan and look on their websites and find that the ad you paid for is not there and you ask for your money back they don’t respond. I am now going to speak to my bank and try and get the money recently paid back.

    In reference to a previous thread above, referring to a Database Deletion Service. I received a call from them only last week saying that I could be entitled to money back from various advertising agencies who are not legitimate. I’ll wait and see if I hear from them again, if so I’ll post a note here. Thanks for this site I came across it quite accidently whilst looking for Crime Prevention Initiative magazine.

  28. As a result of the database deletion service you will probably get more invoices from other companies if you agreed for them to act for you. Ignore them all and get your local trading standards involved, this generally stops the harassment.

    If you have paid anyone by Paypal, use them to get your money back, they are very efficient and effective.

  29. Hi,

    I’m going through the process with a couple of companies at the moment. One is Crucial Care and the other is Digital Jupiter. One of these got me with a Police Magazine and also promised possible work at my local police station (how stupid/greedy was I?) and somehow they both got me to agree with diaries as well by saying they are associated with the other.

    Anyway fast forward to now and Crucial Care are saying they are going to pursue me for payment – good luck to them I say, they are going to need it.

    However I contacted a non-government organization called “The Advertising Protection Agency” because these scammers appeared on a list of their monitored companies. TAPA claim to be able to represent you and stop these companies calling as well as getting any money paid out already back. So far so legit (ish) but I can find little or no information about TAPA other than on their website. They also require a registration fee of £62+VAT and a monthly membership fee of £8.22.

    What makes me suspicious is that only 2 days after I contacted TAPA, Crucial Care (who I had told TAPA about) contacted me with 5 abusive phone calls ending in more abuse and a promise to take me to court. Then this morning TAPA contacted me again saying they had a raft of companies phone them concerning Crucial Care asking for money and threatening action.

    Does this seem a little too convenient – all seems plausible but registers a blip on my

    Has anyone any experience of The Advertising Protection Agency?


  30. I have also just realised that I ahve been scammed. I have paid out to 2 of these already with another 3 invoices pending and the phone calls getting more abusive. The following companies are ones to watch out for: EMS media, Imperial media, Hillden and Alexander & sons publishing working on behalf of the police community clubs. The latter has a journal but it has free advertising. I has sought legal advice from the federation of small business and I now intends to report these scammers to the trading standards. The abuse these people give and the intimidation is unacceptable never mind the fact that they are robbing hard working business people like myself of our hard earned cash.

  31. just had another call, this time from Sanderson publications, saying I’ve agreed to an ad in some health and safety booklet which i havent!

  32. interesting comments about TAPA, it’s ringing alarm bells with me too. They want alot of money, but i cant see how they are going to stop the nuisance calls!

  33. Just had a call from a guy called Lawrence, claiming that we sponsored this publication before (lies), thanking us for our continued support & we would shortly get a call from their publisher. 5 mins later Blueline publishing called asking for payment of our order £155. Told them where to go..This had scam written all over it!

  34. Nearly got scammed but was able to cancel payment as I had done it on line. A Richard Johnson called advising that he was sorting out my issues with all the calls I had been getting. He informed me that he was going to remove me from the Charity database, said he could tell that I had a lot of outstanding invoices (I don’t think so) but that I didn’t need to worry as they would be cancelled as soon as I paid the outstanding payment to Safety Services, which were NOT a scam (yeah right!) but a really nice company! Anyway cut a long story short, paid the money across but had a gut feeling to google this company and also Richard Johnson. Also contacted Manchester Crime Prevention Unit who advised never heard of Richard Johnson. Well I called my bank straight away and cancelled the payment and emailed this so called safety services that I would not be paying, I have had three phone calls this evening getting more and more irate from this Richard Johnson. Please beware!

  35. Just seen this thread after being contacted by Trading Standards about CPA Media as they are using my company name.

    It appears they are completely a con so DO NOT pay any invoices.

    I now have a solicitor on the case and Trading Standards are pursuing them. Does anyone have another number for them as the one on this website just goes to a voicemail?

    I’m fuming as I run a reputable media agency and they can potentially ruin my company’s reputation.


  36. These scammers are still at it. Have just received an invoice from kids safe uk & ireland for £190.00 for services I haven’t agreed too, knowing that i have never spoken to these people.

    I will not be paying this bill,as they are part of a long list of so-called media advertising who have attempted to extract monies from me.
    I ‘ll wait for the bogus debt recovery company to call me and record their conversation and pass it onto the actionfraud website.

  37. Have been bothered by these sharks since Dec, mostly Emergency services press, EMS, Digital Jupiter, Have reported them to police and trading standards, and have lost money via credit and debit cards. No one is interested just says to put down phone. Shocked that such companies are allowed to keep going year after year, Just so sorry for any genuine cold callers as I am blunt “NO”. Really upset as trying to run small business, thought I was doing my bit for emergency services. Lost money I can ill afford, Any one have idea of how to get it back?

  38. These people must be back in business I just received a call as below.

    “Can I speak to the Owner Please?”

    He was calling “just to thank me for my support”, the Crime Prevention Booklet was a success and he wanted to “Check my details” because apparently in April I agreed to support them.

    This scam is using the same scam script – claiming they spoke to me a few months ago and I kindly agreed to support them.

    Apparently it is a “Crime Prevention Booklet”, unfortunately the caller hung up before I got chance to extract any more information. If anyone has any further information please let me know.

  39. If you paid through Paypal, they have a ‘Resolution’ forum in place for the buyer to get money back if the goods (adverts) are not produced.

  40. We have been scammed recently by a company calling themselves EMS Media Company and supposedly representing the emergency services. Abusive calls demanding payment for an advert we did not place are just starting.

    A month ago we agreed to publish in a magazine called “The Blue Line” – it is also a scam.

    It all began both times with someone calling to speak to me by name. When my receptionist asked if I was expecting the call, they said yes. With EMS they said once “We are from the Police” and later “we represent the police”.

    With “The Blue Line”, they thanked me profusely for our support of a recent crime prevention campaign. I thought maybe someone else in the comapny had put in an ad and as it was supposedly a charity dealig with crime prevention eduation in my area, I agreed to an ad for £195. They said what they would be putting in the ad, read out the words, and I agreed – it was after all going for a good cause!

    After we paid for the ad, we found out that they don’t publish their magazine and distribute 6500 copies as they said they do, the comapony refuses to give out documentary evidence of circulation, and when pressed for documentary evidence to prove they actually printed the April edition, they provided an invoice which was roughly one sixth the cost of printing in full colour that they claim they do. We print a lot and know the costs.

    The matter has been passed to the police in both cases.

  41. I think Blueline is now operating in Glasgow – check this link out. I think they used to run the same scam under a differrent name in Glasgow and they DID contact people via trade exhibitions (food and drink.) They sold advertising space, printed a few hundred mags, but never distributed them. Here is a link to their ‘website’ which is just one page and looks very similar to a previous site. (If indeed my suspicions are correct.)

    They answer the phone ‘Hello, Blue Line.’ Interesting that there is no contact info or anything.

  42. Here is another link to their main site, and guess what?? Their new address listed here is just a stones throw away from where the old company was based. Is this a coincedince???

  43. Just received an invoice from CPA Media for £400 never heard of them, sent their invoice back with some nicely chosen words.

  44. Omg im glad im not the only one that this has happened too,ive just this second come off my phone to one saying that they are goin to take me off the calling list but first of all ive got to pay £499 im a small buisness. It upsets me to think that there are people out there who take joy out of taking money off people for nothing

  45. hey guys has any one heard of company called mosaic media,educational print,reflex,omg ive many many more

  46. ive got loads companies called mulitmedia based blackpool,abingdone house,practical pulication,peterson leigh,saftey planners,cpn design,uk link media,walford and james,educational print theres loads more these are just some of the few i have paid and lost sooooo much money how much of a fool do i feel and there sat in there little poxy office laughing all the way to the bank

  47. I too have received phone calls from a company claiming that I agreed to advertise with them. i paid last year& was told that I wouldn’t be contacted again but today I was. They wanted me to pay £234. Last year I went without to pay them. I’ve never recieved anything from them but a demand for payments I haven’t agreed to. He called himself Edward stone & someone who didn’t give me his name called five minutes later from a really bad line. It sounded like the same guy. I should have been suspicious as there was no background noise. But as my daughter was screaming, i told him to send out the information & I would deal with it later. You can rest assured that I will not be paying them. They’ll be getting a stinking letter tomorrow!

  48. We have recieved a similar phone call from ‘ANDY STRINGFELLOW’ about police emergency suipport services magazine. Is this a scam also?

  49. Just got the call and being inquisitive looked it up on google, did not agree to anything luckily, just told him to send it all through via email and I will discuss with the board.

    We are a charity helping people living with disabilities around the south east, this just makes me sick scams like this, that sound so convincing. Luckily I have an untrusting mind in this instance.

    Will see what and if I get anything via email!!

  50. Just had a letter from CPA Media telling me that they are going to start Court Proceedings if I do not pay their invoice – Bring It On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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