Crime Prevention Booklet


I had a call today from a guy who said “Can I speak to the Owner Please?”

He was calling “just to thank me for my support”, the Crime Prevention Booklet was a success and he wanted to “Check my details” because apparently in April I agreed to support them.

This scam is using the same scam script – claiming they spoke to me a few months ago and I kindly agreed to support them.

Apparently it is a “Crime Prevention Booklet”, unfortunately the caller hung up before I got chance to extract any more information.  If anyone has any further information please let me know.

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  1. Thank You Robert,

    Some really good advice there.

    I hope you dont hear from them again.

    From the comments and emails on the site recently, I think there is a spike in new companies jumping on board the scam wagon.
    I have heard 2 new company names recently and also, some companies pretending to be from scam companies that have been shut down! (odd)


  2. Same as Andy on 25th May above,just had Benjamin Whitworth from Blueline on the phone with the same word-for-word spiel that you get from all of these Merseyside/’Cheshire’ based companies. “I’m calling on behalf of your local police force… nothing to worry about hahaha… thanking you for your support with last years advert!”

    Accused him of being a scammer, had a bit of banter for a minute or so while he tried to defend himself and I quizzed him about his company…. then, as they all do in the end, he bottled it and hung up!

  3. HI we are a new business, and have just fell for this crime prevention magazine scam,
    We thought it was a proper company obviously not after reading all the above stories.

    I think they have changed there name as this company we got a phone call from was just set up in 2010. we paid with our credit card the sum of 133.00 they offered 10% discount if we paid there and then giving us a 1/4 of a page of advertising which we thought was great price.

    They then send you an email to log into to view your advertisemnet you agree to it then they will put in the crime prevention magazine.

    I am guessing we will not ever get to see a copy of this magazine as it seems it dosent even exist.

    We are repoting to the police in liverpool as this is where this company is based, having to put a stop on our credt card.

    This will teach us a big lesson!!

  4. We recieved several pushy sales calles from Blueline Pulications trying to sell 1/4 page ad’s for Frontline Magazine. We asked them to send quote, which they have at a price of £346.63. Once quote was recieved we checked out company and came across this scam information. The company is listed on Companies House with very little information and there is no web-site for Blueline or Frontline. Please beware, they are very convincing.

  5. i have had the call this week never picked the phone up as i dont do unknown numbers but have saved the message he left again as most of you liverpool man called himself david lloyd calling on behalf of local police force nothing to worry about then goes on to say about the crime prevention mag thats coming out in about 6 weeks and that they are in our area at the moment and through the guverment they have to include local buis so if advertising is what we are looking for then to call him , so will be reporting it first thing tomorrow .

  6. Hi.

    I left a message on here a few months back when I was called by one of these fictional publishing companies who almost conned me into buying some advertising space. Since then I have had about 5 calls, all of which I have been told to “F**k off” at the end of. One of which was 2 days ago.

    The same guy (with a Stoke accent) called me this morning with the same script. “Hello I’m Graham from the Police. I’m just calling to thankyou for agreeing to support us by purchasing some advertising space etc”.

    On this occassion I decided to go along with it. I did say that I wasn’t formally confirming anything over the phone (not that they will take any notice of that). In addition I have not and will not be providing any payment (didn’t tell them that bit of course).
    The guy even asked me if next time he is in my local area I would take him out for a pint after the superb deal he has given me!

    When this first happened I was unaware of these scams and became suspicious after doing a Google search for the publishing company in question. I then contacted the real Police and they told me they have never heard of the publication. They also told me they do not call people to sell advertising.

    I have had enough of this abuse and this time I’m going to give them a taste of it. I have no fear of any legal comeback from this fraudulent operation so I’m going to let them send out as many advert proofs and threatening letters as possible without response. When they do call me up, I’m going to tell them to F**k off!

    Immature – yes ok maybe a bit, but anyone who is receiving these calls over and over will agree with me that it becomes pretty tiresome. What annoys me the most is being sworn at and having the phone slammed down for asking simple questions.

    Yours angrily,

  7. I feel so stupid, I’ve got been got by these scammers.

    They called yesterday with their usual spiel and I thought it sounded really good, so I said I was interested.

    They just called again this morning for payment and I stupidly paid :(
    Not sure why I did as I was thinking should I or shouldn’t I. I guess it was the offer of 10% off and I’m a new business so any money I can save helps.
    I’ve called my bank to try and cancel the transaction but I’ve got to call back next week as they can’t do anything about it at the moment.
    I feel like such an idiot I’m usually pretty wise to these kind of things.

  8. lol I just had a call thanking us for supporting the crime prevention mag etc. As the Director’s out of office, the chap is apparently calling back on Monday.
    Any messages from any of you to pass on? lol

  9. Anyone know if there is any way of getting money back, these scammers have got my Husband twice now and are thretening to take even more money from his account!
    It concerns me that so many people have been contacted & conned and yet there is nothing / no one on here who has sucessfully recovered their lost money or who has even taken these A Holes down. :o(

  10. i have had 2 phone calls from j r media and wilson haines i paid wilson 400 then stared to get call off jr media i phoned trading standard told them about it tryed phoning the scams and its a answer phone i am not pay the other 349 they can go and play on the m6 i am phoneing the police tomorrow

  11. It’s obviously peak season for these scams. In recent months we have received several of these calls. Crime Prevention – Drug and Alcohol Abuse Awareness and a Fire and Safety Desk Dairy. I have even been directed to a website, (I have to say, very convincing) this showed a list of schools in our area that are supported by this particular scheme or should I say scam. By chance the first one on the list has I know closed down!

    These people have clearly done some research on our Website, targeting and asking by name for our key people (busy and likely to say yes, when told they have previously agreed!).

    We too have experienced the chummy friendly, you are so kind and generous approach only to be followed by you F***ing bitch and a slam of the phone.

    Sadly when this was reported to the Police they didn’t want to know – even though the Crime Prevention Magazine clearly displays a Police person on horse-back.

    No-one should feel stupid or gullible, these are very clever, albiet evil individuals preying on decent people.

    Does anyone else feel that their names are on some sort of list?

  12. It’s obviously peak season for these scams. In recent months we have received several of these calls. Crime Prevention – Drug and Alcohol Abuse Awareness and a Fire and Safety Desk Dairy. I have even been directed to a website, (I have to say, very convincing) this showed a list of schools in our area that are supported by this particular scheme or should I say scam. By chance the first one on the list has, I know closed down!

    These people have clearly done some research on our Website, targeting and asking by name for our key people (busy and likely to say yes, when told they have previously agreed!).

    We too have experienced the chummy friendly, you are so kind and generous approach only to be followed by you F***ing bitch and a slam of the phone.

    Sadly when this was reported to the Police they didn’t want to know – even though the Crime Prevention Magazine clearly displays a Police person on horse-back.

    No-one should feel stupid or gullible, these are very clever individuals preying on decent people.

    Does anyone else feel that their names are on some sort of list?

  13. I can not beleive the nerve of these people. The telephone conversation that i received from someone this morning was very polite and he seemed to no exactly what he was talking about, but when he told me that someone had placed the order on 07/07/2010 and told me that persons name then i became suspicious because that person hasn’t worked for us for nearly 2 years. The gentlemen on the phone then called me a F—ing Bitch once i questioned him and then a dirty Slag.

    Surely the police must realise that these people are using there name to make profit , but yet its us hard working people that get no help from the police!!!!

    So where does that leave the hard working folk???????????? Now where because the police obviously are not interested so its left to us mere mortals to deal with it.

    As you can read i am so angry that these wastes of space get away scott free and our names must be on all kinds of lists.

    Surely something as gotto be done.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Just got a call off one of these men today. Followed up by another call asking if my address and post code was still the same!! I had not given anyone these details so was a bit uneasy. did not agree to anything, but I still expect an invoice after reading your comments here. Thanks for the info, it will save me paying for what looks like a Good Deal!! If anyone is interested the phone number he rang off was 0151 236 8057.
    Maybe we should all ring it and give THEM hassle

  15. Hi there. I run a pub in sheffield and have had the same thing happen to me from blue line publications. ive paid them once but still getting letters demanding 345 quid. ive told them to balls!!! i had a call this morning from a childrens charity saying id placed the ad back in june and that they can not stop the publication again told her its scam and that i would never agree to this as i dont have the money to advertise. thanks to all the peeps that have put information on this site. i wont be paying anything to them xx

  16. OK so I thought that these wastes of skin had forgotten about me – not that I am too bothered anyway – but alas they must be bored so they send me another letter , red border looks dead official (laugh) demanding that I pay them monies or my goods will be ‘executed’ and stating that they already have a court order.

    Laugh again.

    Perhaps I should write to them and ask for a copy of this mystery court order that I have heard nothing about.

    I love it – every letter they send me I just add to my dossier, which is getting quite thick now.

    Wonder whats next? Feels nice to be wanted.

    I have some monopoly money spare thinking of posting it to them along with a cheque signed M. Mouse counter signed by S.Claus.

    To anyone on here worried by these scum – don’t be!

    The VERY best thing would be for them to apply to a court to issue a small claims against you. The court people judge both sides (it’s all very informal and not scary at all – unfortunately I have a few experiences of small claims courts bad payers etc.) and then the court make a common sense judgment about who gets paid and who dosen’t.

    Anyone with half a brain cell can see that these guys at blueline publications are scammers – and do you REALLY think that this scum would turn up at a court?

    Let the demands keep coming and just ignore them. When they ring try to get as MUCH information about them as you can and if possible record the call. Just let them know that you are recording the call first!

    These people are just trying it on and will attempt to bully you into making payment.


    YOU owe them NOTHING, YOU have CONTROL.

    They are not a publishing company, they have no website and people have even visited their ‘offices’ which are empty.

    Fear not, what comes around goes around, these guys will get their collars felt soon.

  17. I was telephoned by Michael Tomklinson from Blue Line stating that we were due ‘Thank-You’ certicates relating to our participation Crime Prevention programme. They required £155 for advertising purposes!

    Having read some of the comments above, and as a Principal of a Primary School, it appears that anyone is fair game for this scam! They are persistent though – that was three calls this morning just to get to speak to me!

    Have been in touch with my community police officer so I’m looking forward to them ringing back again!

  18. Sounds like I had the same guy as Phil!

    Called ‘Graham’ but with a strong scouse accent, and offered to buy me a drink next time he was in my area! Cheeky git.

    Said I’d agreed to advertising with them in May for £195 + VAT. Know damn well I hadn’t – already had 2 similar companies try it in April, so knew the drill.

    He then rang back to offer me a ‘reduced’ price which had been cleared with his boss (they do try hard don’t they), to which I lost my temper and said I’d never agreed to it and told him he was a scouse scamming b******. He then said ‘he didn’t want my money’ as I’d accused him of being a scammer for no good reason!!

    Unfortunately they have my home phone number and address from some of my advertising on – that’s the only place. So I’m now waiting for the threatening legal letters and phone calls to start. They can try, but are not going to get anywhere!

    Was from the same number as Corrine stated: 01512 361846

  19. Im shocked at just how many of us there are on this site!

    Our company’s also fallen victim to these scammers and naively paid for a couple of so-called ‘publications’, but hopefully we’re wise to them now and won’t be conned by more bogus demands.

    We’ve been sent various booklets over the past few years, one was even pretending to be for a cancer charity, which seemed particularly sick (I contacted the charity and they knew nothing about it, of course). They have no conscience at all and will use any means to extort money by preying on peoples’ good-nature.

    The latest received today is a ‘Fire Safety for Kids’ booklet sent with a pro-forma invoice for £99, no VAT number, no company registration number, etc – pretty amateur-looking really.

    More out of curiosity than anything, I rang the phone number on the invoice (0845 – they probably get extra income from that!) and could hear a telephone argument going on in the background. The guy I spoke to was really defensive straight away. Told him I wouldnt be paying for his scam booklet and not to contact us again. Won’t make any difference I know, but made it me feel a little better at the time.

    As a consequence, we’ve stopped agreeing to any sponsorship requests now, so as we can be certain we dont fall victim to any more scams. Apart from the stress it causes, and the loss to small businesses, the saddest thing is that legitimate charities are losing out to these lowlife.

    Ive contacted Trading Standards several times, but they seem to be powerless to do anything, so the scammers will just carry on preying on hard-up companies like ourselves and getting away with it.

    Dont be intimidated by them, tell them you’ve contacted the police and Tradings Standards for good measure – remember the’re just scum.

  20. OK, here’s my story in a nut shell: First scouser calls, he sounds like a decent bloke not pushy or sickly like most (good at his job then) and I think what he is offering sounds good enough to break the golden rule – don’t do business on the phone. He wanted card details which I refused to give and told him to send an invoice

    Following week get another call from the second scouser telling me that I had agreed to support the police etc which to be fair, I had. Again declined the card payment discount and requested an invoice. Invoice arrived, I paid it (DOH)

    Following week, first scouser rings back asking for more money, stating he was from a different company and it was a seperate campaign and nothing to do with what I’d already paid. …”legally binding verbal contract, give me the money etc etc….”

    At this point I discovered this thread. I’ve had the numerous calls demanding the money which I will not pay. I have also taken the following actions which I would advise others to do:

    Report to police and trading standards AND Action Fraud.
    Update this thread!
    Go to your local station and pick up a copy of Frontline magazine (Yes, it does really exist) There are contact details for the people who actually do the advertising (they advised me to log the call with the police)

    Interestingly, this particular issue states “designed and printed by The Cedar Group” with a local phone number…. funny that.

    Anyway, as previously stated, DONT PAY THEM. They seem to have almost perfected the art of blag…. but I’m pretty sure that’s all it is.

  21. We are currently going through a similar thing.
    This company claims that we have agreed to an advertising slot on a wall planner which is going into print next week for the end of the year.
    I am so glad I found this thread. I had my suspicions with their very unprofessional approach on the telephone!
    I just by chance put their telephone number into google and found out they had done this to another person so am even more convinced it is all a con.

  22. Hey guys, was just reading everyone’s replies and would just like to say that this particular scam has reached Australia. I had a call a few months ago just after purchasing my company. and today got another one saying that my advert is ready and the “crime prevention magazine” is ready to be sent out at a cost to me of $350. The moment I said I didnt authorise it, she went quiet and then hung up. I wonder what other countries this has reached????

  23. I have been led back to this website on numerous occasions now and cannot believe how many of us have been suckered in by these scam artists.
    I am having 1,2 or sometimes 3 phone calls a week from these agencies and now cant get rid of them. Not only that as we run a family business it is starting to effect my mother badly as she is starting to think she is losing it because they are playing with peoples minds.
    The last conversations I have had I have no gone to the extent of recording them however todays was just the icing on the cake. Debt collectors are apparently now after us as we have failed to pay £194 approx on an advert. Brightstart or Brightstar solutions they were called and demanded we pay or they will come around and take the goods to make the balance. Who do they think they are? No amount for any advert they have called us about has been £194 so why pick this random figure. Blueline publications are driving me mad. Fell for it two years back and did an advert with them, give them their due the paperwork was very convincing and atleast I got some. Stupidly paid out a cheque and ever since they phone me to tell me I’ve done the same thing. I am now incredibly wiuse to their stupid scam and suggest all others after a long chat this morning again for Trading Standards to call them on 08454 04 05 06 and register as much info as you can about all of the above companies. The more complaints they have the more info they can collect and maybe they might do something about it. Am now looking at further ideas of to how to stop this.
    Alwasy ask for an invoice or something in writing (u wont receive it)
    Do not give them any extra details
    Get as much information out of them as possible including full name, address and phone number (tell them you need it)
    Report all the above to Trading Standards
    If you aren’t already join Telephone Preference service and quote to cold callers you will be seeking legal action because you are a member.
    If they turn up at your door, Do not let them in and again ask for it in writing!
    Call the police.

    I hope that helps and that if we all keep reporting this eventually the buggers might be caught! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Warn neighbouring businesses aswell as I found that they had done a company just down the road aswell! Blagging is clearly their middle name and whoever taught them their sales technique needs to find his self worth and realise he is taking money away from real charities that need it! Shame on you!

  24. My company was contacted today about advertising in the Police and Fire Service Publication. Managed to get through to my boss by being a bit ecomonical with the truth about why they were calling. These scammers appear to be getting a bit slicker as they now have a fairly impressive website! But guess what, this company is also based in Liverpool.

    Anyway, nothing was agreed other than someone else was going to contact my boss straight away. The other person rang but didn’t get past the receptionist! When asked if we could take a number to return the call was told that we would get lost within the switchboard and they would phone back in 40 minutes. Anyway, 2 minutes later the first guy (Tom Harris) phoned back, I told receptionist to put him through to me.

    Told Mr Tom Harris we would be going no further. He asked why and I said that we wouldn’t use a company that used underhand tactics and misleading information when phoning. He seemed a bit put out and asked if I would like to put my complaint in writing. No problem I say (no intention really). Anyway he continues the conversation be saying he can’t understand why I have a problem and I’m not being very clear about my complaint and we have a discussion after which he calls me a ‘rude young lady’ I explain that I’m just being honest and saving him the trouble of continually phoning and never getting past me!! At this stage I tell him that I’m not prepared to continue the conversation and will terminate the call. He replies ‘thanks for wasting my time’ HIS TIME – IS HE HAVING A LAUGH?!!

    I was a bit put out about being called a ‘rude young lady’ but my boss says I should take it as a compliment as I haven’t been called ‘young’ in a long time!! (The cheek!)

    I’m guessing this won’t be the last we’ve heard from them, so now I’ve read this blog I’ll look forward to being even ruder!

    Some of the messages on this blog are really funny considering the type of people you’re dealing with – it’s good to keep a sense of humour.

    A message to Mr Tom Harris and the infamous Nathan Stone – Your parents must be really proud of you!

  25. I can’t believe how many people have had the same problem as myself.
    I have also fallen for a couple of the Scamming Scousers in previous months and paid for adverts from Blue Line Publications. I became wise to it recently after being bombarded with, what’s felt like, hundreds of calls all starting with “Thankyou so much for your support with our charity…….”
    The icing on the cake came on Thursday, 7th Oct, when I recieved a call from a Manchunian “Paul Tomlinson/Thompson” from the Crime and Prevention Campaign, saying I owed nearly £3000 in unpaid advertising but they would write off the debt if I paid £635.14 by 3pm Fri. When I said I had no knowledge of this debt, because funnily enough I hadn’t recieved anything, he got really arsy and said I’d obviously misplaced the invoices….
    He also said it had to be paid in cash….. Very suspect.
    He called several times throughout Thurs asking if I’d got the money together and when was I likely to pay it. Said I didn’t have time to pay it and he got arsy, again, saying he’d be passing all the details onto his legal team and that I’d be getting a call from the bailiff company-Pheonix. Luckily for me, a friend of mine is an ex bailiff and I mentioned to her what had happened. She proceeded to call this “Paul” saying that she was my business partner and asked him for his debt collection license number, he didn’t have one but started calling me a liar. At which point she told him to go f*** himself and put the phone down! He then tried calling me at work and ranted to a girl that works for me when she wouldn’t put me on the phone-she was laughing down the phone at him!

    I have informed Trading Standards who recommended I log it with the Police-both are passing the info on to Greater Manchester Police as they are currently investigating these pain in the arse callers!
    The police woman I spoke to on Friday told me to just put the phone down on them, they’ll eventually get bored-it took me and my staff 4 phone calls today before they got the message!

    Look out for:
    Crime and Prevention Campaign (usually withheld number but did get 0161 2232266-the police woman traced this number and said straight away they were scam callers)

    Sarah from accounts at Waldorf and James-she also called last Thurs saying I had an outstanding invoice from 8wks ago-no paper work recieved my end. When I mentioned this she said she’d email me a copy. Opened the email, invoice date-the same day with a brief note saying the invoice date had been updated for my records! Yeah right! She called back on Fri asking for payment and I told her she could shove the invoice where the sun doesn’t shine!

    Apologies for the long story-this is the shortened version!!
    Whatever anyone does, DO NOT PAY THESE CON ARTIST!
    Get as much info from them as possible and inform the police and Trading Standards.
    If you tell the con men you’ve reported them, they almost laugh at you.

    Hopefully before long the joke will be on them!

  26. Hi guys, earlier this year we were nearly victims of Bluelinepublications scam but thanks to forums such as this I found out before my cash was handed over. Today I have just received a call from a lady from Manchester or Liverpool could not differentiate her accent and she was requesting our support to advertise initially free then at a cost later on for business listings website and the company was Crime Prevention Services ‘CPS’ – when I asked her if they were a governmental department or company she had the cheek to say governmental department, at that point I said adios i know your a scam so not prepared to take the risk, she very quickly said thanks for my time and goodbye.

  27. Hi to everyone i to am in the same situation as many of you, my ordeal started back in July when i was contacted by someone about advertising and stupidly i agreed and paid etc, then in August it went wild with telephone calls from advertising companies wanting me to advertise on wall planners, safety magazines, diaries, police magazines and lots more. I contacted my accountant as i was getting stressed about the phone calls etc, she took the matter into her hands and when they contacted me they were told to contact my accountant which some did and some did not. On monday i had a telephone call from a guy saying he was from northampton county court bailiff office and they were coming to my home to take the goods to the value that i owed them, i told them they were not as i didn’t owe anybody anything, they said they wanted £1800.00 then it went upto £2100.00 then it went up to £3100.00, i asked lots of questions and informed them i was going to contact the police and the court which i did and they have nothing registered against me which i already knew but needed to check, my accountant contacted them as well and was told to calm down be she had a nose bleed, she lost it and told them where to go and hung up but not heard anything since. They really are low life and should be caught for what they are doing, my situation is currently in the hands of solicitors so lets see if the take notice of them. My solicitor has all of the invoices but these people continue to contact me and i am now not giving them the time of day or my money for that matter and i will be finding a way of getting my money back that i have already paid.

  28. I’m in the same boat as a few people on here. In June we started getting phone calls from companies saying about advertising in all these fancy magazines, we agreed to some local ones which we believe have been put to print but now we are receiving samples of adverts through the post from companies we have never ever heard of! ht emost recient one I’ve found out through the internet is definaltely a scam. Our office phone rings constantly every day, so far we’ve only been to the police abuot one guy who was demanding hundreds of pounds and if we didnt pay by that afternoon he was gonig to send guys from chester to get us and he had a warrant to get the money which he recieved from edinburgh court, this is when it first became suspicious, cause why would an english company go to a scottish court for warrants?? turned out it was a scam, does anyone know of any other companies that are doing this? would be much appriciated if you could let me know

  29. Thanks to everyone who has taken time to post on these forums. I am currently being hassled by Safety Planners Ltd, Kids Safe UK & Ireland and now Reflect Print. All claiming I have agreed to place ads in various “awareness” campaigns. I know full well I have not. The alarm bells started when one called me a f***ing slag, then a charming debt collector, Mr Hudson, threatened to knock my door down to take away my personal belongings. Have spoke to FSB, Trading Standards, all the fraud offices and police.
    I am not going to pay, with no proof they can see me in court. It just makes me so furious that these fraudsters get away with it, how do they sleep at night?
    Please report any incidences of these scams Trading Standards are investigating, and the police do not like people who threaten others!
    Cheers for the posts, I feel much stronger now having read all of these.

  30. I am so pleased to have found this site. I thought I was the only one being pressured to pay for adverts I had never asked for. I have been conned out of thousands of pounds and I now feel very angry. At first I thought they were genuine companies and at least I was helping charities. I have been plagued by them since early this year. I have learned a lot about being more careful in future. I have been in business for over 40 years and have always dealt with good honest people. Now the business world has been spoilt for me by these bastards. Can I trust anyone again. [edit – Some company names removed due to on-going legal discussions]

  31. Just thought I would take a look here as I haven’t looked in a while and to to my utter dismay I see that there are more and more people being conned out of £1,000’s by this scum STILL.
    When are trading standards going to do something??
    I know that the police are let down every day by the courts and the out of date judicial system so I won’t rant about them, but for pity’s sake WHEN will these theives be brought to book??
    My contact has ceased with them but for others on here it has just begun – my heart goes out to you.

  32. Have just received the letter from “Business Debt Recovery” for £279.13 with original invoice date of 13/07/10.
    Blue line keep sending a copy of this invoice every six weeks or so.
    The advertising was never requested and no art work was ever sent.
    In fact the company ceased trading in May 2010 so why would it order items in July 2010.
    I have returned the invoices each time with a note as per the above.
    The latest demand is dated 29/10/2010.
    I am taking all the info to tradind standards.

  33. Blue line publications the scam, have recieved today debt recovery letter for £514.13, for advert never order, no art work recieved etc. Artwork recieved by e-mail half hour after phone call to them. taken straight from my website, i am now taking this to trading standards & the police, since telling them this, no phone calls back. lets hope something gets done about them.

  34. 10th November 2010

    Anyone out there who has received threats. Please ignore them, they scared my ex girlfriend with this but i assured her that they cant get a court order because they dont publish anything. If you ask for paperwork or proof of artwork then you receive something that can be created at any primary school.

    Just rip it up.

  35. Just had a call from these bastards as well. Told them I never advertised with them and they hung up. Absolute scum.

    Glad I found this website as I’ll try to get more details from them if they call again

  36. My husband received a phone call back in May asking him to advertise with Blueline Publications…sound familiar?? They said they were a police magazine and it would be issued to horse owners in our area due to the increase in horse crime?

    My husband is a farrier(shoes horses) so seemed legitiamte call. That night he googled Blueline and we read all about the scams. Shortly after we had literature from them so we advised our local Police and asked if we should bring in the paper work we had been sent. They said just to ignore it…so we did.

    We have heard nothing from them till our ‘County Court Order’ dated 29/10/10 from…guess who..Business Debt Recovery. For anyone like me who has read any of the above stories this may all be sounding a bit familiar!

    I called the police on Monday who said there was nothing they could do, just write and say nothing was ordered. So have been calling said Business Debt Recovery all week, no reply until today. Man was very rude and said he would call police and tell them it was nothing to do wih them and he was going to have me done for slander!! Hilarious…as I told him(I also said he didn’t sound very professional he said neither did I..told him I didn’t need to as I was disputing debt??) So now after a call to Trading Standards who said write them a letter denying debt and advised me there was nothing they can do.

    What kind of country do we live in when there are no consequences for the criminals only for us!!

  37. Our company was scammed by Blueline Publications but too late to cancel cheque sent.
    Anyway since then we have had numerous phone calls from Excel Media Ltd and Crucial Care, anyone had any dealings with these? I have told both we are not interested, same pattern about took advert out which we have not and threatened with debt collectors. Crucial Care have also sent a magazine through with an advert of our company (not that good I must say) the magazine is called The Community Safety Magazine and has a photograph of a Policeman on the front, 100% sure both these companies are scammers but would be nice if someone can let me know if they have had dealings also.

  38. Just had a call from “James Carter” who offered me some advertising space in a new Police initiative magazing that will be distributed to 30,000 households and businesses in and around Hampshire.

    He claimed to be from the Winchester Police Press Office and gave a phone number of 0845 600 7001 and also gave me a mobile number.

    Prices were:
    £345 for a half page
    £198 for a quarter page
    £125 for an eigth of a page

    Very pushy – wanted commitment from me now and was on and on about getting an invoice out to me and “specially extended payment terms” given its near Christmas.

    I told him I wasn’t going to commit to anything now and that I wanted to research this a bit more, and that he should call back later in the week. He said he’d call back in an hour(!) and “very kindly” agreed to put my space on hold and he’ll ring me back at noon…I can’t wait! :-)

  39. Caught by the ..”you committed a few months ago” …line and as I was somewhat under pressure at the time I thought I must have done. However the many pushy calls since and the failure to produce an advert from the Graphics Dept, in spite of very real looking receipts etc. I checked with my bank. The advert had been paid from my account but the Joe Jenkins who called insisted they had not received it due to a frozen account mix-up and wanted paiying again. A very helpful colleague of his came on to take details so that I would not be called again from for 2 years.

    Now I have an another invoice from a new CPA advert . I called 0845 519 6097 getting an unhelpful responder who tells me, after much querying and pushing from me, that Jonathan Greene is in charge but cannot be contacted except through the caller who gave no name. I could cancel if I paid £199 cancellation fee, otherwise it would go to litigation. How do I stop this?

  40. Caught by the ..”you committed a few months ago” …line and as I was somewhat under pressure at the time I thought I must have done. However the many pushy calls since and the failure to produce an advert from the Graphics Dept, in spite of very real looking receipts etc. I checked with my bank. The advert had been paid from my account but the Joe Jenkins who called insisted they had not received it due to a frozen account mix-up and wanted paying again. A very helpful colleague of his came on to take details so that I would not be called again for 2 years.

    Now I have an another invoice from a new CPA advert . I called 0845 519 6097 getting an unhelpful responder who tells me, after much querying and pushing from me, that Jonathan Greene is in charge but cannot be contacted except through the caller who gave no name. I could cancel if I paid £199 cancellation fee, otherwise it would go to litigation. How do I stop this?

  41. RE: Ann

    First of all – don’t worry. They cannot do anything to you or take you to court. They are just trying it on. I have dealt with these scum and many more like them, best bet is to simply IGNORE THEM and get on with your life.

    DO NOT pay them anything or give them ANY details about yourself.

  42. Heads up on a new version of the scam!

    I am fully versed in this publication scam and I have had the calls numerous times. Each time I get arrogant with them, and explain that I am the Head of Finance (which I am) and that everything goes across my desk and I am not aware, but will check marketing just in case but refuse to settle until then.

    However, the last time they phoned i took their number (I have a swanky Cisco systems phone that gave me their mobile number). Glad I did because a couple of days later I got a call from a Database removal company ! They were saying that my company was on databases and that they know Im being pestered and they offered a service to remove my details . However, the thick scouse accent made me find the number I wrote down and what do you know, it was the same one !!!! Basically I told him that i knew these calls were scams and easily dismissed and dont need his service, to which I then went on a free online Text service and sent him a message saying how it was funny that the numbers were the same – then I passed the details onto the OFT !

    Today I got called from the Advertising Protection Agency who look to be a genuine organisation, their website talks about getting our details off all these databases but until I have thoroughly researched them Im not doing anything – I did quiz the guy quite a bit and he gave good responses back.

  43. just had mike goodman supposedly from police mag offering me adv space in there spring addition he said he would reduce the cost t £145 plus vat then i looked at this site i havent paid anything and when he rung back i told him i thought it was a scam he said it wasnt but there are scammers out there and he would ring me back tomorrow am i safe ? and should i report it now ?

  44. Colin – report it to the OFT, they are taking all of this very seriously. They got back to me quickly, so I urge everyone to report these incidents and dont take any crap from these people, push back on them!

  45. Emergency Support Services
    I see that ‘Andy’ on is recruiting telephone sales people on 35 hour weeks, so I expect there will be a surge in this profitable scam.

    The script they are now using has been honed to perfection. If the unpleasant owners & morals free sales people put the same dedication into selling a legal product they’d make good money (& sleep better at night)

    Once you confirm your name, address, phone number any response except ‘sod off’ will be taken a contractual commitment to ‘continue’ your valuable support for the Emergency Support Services. They rely on it being cheaper for most companies to pay up than pay solicitors to fight the invoices.

    They could not give me a return number to phone back, as being part of the emergency services they need to use secure phone lines!

  46. re ‘emergencysupportservices’ fake invoice scam

    The NE Air Ambulance Service have today on their website disassociated themselves from the activities of “Emergency Support Services”.

    They say they will again demand that the images of their services be removed from their website. They say ‘it is not good enough to use our name in this way’

  47. I had a call the other day thanking me for my support of a child safety campaign and advising that the campaign had raised so-far over £50’000.

    I told the guy to get stuffed and that I have supported nothing. He wanted me to support a new venture – get this – Community Recycling Awareness Project (C.R.A.P).

    Didn’t have the heart to tell him that the acronym was priceless.

    Two days later, an invoice from CPA Media 80-83 Long Lane, London, E1A 9ET, 0845 519 6097 (a number that has already appeared on this forum attached to another advertising company).

    It seems that this problem is big business and the dishonest people who run these companies re-spawn as new companies regularly.

    They have several plans of attack but most involve claiming that they have you on tape approving advertising. Demand to hear it and they will offer you a transcript – DO NOT accept this – demand the tape.

    Another common line is the “you’re outside of your 14-day cooling off period”. I have recordings of calls during which I categorically refused to support the publication and still received invoices. The caller did not give a company address, telephone number or any method by which you could action a cooling off request – they never followed up with artwork or anything other than an invoice.

    For some time we have been recording incoming mobile phone and other tele-sales calls from these people and we are feeding this back to the OFT and Trading Standards. If there is a registered company number, report to Companies House CIB Dept.

    Advice from a TSO that I dealt with is to remain robust, pay nothing and treat their threats with contempt. Essentially these companies do not want to expose themselves or their sharp practice to the legal system because that would draw in too much attention.

    You are not alone. Keep logs of calls and retain paperwork as evidence. Research the companies online and print out copies of posts about them from forums such as this to corroborate that they are crooks.

    Next time they call, remind them that you are preparing yourself for litigation and have reported them to OFT, Trading Standards, Police etc.

    Hope that helps,


  48. Beware. we have been scamed we think by Blueline publictions, Trudent House Liverpool for £229.13p card payment as they work with the police & Frontline Magazine, which will be a new and vibrant magazine to bring in customers to our Farriery buisness and then the 2nd called Blueprint publications Horton House, Liverpool who wanted £295 for a buisness full page advert who rekoned they worked alongside Blueline and if we didnt have the advert done there would be a cancelation fee og £90 and there may be complications with our other paid advert if we dont take this ad. out…… so we eventualy after many questions and reasoning with this chap ended up with suposidly having a half page for a reduced fee of £195 which we sent a cheque off stating that we do not want any other advertising from either and wish to be removed from ther data base for next publications. Today 1 month on a 3rd Liverpudlian chap on the phone wanting payment for an advertisment that needs payment now as there are 60,000 copies needing to be printed and this is when we thought something fishy so contacted l;ocal police and tomorrow the trading standards will be notified…..
    Be aware…..

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