Crime Prevention Booklet


I had a call today from a guy who said “Can I speak to the Owner Please?”

He was calling “just to thank me for my support”, the Crime Prevention Booklet was a success and he wanted to “Check my details” because apparently in April I agreed to support them.

This scam is using the same scam script – claiming they spoke to me a few months ago and I kindly agreed to support them.

Apparently it is a “Crime Prevention Booklet”, unfortunately the caller hung up before I got chance to extract any more information.  If anyone has any further information please let me know.

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  1. I was also pestered with a very similar scam a few years back. 
    You've agreed to do this — No I haven't — Yes you have, if you don't pay you'll be going to court etc.
    They called me once every 2 weeks for about 3 months, each time not referencing the last call, so going through the same process as above. Until the last call, which my friend filmed on his phone which you can see here:
    Be warned the video is very, very sweary. I'm not proud of the language, but I'm glad that I communicated my distain on their choice of profession and my choice of personal slant on the girl on this call who literally calls person after person, lying and cheating them out of money. 

  2. We're being scammed by Media Business solutions and Stephenson and judge at the moment.  The latter is a limited company too.  Both journals of some kind.  Look out for both companys

  3. Thanks for all this information.
    I believe I have been subjected to FOUR very similar attempts to scam in the past four weeks.  It was the insolence of the first that made me suspicous.

  4. I have just had a phone call about the "Crime Prevention" publication.  How dare they do that, just call and say I owe them £190 for a quarter page ad!  Beware people, ask questions and don't give any details.  When I said March was a long time ago I can't remember agreeing to anything and they replied and said well you could of contacted us if you had a problem the booklet has already been printed!  When I questioned them about how they got art work she hung up on me.  

  5. I had a call from a firm claiming to be compiling a crime prevention magazine for my local area a few months ago. I told them I wasn't interested and didn't hear from them again until today. Apparently I agreed to a £199 advertising campaign and it was now ready to go to print in my local area and they quoted my old business address.
    I told them that I had moved to a different area of the country and the lady on the phone said that they would be distributed there instead. How handy being able to change a whole magazine distribution area just to suit me, what excellent service. When I told her that I never agreed to such a campaign she put the phone down.

  6. Hi, Just had the same phone call thanking me for helping the charity. The caller represented the "police" and wanted to let me know that my invoice for £299 for my advert which I agreed to in March in the Crime Prevention Magazine will be on its way. No talking to these people would shut them up. they then said if I agreed to pay £175 now on the phone and we were being recorded I would save money. this offer was because I had genuinly forgotten that I had agreed at the last phone call??? . Phoned trading standards who confirmed it was a scam but there are people out there who will be paying for nothing. They then rang 15 minutes later to reduce the cost again. I told them I had reported them and that they could send any invoice they like but that I wouldnt be paying it. Have also written to rip off britain program. Oh and also asked my phone provided to block any witheld number calls.

  7. They are at it again, just recieved a call from the Crime Prevention Magazine. 
    What a Joke!

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  9. I have had these people on to me but I said that I will phone the police first just to make sure that they are in fact working with them. The caller who said he was called Paul Jones gave me this phone number when I asked for a contact number so I could phone him back once I had checked. 07732617. WHAT A JOKE. I have also been asked for money but this reply usually works. If you can go upstairs to your bathroom, stick your ar5e out of the window and run downstairs and throw stones at it. If you can do that and actually hit your ar5e with a stone, I will pay you your money.





  11. I have now been targeted by the same scam. A company calling themselves Reflect Print are claiming we agreed to advertising in a booklet. We also had a bailiff call last week saying it would be in our interest to pay. Can anyone let me know who to report them to and hoe to go about it?

  12. Have today rec'd another call from Paul Jones asking for £495 for supposed crime prevention entry in national police magazine.  Did not give any impression that I have already reported him and let him ramble on. He gave his number as 07719 701 819 and says he works for Debt Recovery Service in Manchester, 109 Portland St,  he could not remember his post code but gave a number as 0161 205 1122.

    He says a CCJ will be filed at Manchester Magistrates Court (should be a County Court) if we do not pay.  He also stated that a cheque was sent by us in March but bounced.  We do not issue cheques.

    Another name he gave (baliff) Mr Roberts 07784 843 842.  Court ref ZP04X 625 9PZ.

    Another phone number given was 0870 042 9620 (not sure what this is).

  13. Morning guys,

    I have spent this morning reading the thread above, and am so so relieved to have found this.

    I had somebody call me yesterday from Proactive Media, who said I owed £195 for an advert I had agreed to place in the 'Crime Prevention Diary' for my local area.

    Something rang alarm bells, as I take my annual leave over November, and apparently I had agreed to this advert in November. I asked him to re-send me the invoice via email and the artwork that they had supposedly put together for me. I asked if he could send me a copy of the publication, as apparently he'd been chasing me since February, to which he replied 'You only get a copy of the publication, once all funds have been paid', so therefore, me not paying since february would suggest that the whole printing of this publication was down to my pending payment!  Hilarious!

    I fobbed him off with some excuse and asked him to call me back after I had consulted the accounts department. As soon as the email came through later on, I opened it and knew straight away something was wrong. First of all, the artwork had at least 3 spelling mistakes, even an easy word like 'Accessible' was spelt 'Acssessable'. I called Trading Standards immediately,and gave them the address that was on the invoice and logged it with them.

    He later called back in the afternoon, and said "Hello, its Brian Hodges again, calling from ProActive Media". I told him that I had spoken to the accounts department, and there was no history of any advert being agreed to, and that I had called Trading Standards, and that I knew my rights. He then had the audacity to tell me, "well you took an advert before for the Police Crime Magazine, dont you remember me?", to which added salt to the wound by throwing in my face and reminding me that I had indeed been scammed by him before!!!

    I wound up the call by saying, I believed him to be part of a scam company, to which he replied "leave it with me", and promptly hung up on me.

    Im sure this isnt the end of the matter, and Im bound to get fake 'Court Summons' letters (which by now we know thats how they work), so i'll keep you all posted.

    Many Thanks.

  14. So glad I have just found this!!!

    Just had an unknown number phone by business mobile.  Lady said I had agreed to a 1/4 page advert in a Crime Prevention magazine cover my area.  I said I didn't remember agreeing to and such advert and asked for proof.  She said she would send a recording of the previous telephone conversation along with their invoice of £699!!!!

    No way would I have agreed to an advert costing that much, I'm only a small business.

    Look forward to receiving their invoice which will then be placed straight in the bin!!!

  15. Hi, After reading all of the above its amazing how they get away with it, mine is the same story, a company called REFLECT PRINT said that i placed an add back in August and they are asking for £199 pounds, im still dealing with this now, I have asked them for various information and they have not replied, What a suprise!! anyway good trick, If you get any of this hassel and you have an iphone, put them on hold when they call then call your own phone so it goes to answer phone then add it as a conferance call! who's recording now!!!!!! it works.

  16. Beware – this is still happening. Don't be conned. Ignore their threats – and stand firm. They are crooks. We were called by "Creative Print & Design" – thanking us for agreeing to advertising in the sum £199 & VAT moths before. Luckily the directors had already agreed NOT to agree to any more advertising. They bullied us via the telephone and emails and threatened us and arranged for 'solicitors' to ring within a couple of days. They said if we wanted to listen to the recorded conversation agreeing to the ad it would cost us – and it would cost us if we wanted the 'solicitors' to put the threats in writing!! STAND UP TO THE BULLIES !!!!!

  17. The scammers are still at it got two very offensive phone calls today, saying they were from Stevens and Judge in Liverpool, funny how its always up there, saying of course we had agreed to an ad 3 months ago for the West Midlands Crime Prevention Booklet. and that unless we paid were going to come around and take our christmas presents!!!! Ho ho ho happy Christmas dont be taken in…

  18. Hi

    We got cought out a few years ago. Since then they claim that we agreed to 3 ads instead of 1. Glad to have found this thread as they just sent a final demand letter. I will fight it to the end!!! Little tip, if you get one of their doggy leftlets as proof, call the other advertisers in it and fight together.



  19. Had a call this am from someone swearing blind that I had agreed to place an ad on 13 Jan and that she went through the terms and conditions with me at that time. The magazine is now ready for publication and there will be a space if I don't agree to pay the £99 +vat. Refused saying no recollection since I haven't. Then offered to reduce price. Again refused. Caller checked to confirm that there was no way I was prepared to help. Before I had finished saying no she had hung up! Beware…

  20. over the last few months i have been badgered by at least 6 companies including Reflect print that i owe them money for adverts, in the beginning i stupidly paid a few thinking it was an oversight on my behalf, after several calls from a so called "debt management company" that i owed £350 to a firm that id never heard of! I sought advice from citizens advice and trading standards and eventually the police as they then rang my landlady asking for me! all has gone quiet but i have to say it has been a very stressful experience for me. if you stand your ground and ask alot of questions they will eventually go away, Hindsight is a great thing and i think this site is brilliant for advice on how to deal will these scammers, i just hope that they get caught and justice is done to save others from going through the same horrible experience!

  21. I keep getting these calls, good to know that a 5 year old scam is going strong!

    I've spoken to OfCom and reported the calls to the Action Fraud, just so you know I was told by Action Fraud a 'verbal contract' would not hold up in court, even if they had called and spoken to someone within the business who had fallen for the scam, DO NOT PAY just because they have a transcript or recording or a verbal contract. Even if they take it to the next level and send invoices/debt recovery they're just trying to frighten you into paying.

  22. Pah! Looks like the Crime Prevention Booklet Scam has resurfaced.. AGAIN! Just had a call from them, stating that it was the Police ringing. Thanked me for my continuing support (I have never supported them, financially or by any other means), informed me that by way of thanks they were sending my company a certificate and asked me kindly to put on the notice board for all my employees to be proud of yet another successful Crime Prevention year…'David' then asked politely for my bank details to continue this support.  At which point I politely put the phone down. I had similar calls four times during 2012, heard nothing 2013 and now again.  Beware!!! 

  23. Yes its happening here in Essex too 

    I had had a call from an unknown number on my mobile regarding an 'advertising' scheme to have a quarter page advert in a booklet of being delivered to 125 thousand residents doors. i 'apparently' signed up for in March. They are quite cute and announce themselves as the Crime Prevention Scheme in Essex. I quizzed the lady and asked if I had an email to sign up for and she said no. I then asked if she was part of Essex Police as they deal with crime prevention in Essex and she got rather stroppy with me and said 'did i say i was connected to the police' She was very rude and said i will be getting an invoice in the post and then hung up. 

  24. yet another crime prevention magazine scam had this guy Gary calling saying i had 2 hours to pay £2800 for advertising in the crime prevention magazine and if i didnt they would be round to remove goods, but if i could they would drop the vat and call it £2300. do they think we are all idiots, we may be a small business but by no means an IDIOT. also his mobile number is 07521902094 so [please feel free to call anybody and try to get this idiot off this scam. traders beware scammers beware we will find you one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. After reading these comments, I have also been targeted, although when I received the phone call from "Steve Flanagan" I thought he said he was from a magazine that we actually do advertise with and agreed to the invoice, when I received it, I saw it was for "action uk" and ignored it, after having several missed calls from an unknown number, I answered the call, to which he demanded payment and threatened me with court… Although the letters are posted to my mother who doesn't have a role in the business, and they said she agreed to the payment, and they have a voice recognition machine to clarify it was her ( although it wasn't) … They hung up the phone but all invoices will be passed to the police.

  26. I had same guy called Gary calling me asking for the same money, claimed appointed by Bell Media and he got court order to collect the £2800 and his guys are on standby to come to remove goods. This time he used mobile number 07950398712. He was aggressive and intimidating. Beware!!!

  27. Same story with Richmondhouseuk – they offered me avery cheap £50 ad in a Community safety Magazine with a 55,000 distribution and linked with Merseyside Police.

    I had my suspicions and contacted Mersyside Police who had no idea of the publication.

    Received invoices and have now been advised that debt recovery will take place – I just told them to take me to court.

    Have advised ActionFraud – – 03001232040 – it's just empty threats / bluff on their part – a court would see straight through them so it's not part of their business model. 

  28. Hi all,

    Be all aware as it is happening in Northern Ireland as well. We got phone call last week from two separate guys, one of them introduced himself as Peter Wilson from LG Marketing and Advertisment. I asked them to send me an email proof of our agreed advertisement as we always confirm everything through email for the record purposes. He them send me (late at night) really badly design advert for Crime Prevention Booklet and invoice for £714.00! I email them requating to PO number and yet again copy of an email where we agree on publucation. I had contacted Trading Standared and if it keeps happening we will contact local police as well. 

  29. Got a call today from a 'Liam Judge' from LG Marketing & Advertising Limited –  about a 1/4p ad we'd supposedly taken in the Crime Prevention Booklet at £300 – and that colleague would call to check payment details etc – 5 mins later one 'Steve Ellis' (who sounded remarkably like Liam Judge!) called – when I questioned the ad he hung up! Slight scouse/Wirral accent – there is a company called LG Marketing & Advertising Limited at a Port Sunlight address, could it be him/them?

  30. There is some comfort to know that I am not the only one being targetted! I have just received an invoice from Reflect Print in Manchester for £199. I have no recollection of agreeing to an advert in their "Community Lifestyle Magazine" but they have sent me a copy of the publication with an advert for my business inside the front cover. They did not get this from me.Is it correct to say that even a voice recording from several months ago won't stand up in court? I was inundated with scams such as this a few moths ago so may well have agreed to something over the phone but I honestly cannot remember anything. I am pretty new to this retail lark and very naive in these matters. Can someone send Baliffs to remove goods from your property without some sort of court order or at least having to go through some sort of legal process in which I would be involved? Any advice welcome!

  31. Just read all the above posts. I have twice been done by 2 of these stammers. One was reflect print saying I owed 100 pound for an advert which I supposedly agreed to in march. They rang me and asked why I hadn’t paid and I.told them I.did not agree to advertise with them they said I am on a recording accepting the offer. I do not recall this a. All. They offered me a discount of 10% if I payed within 24 hours and because I.doubted myself I paid. Then this other one called redleaf called my daughter whilst . was on holiday offering.advertising which she said she would have to talk to me. I came home to a.bill for 199 I.was dumbstruck
    I asked my daughter about this and she said she never agreed to it. I phoned them up and.told them I would never pay that amount for advertising the girl said my daughter had agreed and then came back sayin. They would accept 99 pound or if paymen. Was made within 24 hours you got 10% off. Today 18th November . Received a call from my daughter sayin. She had received a call from the national debt recovery people sayin. We owed 2000 pound for advertisin. And if she didn’ t go home for 2pm they would call the police. She wa. Really upset by thi. And I got their phone number and rang them. I told them I knew nothing about the advert and th. Man said it had nothin. To do with me it was my daughter s business . Told him it was a partnership. He started talkin. Bout court precedin. Etc. I told him there was no way we would pay that amount for advertising. He said he would talk to his boss me back. I am still waiting 6 hours later. This has been very upsetting for me and my daughter. Do these people know what they are doing? Sorry for the longpost.

  32. There are several of these scams around. The one referring to the Crime Prevention Booklet were very agressive, threatening to take me to court.

    I have a simple response now: "Please send me the e-mail where I approved the advert proof." They generally say they'll send it in the post and then put the phone down.

    Whatever you do, don't pay them any money however threatening they are.

  33. We're currently getting all this from LK Media based in Manchester (Why are they always in Manchester?) I've written to them, phoned them asking to stop, they ignore everything. Threatened me with "getting a 3rd party involved" if I did not pay. They have been unable to provide any evidence (because there isn't any) Have reported them to actionfraud, trading standards and the Police.

  34. ive just received a call today from crime prevention uk for me to sign up for a £190 quarter page ad in their magazine. The chap on the phone made it sound like they worked to get the rogue traders caught in my area. Luckily I'm not stupid and like everything these days I googled them at and I found this forum below. They phoned from my area on 01535524467 keighley, West Yorkshire. Sounds like a definite scam then…


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