Child Protection UK LTD – SCAM

Today I has a phone call from Child Protection UK Ltd, they asked for me by my full name and started with the usual scam script "I spoke to you earlier in the year"

-What a load of LIES! Lies and more scammy lies!

AND I recorded the call.

Listen Here:

Just tell these scammers where to go.

PLEASE help spread awareness of this scam by sharing it all over social media – PLEASE

One thought on “Child Protection UK LTD – SCAM”

  1. I just got the exact same call from the same woman (at least she sounds like the same person from your recording). I told her that she hadn't talked to me before but she still persisted. I then informed her that she had made a mistake and that she had not talked to me before, thinking that her spreadsheet or database was corrupt in some fashion. She immediately hung up on me which led me to (finally) think that it was a scam. A quick Google and here I am!

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