This website is all about promoting awareness of a crafty and malicious scam affecting small businesses in the UK.

Rouge publishing companies are targetting small businesses and asking them to support a local charity by advertising in one of the following:-

  • Booklet
  • Wallchart / Wall Planner
  • Address Book
  • Local Guide
  • Emergency Services Booklet
  • School Booklet
  • Drug Awareness Booklet
  • Charity Book or Leaflet
  • Safety online for Kids Booklet
  • Any mixture of the above

They inform you that the advertising you pay for would go to support a local charity and this is where they try to pull on your heart strings and get your sympathy payment. We have known some of these companies to call you and claiming to have already spoken with you in the past and tricking you into beleiving you have “agreed” to support the local charity; they then inform you that the invoice is now due for payment and will even threaten you with court action if you dont pay.

The use of the charity in their scam is to make you feel “guilty” about not supporting a worthy cause. Most of these charities are unaware that their name and logo is being used by these so called publishing companies and receive little or no monies from the “advertising campaign”

I myself have had some very close experiences with these companies and was once close to being made bankrupt by one of them.

One thought on “About”

  1. I received a phone call this morning regarding an advert in a Crime Prevention booklet. Apparently I had agreed to to take an eighth of a page advert in a booklet which is soon to be circulated in the area of my business. I have no memory of agreeing to any such thing. They told me that the booklets have already been published. Someone phoned back to confirm my details. Is this a scam? I haven't paid anything yet.

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